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Is it just me, or did Christmas appear out of nowhere?  I can not believe it’s the middle of December, and I saw someone in open toe strappy’s yesterday (for those that don’t know, we are experiencing a heat wave in Atlanta).  I wouldn’t say I’m a “Bah Hum Bug”, but I definitely don’t have the holiday spirit yet. In an effort to jump start my own Christmas cheer, I am writing today’s blog about those little dilemma’s we face at this time of year. I’m hoping these reflections and tidbits will get me in the mood to start baking cookies and wrapping gifts J 


Less is More

When it comes to the open bar at your company’s holiday party, less is definitely more.  No one wants to be remembered as the girl that had too many drinks and corralled everyone into doing the “Cupid Shuffle” or worse yet the “Souljah Boy”.  People might smile as they are “super man-ing” it, but trust me when I tell you they will be chatting about you around the water cooler for years to come!  Also, this rule applies to holiday house parties too.  Do not get all liquored up on that free Hennessey and start grinding on the first attractive person you see.

The Boo Factor

Don’t bring your new Boo around family, if your old Boo is still high on their list of favorite people.  While you may have moved on, if you family is still holding on to a glimmer of hope that you might do a Peaches & Herb (Reunited And It Feels So Good), don’t subject an innocent bystander to such an uncomfortable situation. 

First Time Giver

If your relationship is new, don’t go breaking your pockets by buying an overly expensive gift in an effort to guilt the recipient into spending more money on you!    If you go out on a limb and tell someone you’re not expecting a gift, don’t get mad when you don’t get one!   Fella’s:  Trashy lingerie is NOT the business.  Ladies:  Unless you know for 100%  sure he’s a suit and French cuff wearer, save the cufflinks and tie for your Dad! 

Gracious Recipient

At some point in life we will all receive at least one gift that is CRAP!  It might come from the Secret Santa at the office, or it might come from your Great Aunt Selma from Dallas.  Some people lack taste, and others are just plain tacky.  Assess the intent of the giver.  If Great Aunt Selma really thought that sweater with the pumpkins and reindeer was a fashion statement, smile and act like it’s a cashmere D&G.  However, if that Secret Santa gift is some mess that you know your coworker bought from the gas station on her way to the office Christmas party, simply smile and plan your get back.  Save the gift and make sure you finagle your way into being her Secret Santa next year.  Re-wrap and re-gift that mess right back to her!

Poo Poo the Potluck

I don’t do the office potluck thing.  I used to, when our team was small and I pretty much knew who was bringing what long before the luncheon started.  Nowadays, there are like thirty people bringing stuff, and how can you really  know who has cats licking the bowl and who eats off the floor?  Save yourself the hassle of having to pole the participants, and just work from home on potluck day. 



December 13, 2007 - Posted by | Fun, Laughter


  1. If you must attend the office potluck, GET THERE EARLY!!!!!! People don’t wash their hands and are so nasty. They will be touching and breathing al over the food. Fix your plate of store bought stuff before the nastys have a chance to touch it all!

    Comment by Tameka | December 13, 2007

  2. I sure hope you hurry up & get the “spirit”. I’m counting on my black/brown bottoms!!! LOL

    Comment by Shangazi | December 13, 2007

  3. Funny!

    Comment by Jhaque | December 13, 2007

  4. Yeah, what’s up with the seasonal baking? You playin’ with my emotions, chick! Also, what about the person at any food gathering giving the 411 on who made what!

    Comment by Willie Jankins | December 16, 2007

  5. I feel you on the Secret Santa gift.Last year, my co worker found some retarded azz t-shirt in her closet with the word and definition for ” GEEK” on it, and i got the present.Well, guess what, this year, I pulled her name.At first, I was going to give her back the same raggedy azz T-Shirt that she gave me last year ( it was still in the plactic)and then i decided to give her the 2008 calendar that i won as a gift, along with a box of Ink pens…She should love her gift.I also try to stay away from Potlucks because there is always one cheap person in the group.Currently we are planning a PotLuck for our team, which consists of 6 people.Everyone is bringing some type of dish however I have one co worker who feels that she should bring Pop/Soda, because she thinks that we will be thursty after eating…Well, let’s see…. we have a vending machine on every floor in the building, so WE DON’T NEED ANYONE BRINGING DRINKS, RETARD…I told her this via email and I guess I pissed her off becuase she has not said anything to me, lolololololol..So, to all of you Potlucker’s out there, if you don’t feel that your co worker is worth you preparing a meal or at least going out to buy food, THEN DON’T PARTICPATE , BECAUSE WE DON’T FEEL LIKE FEEDING YO CHEAP AZZ ;-)Have a Merry Christmas

    Comment by cheapazz co-workers | December 19, 2007

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