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Play Another Slow Jam!

When was the last time you listened to a slow jam TAPE?  Better yet, when was the last time you made one?????  I was going through some stuff in my closet and found a bag full of old tapes.  In addition to the Salt-n-Pepa, Shabba Ranks, De La Soul, EPMD, Janet Jackson and Big Daddy Kane tapes there were a few “Slow Jam Volumes”.  (I know I am not the only person that used to make slow jam tapes).  In the current age of CD’s and I-Pods, there is really no need to have a real slow jam “game”.  Everything can be burned to an endless playlist, but if you had to narrow your jams down to 90 minutes of hits, how would you choose? 

Let me start by saying they don’t make slow jams like they used to!  I listened to the tapes I found and I was shocked.  First of all what on earth did I know about there’s a right and a wrong way to love somebody in high school? (Keith Sweat had it going on back in the day).  Now that I’m in my 30’s, the songs have meaning, but back then…what on earth was I thinking?   

Some of the songs I found on my “Volumes” were one hit wonders.  I guess they were the hit of the moment, but didn’t really have staying power.  A lot of them were classics though.  As I pressed fast forward and rewind I found myself picking which songs would make my “Slow Jams: The Grown Woman Volume” tape.

First on my list of course was Adore by Prince….if God one day struck me blind, your beauty I’d still see.  Love’s too weak to define, just what you mean to me.  WHAT?!?!?!     Another classic balladeer was LUTHER.  I would have to have House Is Not A Home on my Grown Woman Volume (GWV).  When that song came on my little tape (with the poor sound quality) I was are you gonna be, say you’re gonna be, are you gonna be, say you’re gonna be, all up and through my house! 

Always & Forever made the cut too.  I was really big on this song in high school for some reason…loving you is a thing that I’ve planned, for a very long time….forever and a day, forever and a day, definitely made the Grown Woman Volume.  When was the last time you came across someone with “Whip Appeal”?  Didn’t quite get it back then, but I have the remix version with all the “snapping” on one of my tapes.  Now I’m a little older and a lot wiser, so Whip Appeal would go on my GWV.

With all the recent legal woes of the Debarge family, it was nice to hear Love Me in A Special Way.  I think that was my second favorite Debarge hit…..cause I’m special, not the average kind, who’d accept any line that sounds good.  So reach into your chain of thoughts, try to find something new….  I used to love that song, and I think if space would allow, it could make the GWV.

Another observation I made while going through my old cassettes…. slow jams were LONG.  Prince, Luther, Lenny Williams…those brothers were trying to sing somebody’s panties right off for real! *cracking up now*.  I Love You by Lenny Williams was over seven minutes long (but I must admit the song would not have been complete without his break down at the end: Maybe you’ve never been in love like I been in love.  Maybe you’ve never felt the things that I felt…but this is what I told my friend I said you know sometimes you get lonely).  I like Usher, and Ne-Yo is cool, but they can’t hold a candle to Lenny!

Does anyone remember Kwame’s remake of Chaka Kahn’s  Sweet Thing?  (It sucked, but apparently I liked it back in the day because it was on one of my little tapes with the poor sound quality).  I think he failed miserably at this attempt to do the I Need Love/LL Cool J thing.  I had a lot of Guy/Aaron Hall hits on my tapes too (Let’s Chill, Tease Me, and Piece of My Love).  

No GWV would be complete without a little Teena Marie and Teddy P.  I loved Casanova Brown and Portuguese Love, but my personal favorite from Teena is a song called Yes Indeed.  I don’t think it was a big hit, but WBLS played it to death in the middle of the night. (If you are not familiar with the song, look it up on You Tube, and you can hear it…trust me it’s a CLASSIC!)

Regarding Teddy P, the list is endless.  Close the Door, Turn Off the Lights, and my personal favorite And If I Had (…I would be the best lover that they ever had, cause I need somebody to love me, love me back).  Can you imagine going to somebody’s house and they had THAT SONG playing in the background?  I like Jamie Foxx’s album. His Can I Take You Home was a good song, but it can’t touch Come Go With Me by Teddy.  I am not going to even get started on Marvin Gaye, but suffice it to say Distant Lover (the live version) would make the GWV!

A few other songs that aren’t classics in the Luther, Prince, Teddy sense of the word, had throwback appeal nonetheless. Jodeci, Ready For the World and New Edition would make an appearance on my GWV.  Every now and then I’m sure we all hear Can You Stand the Rain on the radio (if not, look for it on the Wednesday Wind-UP one day soon), but when was the last time you heard Let Me Love You Down?  When was the last time you heard Stay or U&I by Jodeci?  (That Forever My Lady album is a classic for real…especially since the lead singers are someplace very cracked out right now!) 

So here is my question….if you had to narrow down your playlist to a 90 minute cassette tape, what songs would definitely make the cut? When you start picking those O’Jays and Earth Wind & Fire songs, keep in mind they were long, and 90 minutes will go by quick! On your Grown Woman Volume, or your Grown Man Volume, what classics and throwback hits would you include?



September 27, 2007 - Posted by | Music, Old School


  1. My favorite group of all time is the Whispers. The whispers have been singing since the 60’s and to this day their sound is still the same. I must admit I am not too fond of their fast selections such as “Rock with you” and “In the raw.” but I could listen to the slow stuff all night. I also like The Main Ingredients, Delfonics, New Birth, Stylistics and Blue Magic. These groups are the epitome of male bands who made meaningful love songs.

    Now, don’t get me wrong in today’s music I like a few groups such as Mint Condition, Jagged Edge, and Boys to Men (what ever happened to them). Solo artist that I like are Will Downing, Avant, and Dave Hollister.

    My preference has always been old school music. Seems as though today’s artist cant sing and have too many gimmicks up their sleeves…. Yeah for old school!

    Comment by Urban Royalty | September 27, 2007

  2. Short and sweet or sweet and low….:
    Sexual Healing
    Stylistics- most of their hits
    some Tom Jones
    Aretha – Respect
    women offical anthem- I will survive
    Turn between 2 lovers (can’t remember who sings that one)
    Bonny Rae- I can’t make you love me and Let’s give them something to talk about…
    That’s it.. I think….

    Comment by La Diva Loca | September 27, 2007

  3. This blog is just what I was talking about to my friend this week that I was going to make a old school slow jam CD. I would have to make probably 5 after reading this. Hey what about Norman Conners, Phyliss Hyman, and my man rest in peace Gerald Levert(half old school).

    Comment by Nichelle | September 29, 2007

  4. Ok people, here is a mostly 90’s throwback that’s guaranteed to get it poppin! I think my daughter was conceived on this list… However it happens for you, I know that this list was deadly back in the day and was such an enhancement to my swag. For some reason I thought I was this ultra Wu Tang, Gangstarr, Black Moon, back pack rapper back in tha day. But after a long discussion and heated argument over the weekend, my cousin reminded me of my high school sweetheart “Rabbit”. Rabbit was the epitome of a woman, you know the story, her mom was single and worked the night shift, giving us plenty of time to be involved in whatever. Rabbit was my ride or die, she stashed my weed and my burner, her moms let me crash for a while when my parents kicked me out. We had fake i.d.’s and used to sneak into clubs and rent hotels together. The thing I remember most is she used to spend all night listening to tha “Quiet Storm” making me tapes and she would put them in the cassette deck of my truck at night and the next day she would write me letters in class explaining the sequence of the songs and how the music told the story of our life. We were way too grown!!! Hands down Rabbit was one of the baddest chicks at my school and she was 2 grades below me [Tommy And Keyona (Vita) in Belly] and my cousin and the rest of the athletic dudes hated. Don’t Get Mad, Get Money And Whatever Girl You Want!!! So check out this playlist that shorty used to bless me with!!! This music is available upon request…..

    86 Minutes!!!!

    If I Ever Fall In Love – Shai
    Let Me Love You Down – Ready For The World
    Meeting In My Bedroom – Silk
    Freak Me – Keith Sweat
    The Secret Garden – Quincy Jones
    Can You Stand The Rain – New Editon
    Shower Me With Your Love – Atlantic Starr
    Let’s Make Love Silk
    All I Do Is Think Of You – Troop
    Two Occasions – Babyface
    Love Me In A Special Way – Debarge
    I Like It – El Debarge
    Sweet Love – Anita Baker
    Tender Love – Force MD’s
    Stay With Me – El Debarge
    I Wanna Be Closer – Switch
    When I’m With You – Tony Terry
    Anniversary – Tony Toni Tone

    Comment by Mr. French Connection | October 1, 2007

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