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Why Do People Cheat?

When I was little, I used to play games with my older cousin.  She would usually win because she was older, and better at them than me.   Eventually I got tired of losing so I decided to level the playing field.  I had a deck of Old Maid Cards, and I scribbled a little circle on the back of the Old Maid card so that I would not pick it from her hand.  I started winning of course, but then I got sloppy.  I started peering too intensely at the cards before I would take them from her hand, and then she was on to me.  She realized what I had done, and so to even things out, she marked almost all of the cards so that I would no longer know which one was the Old Maid Card.  I cheated because I got tired of losing.  In the end, my cheating got me nowhere.  I got caught, and she continued to win.              

I no longer cheat at cards.  Is it because of my Old Maid fiasco? *doubtful*  Is it because I believe in that If you lie you’ll cheat, if you cheat you’ll steal, if you steal you’ll kill adage? *not so much*   I just think that when you get caught cheating, even in a simple game of UNO, it reflects poorly on your integrity.  I just would rather not have “cheater” as one of the adjectives used to describe me at any friendly gathering!              

Anyone that has ever been cheated on by a significant other knows first hand what cheating can do to any relationship.  I will give cheaters the benefit of the doubt in that they never think they will get caught, and thus never intend to inflict the hurt and despair their cheating subsequently causes.  Having said that, I still come back to my original question, why do people cheat?  Chris Rock said he’d rather get caught stealing something from the government than get caught cheating on a woman.  I cheated at Old Maid because I wanted to win, but in a relationship, what exactly do you win?  As a matter of fact isn’t it pretty much a lose-lose situation?   

Do you think the athletes that use steroids are cheaters?  I understand that steroid use is illegal in competitive sports, but does using these banned substances constitute cheating?  Let me begin by saying what Marion Jones did was dead wrong!  I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.  For a moment I was like, maybe she didn’t know she was taking steroids.  Maybe she really thought it was herbs or something.  Then I saw a news report that stated there was a good chance the people on her Olympic Relay team would also be stripped of their medals, and I got a little hot.  I hate it when one person spoils it for everyone.  She was the cheater, and now the whole team has to suffer.  Again, cheating is a lose-lose situation.            

I am not an athlete, but I think it’s your natural abilities that should propel you, and the playing field should remain level.  If I were an athlete and I found out my opponents were using steroids it would make me not want to play anymore. (Yes, I would take my ball and go home!)             

Barry Bonds will forever have a cloud of scandal hanging over his home run title.  Assuming he took the steroids, I’m sure in the back of his mind, he was trying to win.  He did the needful to score homeruns and lead his team to victory.  Marion Jones I’m sure wanted to win as well.  She was poised to go into the record books, and winning as many medals as possible would cement her place in sports history.  She’s cemented in sports history alright…but not for the reasons she wanted to be!  Barry Bonds will literally have an asterisk on his hall of fame baseball for all the world to see.  Yet another example of cheating as a lose-lose!            

A football coach is credited with coining the phrase:  Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.  Really?  Is that the problem?  Have we become so obsessed with winning that we forgot another little phrase most of us learned in grade school:  Cheaters never prosper!  Church folks will tell you in a heartbeat: What’s done in the dark, will always come to light.  Anyone that watches Maury, or Jerry Springer can attest to the fact that all the cheating gets uncovered when those paternity test results get read.  Don’t athletes realize that the pee test will shut them down?              

Does the desire to win cloud a person’s judgment to the point of stupidity?  Does the rush of getting away with something give us that air of I’ll never get caught arrogance?  Time and time again we see people getting busted cheating.  We’ve all known a classmate who got caught.  We all have at least one friend who’s man or woman got busted doing something they had no business doing, yet people continue to cheat.  If there are any cheaters in the blogosphere, I need to know…Why do people cheat?  More importantly, does the reward you gain by cheating out way all that you stand to lose WHEN you get caught?



October 11, 2007 - Posted by | Celebrity, Life, Opinion, Relationships, Sports


  1. I cheat on my taxes. I cheat on my timecard. I take extra food from the buffets and put it in a container for later….I don’t think any of those things hurt anybody. The government has enough money, I need the overtime pay, and the buffets are full of food and I need to get my moneys worth. I would never cheat on anything that might reflect on or hurt someone else. People that do that are selfish. Marion, Barry, and my jerk of a baby daddy only care about themselves hence they are CHEATERS!

    Comment by Tameka | October 11, 2007

  2. I have to say like (Tameka) I cheated on my taxes, but I use all the rules, regulations under the IRS book, not me but my tax person. At school, I can’t remember ever cheating on a test, maybe because I tried once and got cought, then I learned, If I did not know what I was doing, then why do it. I hated when someone wanted to take advantage of my knowledge (intelligence) and try to ask me for the answers on the test, like that was going to help them pass the class. Well anyway, I see most of those people now are loosers and I am proud of how far I got. In games, cheating only counts if you are drunk and the other person does not pay attention, but that is silly cheating, is fun…. it is not serious. But professional baseball players, athletes? that is their job, it is like trying to get away with murder. I don’t like to take advantage of my co workers and certainly hate when they try to do it with me. It is an insult to someone’s intelligence and knowledge and skills.
    Now relationships, are a different monster. If you cheat on someone who is devotely in love with you, it is wrong, but if that person is abusive with you is pay back. I know it is wrong, because in the end if you are not telling them, if they don’t find out, you have accomplished nothing, no revenge, but instead degrated yourself and that taste is not good. If you think you are in an open relationship where you can do whatever you want, it still taste bad and most of the time you will not enjoy it, because deep down in your heart and your head you know you are doing something wrong, so why do it? The only time when cheating could be overlooked is for revenge and even so, like I say before, it is not worth it. So just don’t do it, the Universe will take care of the cheaters one way or another. Amen

    Comment by La Diva Loca | October 11, 2007

  3. Pro athletes cheat or else they become umemployed.

    Disney, GE, Time Warner, Viacom, NewsCorp all demand doping on all TV sporting shows.

    No exceptions.

    No dope, no hope.

    LIVE WRONG! Nike Swoosh

    Comment by Peter Joachim | October 11, 2007

  4. Well this is a subject that hits home with me, b/c I’ve been an athlete since I was a kid. I’ve seen cheating in sports and in other aspects of life . Our society have become numb to cheaters across the the board, whether it’s sports, corporate, relationship etc… See I’m not here to throw rocks, b/c I have stepped out on a relationship or two or stretched my eyes a lil during that make or break final examine. But the effects of todays cheating are starting to effect more then just the cheater and that’s where I make my stance.

    Let’s start with Marion Jones (we all should pray for her). I watched this sister do her thing since grade school and she’s been a natural talent. Nobody can’t tell me that if the woman trained like she was supposed that she wanted have won at least one Olympic medal. She may not have been the fastest women on Earth, but she would have been able to have a prosperous career in Track & Field. She would still be in the game today. But see that wasn’t enough for her, the greed had her take the steroids and shoot for 6 medals. Now her house of cards has fallen. The unseen effects: 1. Let’s talk about that nameless person that trained just as hard as her all their life also came in 5th at the Olympics trails and didn’t make the team. 2. Let’s talk about all the 2nd place finishers that didn’t experience the joy of winning the gold and never received the financial benefits of a gold medal winner. These people had families to provide for, no nike contract for them. 3. Let’s talk about the relay team that might get their medals snatched in the next couple of months. 4. Let’s talk about the children that looked up to her

    Barry Bonds (never liked the dude anyway). I was talking to my mother the other day and she brings up the fact that he’s not taking steroids now and he’s still hitting home runs. See that’s my point exactly. The man is just greedy. He has the ability, but wanted to take the easy road out. Now the whole sport is looked at different. 1. Hank Arron’s records falls and he was / is a great champion 2. This whole generation of baseball is looked as the time of the cheater. 3. Again the children are effected. Im glad Marc Ecko put a * on that ball.

    We really need to hold integrity higher in our society. You could be that person on the job not to get the promotion, b/c John Smith padded the numbers. Or you could be the next person in the hot seat on Maury wondering why your baby looks like the mailman. Cheating at times effects us all.

    If you dont stand for something, you’ll fall for everything!!!

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | October 14, 2007

  5. They are no clean (drug-free) athletes on an Olympic podium. Marion Jones blew her first doping test whilst in high school. Johnnie Cochran got her reinstated after her suspension. Nike then signed her–and the rest was marketing history. Marion’s husband doped, her boyfriends all doped, her teammates all doped. She always doped too.

    No clean atheltes in swimming, running, weight lifting, cycling. Not even in badminton.

    Integrity has nothing to do with it, TV money does. Clean atheltes get cut from the National team early on.

    The Oympics is theater show, not a sporting event. $12 BILLION in TV revenues covers up massive amounts of doping, blood transfusions, life science cheating, lying and clock errors. Denial, symphony music and themes make it look and sound pretty.

    Enjoy the TV steroid Opera—it is NOT sport.

    Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, CJ Hunter, Justin Gatlin, Lance Pharmstrong, Baroid Bonds, Jason Giambi, Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick are all cheats and sporting frauds.

    Comment by Billy Martin | October 16, 2007

  6. Look, here is the deal. In order to compete with the athletes in East Germany( track and field) and other foreign countries the US atheletes have to cheat. These other countries have been using steroids since grade school. Our atheletes are trying to make a living and in order to do so you mustwin and by winning this means winning against the world not just the Americans.

    The atheletes who win at the olympics receive huge endorsement contracts from Nike, American Express and any other fortune 100 company.Therefore, the thinking is I will risk my health and reputation while becoming a millionaire.

    Have you noticed Nike and all the other companies have not asked for one dime back. You know why?? They could care less the millions are in the bank about time the latestscandal hits the news.

    Comment by Urban Royalty | October 26, 2007

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