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What’s your favorite Throwback?

I Googled the word Throwback recently, and this is what I found:  A sudden reminder of the past. This can be brought about by hearing a song from high school, seeing an ex, puffing on a j in your old puffin spot, etc. Similar to a flashback.

From what I understand about Throwback Jersey’s, the further back you go, or the more specific you are, the better the find.  For instance a Shaq jersey from the Orlando Magic is okay. If you could find his Jersey from LSU, then you might be doing something, but if you started rocking his Jersey from Robert G. Cole High School, then you are a super fan!

What is your throwback claim to fame?  Is television your throwback genre?  When people start talking about The Cosby Show, can you really take it there with the episodes?  Can you break down the Gordon Gartrell shirt debacle, or Vanessa sneaking out to have big fun with The Wretched?  Did you learn what the term “bootlegging” meant from Al Dunbar on the What’s Happening two-part episode with the Doobie Brothers?  

Back when rappers had background dancers that were mostly men (not scantily clad women) we all knew how to dance.  The Snake, The Steve Martin, The Prep….we had tons of dance moves!  If you are from a certain part of Jersey, I know you remember The Stolen Car and The Give It Up.  When I was in high school being able to dance was a requirement.  As part of our senior superlatives we had “Best Dance”.  I remember it came down to The Bart Simpson, and The All Beef…..but I digress.  My point is; when was the last time you got your dance on?  Not a simple two step, but a real deal, break it down, out of breath, dance move.  I think you should try TODAY, but please don’t hurt yourself J 

For some, nothing can put them in the nostalgic mood like music.  The right old school track can change your mood better than a good martini.  For those that like club music, when was the last time you heard Din Da Da or Break For Love?  Do you remember when You Are My Friend would cause everyone in the club to pack the dance floor?  If any of those things made you smile, then maybe old school club music is your throwback!   

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and heard the DJ mixing in Nobody Beats The Biz by Biz Markie?  Did you not want to jump out of your car and break into an old school dance?  During that era when rap music was becoming hip hop music, we had Eric B and Rakim, EPMD, and Big Daddy Kane among others.  Unless you are going to Old School Second Saturday, your chances of hearing all those artists in one night are slim.  If you’re lucky, they might play Top Billin or A Children’s Story.  If the DJ is halfway decent, he’ll probably mute it at the appropriate time and everyone on the dance floor can yell “Dave the dope fiend shootin’ dope who don’t know the meaning of water nor soap…”! When was the last time you heard “…hear yea hear yea, come one come all, the princess is having a royal ball”?  Dana Dane didn’t have a lot of hits, but he stayed in Bally’s and a Kangol.

Some of us have boxes of things from the good old days.  Our acid washed jeans, our Gazelles, and our graffiti sweatshirts are nicely preserved for posterity’s sake!  We know we will never EVER squeeze into those red Lee’s with the black pin stripes again, but we refuse to throw them away because they’re classics!  Right there next to your old Bally’s is the belt buckle with your name on it and your souvenir from the senior prom.  These are the throwbacks we treasure. 

The best throwbacks will transport your mind to that era.  They can take you back to the days of house parties, backyard barbeques and fat rope chains.  Speaking of backyard barbeques….Do people still build barbeque pits in their backyards?  We all know some of the best cookouts were hosted at a house with a barbeque pit in the yard!  If a man took the time to build a pit in his yard, you know he took his grilling tasks seriously and his food was going to be slammin!

  Remember when we were buying cassette tapes, and most of our friends did not have cars?  We appreciated getting a ride someplace, and not having to walk home in the rain/snow/burning hot sun.  Back then our biggest concern was not breaking curfew and what we were going to wear to school the next day (and of course a ride home from the party).  Whatever your throwback is, wear it well.  You don’t need to spend $300, you may only need to pull out an old mix tape, or watch a few hours of Nik at Night. 

Before we cared about the terror threat level, FICA, and our 401K’s we were consumed by Dwayne and Whitley, shell toe Adidas, and doing the Cabbage Patch.  Adulthood is overrated and we all deserve a few moments to relive our carefree youth!  Come on y’all, rep for your throwback!!! Put on your Triple Fat Goose, and pose in front of the mirror a la Run DMC.  Go ahead and crack open a bottle on Boones Farm, but please don’t wear that acid washed jean suit to the mall.  Whop it out during your next conference call, and feel free to start pop locking in the break room the next time Corporate America tries to break you down! So I ask again….What is your throwback?  EpiphanyBlog wants to know J



July 12, 2007 - Posted by | Hip hop, Life, Old School, Society


  1. Does anyone remember the “Huckle Buck”?!!! Oh, maybe I’m too much of a “Seniorita” for this Blog

    Comment by Shangazi | July 12, 2007

  2. Girllll! You took me way back. Sitting here reading this made me think of the old house parties at 51 Eastern Parkway(NJ). Everybody meeting at the house just turned into a party or video time. But my favorite throwback is Colonel Abrahams”Trapped” I hear that and it takes me straight back to the PARIDISE GARAGE (NY) get there at12 after stopping at RAYS in the village.
    Changing your clothes in the bathroom putting on your shorts and workboots and dance,sweat non stop until 7 in the morning, next to Grace Jones . The kicker to all that was there was NO alcohol at the club….just a juice /fruit bar and a video room. The Ice room to rest and get your rap on………I still have my Green Suede Fringed cowboy coat.

    Comment by Lauren H | July 12, 2007

  3. I’m from DC and as you know, we love Go-Go music. In the past few years, there has been a resurgence of old bands getting back together and playing old riffs from the 80’s and 90’s. When I hear those 80’s riffs I feel like I am back in 8th grade on the dance floor at Crystal Skate with an oxford shirt on accompanied by the tighest possible parachute pants. I feel good when I hear, “camay all over,” “who came to freakadeak,” and “take me out to the go-go.” I get a warm feeling that reminds me that life really is good and that there can and will be simpler times.

    Comment by MikBaby | July 12, 2007

  4. Well I love these blogs that I have been reading and I must say that these are very interesting, yet true scenerios!! I love my mother too but sometimes we just don’t feel like talking, and furthermore I am a “SHOE FREAK”.. I need a pair of shoes once a month if not every three weeks(LOL) You go girl keep the blogs coming… And my fasvorite throwback song has too be “You are my friend” .. My best friend Kort Kort loves that song we act like no one is in the room and we get down off that song like two old ladies!!!

    Comment by prettygalnj | July 12, 2007

  5. I think my favorite throwback is those hot summer nights when you sat on the porch all night with your neighborhood friends, and please don’t forget when someone knew how to get the lock off the firehydrant and running through the sprinklers. Maybe that was just a Jersey thing!

    Comment by Pam | July 12, 2007

  6. My favorite throwbacks…Cosby show! I would tape it every week. I believe I have every episode. Also Welcome Back Carter, I Love Lucy, Lavern and Shirly…don’t laugh. I loved the old TV shows.

    Comment by Dawn | July 12, 2007

  7. My favorite throwback—–DRUGS, feeling girls up(grippin’), and peach soda.

    Comment by David Ruffin | July 13, 2007

  8. Okay, yall r going 2 stop playing. The only one I knew had a barbecue pit was the Holloman’s. Pop was doing his thing taking us all in. While Larry broke out the video tapes, ha,ha,ha. I’m cracking up at this b/c I still do my dances from back & the day every chance I get. Thx for the memories

    Comment by jerzeecook | July 19, 2007

  9. Wow, you really took me back talkin about Dana Dane.. but my throwback moment was wearing “swedish knit” pants or “tear drops” in the 80’s. I had all colors you couldn’t tell me nothing.

    Comment by GQue | July 20, 2007

  10. For the best throwback music, check out http://www.throwbacksongs.com

    This site is hot!!!

    Comment by Sean | June 23, 2008

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