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The Writer’s Strike

The writers strike is killing me! So many of my favorite programs are on indefinite hiatus because of the strike, and I am BLUE! In all fairness I don’t know the ins and outs of why their striking, and I have to assume that they must have a good reason (after all who would not work and forgo a full salary for MONTHS without having a good reason) but I still hate it. I am glad shows like The Wire (God rest Stringer Bell), Nip/Tuck and Lost are going to be in first-run episodes for a while, but I’m still missing Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not sure how many of you are TV fanatics like me, but this week I’ve decided to re-live some of my favorite TV moments from years gone by!

In the seventies, What’s Happening was a great show. If I were to watch a few episodes now, my stomach might turn, but back then….I loved me some Dwayne (hey hey hey). Did the gang from What’s Happening introduce us to “bootlegging”? I am not about to go down that road, but one of my favorite episodes, which I still quote to this day is the “no Roger, no Rerun, no rent”!

Good Times was another show I loved back in the day. I wanted the Evans’s to get out of the projects so bad. Poor James couldn’t keep a job, JJ was always finding stuff, and Thelma had a mean breakdown when it came time to dance. I am not even going to go down the Michael road, but I liked the episodes that involved Penny and her mother (that Chip Fields played a great abusive Mom and when she came back all fly in her fur jacket, you couldn’t tell her nothing). My favorite Good Times episode had to be when James said “The kitchen and the bedroom Florida, the kitchen and the bedroom”. It was so rude, but classic James. He was the classic manly man from the 70’s and he thought women belonged in the kitchen and the bedroom.

About nine years ago TV Land started showing the Jefferson’s. For like a week they played all these Jefferson’s marathons. I forgot how much I liked George Jefferson (and that theme song). Fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill…..did y’all know Wilona from Good Times sang that theme song???? I can’t really pick a favorite Jefferson’s episode, but I know Florence was one of my favorite characters. (I gotta love any person that keeps her job, while doing no work)!

I am not going to front like I only watched black shows. I was a STAN for Family Ties, Dynasty, Dallas, Growing Pains, Golden Girls and Friends. I also used to watch The Simpson’s every Sunday night. I remember we had a dance called the Bart Simpson. It was voted “Best Dance” my senior year. It narrowly beat out a local favorite called “The All Beef”, but that’s another blog for another day.

Do you remember watching that first episode of The Cosby Show in 1984? Theo gave that speech about being a regular guy and Cliff promptly shut him down. Some of you might think the anniversary episodes were the best. I liked them; in fact I liked all the musically centered episodes (especially the Stevie Wonder episode). The Cosby Show put songs in my head that I probably never would have heard (I actually own a Big Maybelle CD). Having said that, my for real for real favorite episodes center around Theo. When he wanted that Gordon Gartrell shirt, and when he sang the blues to get Justine back are two of my all time favorites. Also in my top five would have to be the episode when Vanessa went to see the Wretched. I always thought Vanessa’s character was pretty lame, but every time I catch that episode on Nick at Night I have to watch it. Clair’s breaking on Vanessa is priceless. (Here we think you’re lying in the floor of some burning building dying of asphyxia and you’re down in Baltimore, having BIG FUN! Weren’t you, Vanessa? Isn’t that where you were? Didn’t you go down there to Baltimore to have big fun, Vanessa? Tell me, didn’t you go for the big fun?) That is my mother all day and all night…only thing missing is she would have had her hands around my neck!

As far as love stories on TV go, my all time favorite couple would have to be Whitley and Dwayne. When he busted up her wedding…..that has to be one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. (Whitley, I love you and if you’ll have me I want you to be my wife…I’m sorry Byron but I love her……Whitley will you have me to be your husband from this day forth to have and to hold for richer for poorer….Baby Please!) When she says yes, I smile every time as if I never saw the episode before. Who is our modern day Whitley and Dwayne? Martin and Gina were cool, I liked Sinclair and Overton (although I liked Kyle and Max more), but can a sista get a Whitley and Dwayne circa 2008????

I could go on for days about the TV shows I miss, but hopefully they will all live in infamy on Nick at Night, TV Land et al. While we are surviving this writers strike, I will have to fill the void with the classics. I’m sure I left a few of your favorite episodes out, but holler at me and let me know what you want to see, and I can tell you how to find it!



January 24, 2008 - Posted by | Entertainment, Fun, Old School


  1. What about Prince of Bellair. Loved it. I always cryied at the end. But OH My GOD I MISS JACK… 24 has to be back, JACK has to get out of jail and into re-hab (he is my kind of drunk, they say he is a funny drunk). Let’s free Jack.

    Comment by La Diva Loca | January 24, 2008

  2. I was always more of an A-Team, Knight Rider, Miami Vice kind of kid(I need action). Martin might be one of the only shows I might still watch if I catch it on nowadays. To tell you the truth, TV is not as exciting to me as it was when I was younger. I knew the schedule for shows better then the TV guide. Now TV programing is pretty lame. How is it that we have a couple hundred channels to select from, but there’s nothing interesting to watch? Or the same thing’s on 10 stations. Reality shows are to TV, as these snap songs are to Hip Hop. Killing it!!! I feel shows like “I love New York”, “Hell Date” and “Flava of Love” set us back as a people a couple of years. But, I will watch the DNA test on “Maury” all day. Because, “I am not the Father!” LOL So what am I really saying? I guess we have our own taste and interest. Oh gotta go, just downloaded episode #7 season 5 of the WIRE. This season is the best yet and it’s not even at the 1/2 way point. If you like the Wire click this link and enjoy http://www.surfthechannel.com/show/television/The_Wire.html , but don’t snitch me out like Stringer Bell(I know Ima feel the pain about that comment). JerzeeChick sorry for bootlegging on your blog, I know how you hate that. But I must feed the people. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | January 24, 2008

  3. I’m STILL HURT over the fact that 24 isn’t coming on this season!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!

    Comment by Randi523 | January 24, 2008

  4. hold up…..24 isn’t coming on at all this season? Sweet minty Jesus say it ain’t so!!!!!! Well I must admit this post made
    my day. Never was a fresh prince fan but knots landing was my joint! Paige was what I aspired to be ( well I was gonna be the black version of course). I was also a welcome back kotter fan. Long live the Sweat Hogs!

    Comment by divastyles | January 24, 2008

  5. How dare we forget about Different Strokes ( whatchu talk’n bout Willis)and remember when Janet Jackson played on the show.and Gimme A Break…Hangin with Mr.Cooper was pretty CORNY Wow…All of the shows that were mentioned in this blog bring back memories.I as well cannot wait until the Writer’s Srike is over.The good thing is that I love CSI, So i watch it EVERYDAY on Spike TV. 😉

    Comment by TLG | January 24, 2008

  6. Can’t forget “Facts of Life” and “Living Single”. But now I can’t live without ANTM, Big Brother and Survivor and more recently, Snoop Doggs Fatherhood and Living with the Kardashian. Anything thing that will make me laugh right about now.

    Comment by Irving on the Crest | January 25, 2008

  7. What about the all time great with Fred G. Sanford (the G is for GET THE FAIR TAX PASSED) from Sanford and son.

    Comment by Leroy Jackson | January 27, 2008

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