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Happy Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in May is set aside to honor Mothers.  That day is dedicated to Mommy, Grandma, Bigma, Godmother and Aunt so-and-so.  It goes without saying, and we’ve been doing it since the first time we glued the macaroni to construction paper in preschool.  Now as an adult, there is usually a heartfelt card from Hallmark, maybe a special dinner outing and in some cases a nice gift.  Yes, most of us do this once a year.  With the recent passing of Kanye West’s mother, Mother’s Day was on my mind.  I’ve been thinking of all the cliché sayings and songs written about mothers.  I thought about my friends and their relationships with their mothers.  I thought of Miss Philip, Miss Linda, Miss Stephanie, Miss Kim, Miss Ginger, Miss Estelle, Trish and Hazel.  These are the moms of my closest friends and I credit them with nurturing such wonderful daughters and sons. 

Moms nurture, and in their own way do their best to support us.  Sometimes that support comes with a lecture and a lot of extra commentary, but it’s support nonetheless!  Two nights ago a friend and I chatted about our most recent mommy based trials and tribulations.  Hers was the request to obtain a copy of this month’s Ebony Magazine with Michael Jackson on the cover (because apparently none of the stores her mom frequented would carry this publication and thus my friend was required to purchase it and carry it across the state line and deliver it to her mom on Thanksgiving).  My tribulation involved a recipe for Emeril’s Banana Cream Pie (because apparently such a recipe could only be obtained by going on the internet at MY house.  No one in the same house as my mother would be able to complete this task) *sighs*. 

I joke about my mom, but despite her propensity to drive me up a wall, I love her to death.  I know I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if she wasn’t the woman she’s always been, so to Jan I say thanks!  She may not have written a book or quit her job (yet) to support my endeavors but I know she would cut somebody to the white meat for messing with her baby!  My mom has taught me so many things.  She taught me how to cook, the virtues of a clean house, and the significance of prayer in my life.  No matter how grown we get or how far away we move from home Mommy will always be Mommy and her influence is everlasting.   

With all of that in mind, I decided to write this blog to recognize all the moms out there. Even though the Mother’s Day holiday is still 179 day away, take a minute to celebrate your mom.  Reflect on the lessons learned, or reminisce about the fun times.  Commiserate with your friends about your relationships with a sometimes crazy mom.  (Not crazy in the mental health sense of the word, but crazy in the I can’t believe she just said that sense of the word.)   

If the guilt of eating that last cookie in 1979 has been weighing heavy on you, now is the time to come clean. If she warned you from the beginning that the chicken head with the bad weave was not the woman for you, give her credit.  If you really did take her car without permission back in 1993 and subsequently caused that scratch on the rear bumper, confession is good for the soul! We only get one mom, so go ahead and give her a shout out!



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