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The word fascination is defined as: the state of being intensely interested or attracted.  The year 2007 was one filled with fascination for me, and in the grand tradition of all the magazines and journalists out there that do a year end review, I decided to highlight those things, good and bad, that fascinated me this year.

1. Our society can sometimes be fascinated by the tragedy’s that befall the common person.  For about five minutes we are glued to the television, and then something new pops up and that particular tragedy’s fascination fades into the background.  The senseless act of violence perpetrated on Dashon Harvey, Terrance Aerial, Natasha Aerial, and Iofemi Hightower  is something that will never fade into the background for me.  These children walked where I walked and played where I played and were victims of a few sick individuals’ lapse in morality.  While their story is no longer headline news in Newark, New Jersey it is something I will never forget. 

2. How is it that R. Kelly is a free man?  Okay, innocent until proven guilty, but how can his trial continuously get pushed back?  How can this fool Step In The Name of Love all over the justice system?  More importantly how can we still support him?  The fact that people still buy his concert tickets fascinates me.  The fact that other artists still tour with him fascinates me.  I know, I know…..innocent until proven guilty, but if it was your sister or your cousin on the tape would you really be able to get your 12 Play on? 

3. How is it that Michael Vick got fast tracked to the federal penitentiary?   “The R” is still living life in the fast lane, while number 7 is on lockdown!  Granted Michael pled guilty and thus sentencing was apparent, but I’m just saying…..Dogs vs. Little Girls?  The dog people were up in arms at the mere thought of Michael Vick maintaining any endorsement deals, but the outcry was minimal when “The Pied Piper of R&B” announced this most recent tour. The priorities of mainstream society *translation: the moral majority propped up on their soap boxes* fascinates me.

4. Barack Obama fascinates me!  I don’t know how you feel about his political platform but the mere notion that we might have a black president in my lifetime is intensely attractive.  I won’t insult the man by saying “he speaks so well”, but I do think he is politically brilliant in that he has ideas that could really do something to build a better country for our children.  Not trying to campaign for him (I’m no Oprah after all), but I hope you will at the very least hear the man out, and if you like what he has to say VOTE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY!!!!!!!

5. I am not trying to say women are the Delilah to every political Sampson, but the Arrogance Of Men continues to fascinate me (please read my blog from August 9th for further clarification). 

6. We see the violence in Darfur, and we know how HIV/AIDS has ravaged the continent of Africa, yet our government continues to pour money into a civil war we can’t win.  I support the troops…I support the theory that we need to BRING THEM HOME!!!!  I am fascinated by the tomfoolery that is the Bush Administrations policy on foreign affairs and how they conveniently decide to mind their business when the lives of African boys and girls are at stake…….but turn into major but-in-ski’s when there is oil to gain.

            We all watch the news, and/or read our favorite online reports daily.  Some over do their Media Take Out diet, while others keep the CNN and MSNBC ticker scrolling across their computer screen.  (Information is so readily accessible; you can’t help but be drawn in by something). We all have a story that held our interest or attracted us this year.  Was it the talk of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s secret wedding?  (It had better not be the fact that Brit-Brit’s sister is pregos).  Are you waiting with baited breath to see how Oprah will influence the 2008 elections, or are you still tripping over the fact that an NFL coach bounced like a thief in the night?     My question to all you Epiphany Bloggers is simple. What has fascinated you this year?



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