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The Arrogance of Men

In recent weeks/months we have been privy to the public undoing of several elected officials.  People that at one time stood for justice and all that stuff, are now reduced to resignations, plea bargains, and appeals.  The only shining light in all of this, (if you can call it that), is this little trend seems to know no color line.  It’s happening to them the same way it’s happening to us. (Am I racial profiling????)

I know I’m not the only person that has noticed the arrogance of some of our male elected officials?   Do they really think they can wine and dine their girlfriends on the tax payer’s dime and never get caught?  I am not saying women don’t cheat.  I am not saying all men do cheat.  What I am saying is a woman would never get hemmed up like that.  I repeat, a woman would NEVER NEVER EVER find herself in the position some of these politicians find themselves in right now! 

I am not going to name names because I don’t want PETA and the GOP coming after me, but what kind of idiot would get caught up in a scandal with the DC Madame?  You are a high ranking official in the State Department, clown!  Did you really think using an escort service to “send some gals over to the condo” was a good idea?  A woman would NEVER get caught in some mess like that.  Let a high ranking woman in the State Department want some “dudes to come kick it in the penthouse”.  She is going to call her cousin La-La and have La-La peruse the local club and invite the guys buying drinks up for the after party!

And for all the men that give their girlfriends (and boyfriends in some cases) jobs for which they are undeserving and grossly under-qualified…this too will eventually be exposed!  I don’t care how good he looks and I don’t care what kind of game he can spit when they are alone, a woman knows better than to raise any eyebrows by appointing her Boo with the GED to be her chief of staff!  No, she will give him a job on the janitorial staff to make sure he has those good government offered benefits.  Paparazzi will never catch a female elected official giving her boyfriend a hug at a political rally.  We know better!

I am all for the hook up, BUT…..only a man would be so dumb as to show his side chick preferential treatment when it comes to business deals that eventually become a matter of public record.  Hook up 101 clearly states: “when giving a friend the hook up, do it on the down low as to not arouse suspicions and get everybody busted”.  Hook up 202 is directed at the recipient, and it clearly states: “Don’t get greedy”.

If a woman really wanted to take her boy toy on vacation she would take a crew of about twenty on said trip.  It would be coed and filled with all the people from her camp that might have a reason to come along.  She would slide GED Boo in there under the premise that he won some bogus team achievement award.  She might even go so far as to take every janitor on his shift along just to make the story that much more believable.  She would have a separate room set up for their trysts (paid for with her home girl’s credit card).  No way would a female politician ever be so arrogant as to think she could jet off with her boyfriend in tow and it never come to light.  Women know how to cover their tracks and think on their feet.  Women are creative and cautious.  Men are arrogant and asinine! 

I don’t know how these politicians manage to get so caught up in their foolishness that they think they are above getting caught. To every man reading this blog; I implore you to think it through to the consequences!  Let Eric Benet, Jude Law, Donald Trump, Michael Strahan, Bill Clinton, and Jim McGreevy be your guides.  I’m sure the handwriting was on the wall long before their stories were splashed across the Star Ledger, AJC and New York Post. Women get it!  I think we can all agree we will never see the likes of J-Lo preggers by the pool boy, and never read about Mary J having to cut Kendu a check for 15 million.  Hillary will never be on CNN defending herself against allegations of impropriety with a Junior staffer!  WE KNOW BETTER!

I’m sorry if this blog came across as male bashing, but the truth is the truth!  All we can do is say a prayer for the nit-wits when they get caught and shake our heads at the Kim Porter’s, Vanessa Bryant’s  and Andrea Kelly’s (chester molester R Kelly’s wife) as they gaze lovingly into camera’s for all the world to see.



August 9, 2007 - Posted by | Opinion, Politics, Relationships, Society


  1. When I saw Kim Porter and Puffy on the Essence cover I cancelled my subscription. I ain’t mad at Vanessa though…give me a rock like that and I’ll stand by you too…lol…
    Oh yeah, and men are ALL arrogant, even the ones that don’t cheat!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Tameka | August 9, 2007

  2. jerzeechic, you hit the nail on the head. Two words for the Arrogant Men out there, 1.STU 2.PID….Tameka, i don’t blame you for cancelling your subscription.That cover was a joke.Why n Hell were they on the cover anyway.When did Essence Magazine start promoting BOYFRIENDs and GIRLFRIENDs and putting them on the cover?What do I have to do to get my man and I on the cover? lolol, oh my bad, I guess I have to take him from his baby momma first, have a son by him, watch him FLOSS another chic all on TV, watch that chic dump him as he sits in court, then take him back, have twins by him, and then ALLOW him to go on national tv and say after 10+ years of being with me, ” that he is not ready to get married”.I guess I answered my own question ,huh 😉 BLESS THEIR HEARTS

    Comment by tgilmore | August 9, 2007

  3. All I can say is “Dido”. Only “MEN” get caught! And they say “women” talk 2 much”. How do u think they get caught ? Thinking their bragging about what their doing, ha,ha,ha…idiots, just plain idiots.

    Comment by jerzeecook | August 11, 2007

  4. Yep, women are better cheaters!!!! (wink)

    Comment by UrbanRoyalty | August 11, 2007

  5. I couldn’t resist responding to this one! I do agree that “some” men are arrogant. However, I also want to point out the men have “historically” and “systematically” been allowed to run amok. Many men exploit their perceived position in society because they’ve been indoctrinated to believe they have an innate right to do so.

    Right or wrong, we live in a male-dominated world. And truth be told, most times, men will put themselves on blast due to their own arrogance. However, I cannot, nor will I generalize by saying that, “Only a man” or “Only a woman” do anything. Furthermore to suggest that “all” men are “arrogant” in my opinion is not only biased but sexist AND indicative of the many false stereotypes that we deal with in our society. Whether we like it or not, we live in a society that was created by men and for men…white men to be specific. But does that mean that I’m arrogant…simply because I was born a male? Inasmuch, if a woman is educated, strong-willed, independent and confident…does that make her a (b-word), as I have said in the past and as many men continue to say today.

    My stance is that-yes-some men are arrogant. A lot of men allow their arrogance and shortsightedness to cause them to make poor decisions. But let’s try to avoid imposing generalizations on one another (e.g., white, black, male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, etc.). I have never been an arrogant guy but there was a time that I believed in male dominance, mostly because my father (as well as TV shows, cartoons, comic strips, etc.) displayed an attitude of male-arrognace and failed to provide the correct image of what a “man” should really be (e.g., being responsible, being faithful to “one” woman, being honest and forthcoming, etc.). My manhood is not defined by my position in society or even my position in a woman’s life.

    It takes a long time to de-program and un-learn the images and beliefs that we, as boys are brought to believe…especially if you’ve brought this belief into your adulthood. Instead of throwing ALL men under the bus, why not first try to understand “why” some men feel and act in the manner that they do and then articulate your opinion against “those” men that continue to facilitate an attitude of arrogance.

    Comment by Linwood | September 10, 2007

  6. Everyone please note: I never said ALL MEN are arrogant. What I said was “the arrogance of some of our male officials”. Meaning not all males or all officials are arrogant. I also said: “I am not saying women don’t cheat. I am not saying all men do cheat.” The purpose of this post was to highlight that these politicians were brought down because at the end of the day they were arrogant. Not that women do not cheat, but as Urban Royalty put it…”women are better cheaters”. So the male dominated world, and the sins of the fathers was so not where I was going with this post. My only point here was to say: Politicians that think they can wine and dine their girlfriends on the taxpayers dime without ever getting caught are arrogant and STUPID!!!! I stand behind that statement 100%.

    Comment by epiphanyblog | September 10, 2007

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