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Emergency Contacts

Many of us have a magnet on the refrigerator with Emergency Contact Numbers.  Some have it there for the babysitter and it lists Grandma’s Number, Daddy’s Cell Number, Poison Control, etc…  Some have the standard county listings for the fire department, local police, and ambulance services.  Every time I go to the doctor’s office they ask me to provide my emergency contact information.  They need to know who to call in case I nut up, or they mess up while I’m in one of those exam rooms.  It’s the standard form you’ve all seen, and probably updated with your mother or your significant others name and number.   Most times we blindly fill it out because we doubt if it will actually get used.

In my regular day to day life I have mini non-emergency emergencies.  These are the situations where I need to enlist the assistance of friends in order to make it through.  Their numbers are not written on magnets in my kitchen, and my doctor could really care less about most of them, but I know they are my own personal 911.  We all have a 911 network of emergency contacts that keep us sane and in some cases keep us safe, but when was the last time you wrote them out for the world to see?

My Consigliere is at the top of my 911 network.  If you watch the Soprano’s, and you are familiar with Silvio’s role you understand what I’m talking about.  We all have that one person that can keep a level head and advise us on how to handle life’s little hiccups.  Not only does my Consigliere keep me sane and safe, he’s a porgy frying expert!

When I have an emergent need for a sounding board, or I need someone with common sense to cosign on my latest drama, I place a call to Peaches.  She’s known me since the 1st grade and is probably best equipped to deal with a mini meltdown.  There’s never been a time that I needed Peaches and she didn’t come through.  Peppermint Patty, Myra, and KC are quick with the replies to 911 text messages.  Even in the middle of the night or on a Sunday morning, they will holler back quick with the answer I need to solve the problem at hand. 

When I can’t get it together I call Plucky.  She can give me her calm voice and talk me back from the ledge.  In the same manner, I call Titi when I don’t want to get it together.  She’ll meet me at the closet happy hour and tell me exactly what I need to hear J!  When I’m sad or I feel like staying in my bed for days at a time, I can call Dweebie.   She is the only person I know that understands and encourages my need to “veg”. 

If I’m lost in the ATL, or I am craving homemade banana bread I call Step.  He’s not the most reliable person in the world when it comes to showing up to events, but if I call him in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic he’s better than a navigation device (and he never forgets my birthday)!  If I have a technical/graphics/myspace based emergency I call J.  He’s a genius with that kind of stuff and can recover or create anything with a laptop and a pirated broadband signal.

In those situations where I need a little old school justice (you know…when you call the homies to help you handle something because talking nicely is not going to get the job done), I can call the former Mrs. Starks.  She may not have her contacts in, but she’s definitely the person I want on my team in case of a rumble in the jungle!  If I need someone to be on my side just because…if I need someone to just go along now and ask questions later, I call Tiff, Bigred, Tink, Little Muffin, or Mik-Baby.  They laugh when I laugh, cry when I cry, and beef when I beef.

I’ve pretty much just shouted out my closest friends (not by their real names though J), because I love and appreciate them.  They are the network of people that have been there during the best and worst times of my life.  There is no magnet that would do them justice, but they are forever etched in my heart.  Take a moment to shout out your emergency contacts.  Who’s in that network that keeps you sane and keeps you safe? 



December 6, 2007 - Posted by | Friendship

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  1. This reminds me of that old Whodini song…FRIENDS!!! how many of us have them? Living in a world where we are constantly ON code Orange, its always nice to have someone to remind you what is truly important.

    Comment by Jhaque | December 6, 2007

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