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There is no title to this blog because it is more or less me rambling about the foolishness I experienced this past week. Let me start by saying everyday I’m given is a blessing, and I am grateful to be able to experience life, but do you ever just feel like Michael Jackson in the Wiz? Every now and then I want to say, “why are these crows bothering me” (scroll down and see yesterday’s Wednesday Wind-UP for further clarification)!

You can’t win, you can’t win no way, if your story stays the same
You ain’t winnin’ but it’s nice to see you, I’m awfully glad you came
Better cool it ’cause it ain’t about losin, and the world has got no shame…

For starters, why are people still using cheesy pick up lines from 1979? I’m sure you all know how I feel about being single in the city. Imagine my disgust and repulsion when a dude called me “a tall glass of water” today and proceeded to tell his friend he would “drink a whole tub of my bath water”. I threw up a little in my mouth! Who still says stuff like that? I’m guessing he has beads hanging in his house separating his living room and dining room. You can’t break even and you can’t get out of the game!

On to the next batch of “the world has got no shame” mess….Did you know Michael Vick’s DOGS are getting their own reality show????? What is this world coming to when some pit bulls can get their SAG cards and shows like The Wire are going off the air? I mean maybe the Barksdale/Marlow feud ending has more to do with the writers wanting it to end than the ratings causing it to end, but I’m just saying….. Pit Bulls have a show and Stringer Bell is resting in peace *cries a little bit* Later for watching Michael Vicks pits in rehab, I want to see Amy Winehouse on her twelve steps!

Moving on….I was happy to know that Obama won South Carolina, but I was a little perturbed when I saw the clip of Bill Clinton dismissing the win and trying to say it was simply racial (because Jesse Jackson did it in ’84 and ’88). Obama is a viable candidate (the Kennedy’s love him), and he happens to be black. I was too young to vote for Jesse, but I know I wouldn’t elect Al Sharpton as Alderman of my ant farm. Nothing against Al or Jesse, but I think we can all agree neither of them were destined for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue *grabs pom poms* GO OBAMA GO!!!!! (sidebar: Super Tuesday is in 5 days. Don’t forget to vote!)

And finally for my bit of “you’ll be spending your little bit of money while somebody else rides for free” mess, do you remember the Brian Nichols case? The short version is this: in 2005 he escaped from custody, shot up a bunch of people, and went on the lamb. For those of us that can’t get out of jury duty, and can’t get out of a speeding ticket, how does it feel to know they captured this fool ON TAPE fleeing the courthouse and several witnesses saw him kill a judge? And on top of that the judge presiding over his case recused himself today. Basically the judge gave an interview in which he said something about everyone knowing Nichols was guilty so his defense team had to plead insanity. WHAT?!?!?!?!? I’m sorry, but don’t they tell you in judge school something about remaining impartial? I don’t know what’s worse….R Kelly stepping in the name of love all over the justice system, or Brian Nichols Harlem Shaking his way out of the death penalty.

Okay, so I’m climbing down from my soapbox now….your turn!



January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Opinion


  1. IMO….. Al Sharpton is about as credible as Alderman Davis on Goodtimes!

    Comment by divastyles | January 31, 2008

  2. You’re right on point today!

    Comment by Shangazi | January 31, 2008

  3. I’ll just say, like Forest Gump, Life is a like a box of chocolates. Have Fun

    Comment by La Diva Loca | January 31, 2008

  4. I think the “Bathwater” line was flattering, you might have took it wrong. He must have really liked you to say he would do that, because that is kind of nasty. That’s how you should look at it. He probably meant it more as a metaphor, like he would do anything for you JerzeeChick. See women say they want truth and honesty. He poured his emotions out,you in return almost upchuck then blog about the brother. You should appreciate him for recognizing your beauty. Maybe a tall glass of water is his favorite refreshment on a hot day, so he made that comparison to you. In closing, everyone isn’t going to like you and have the smoothest pick up lines. So you should have some sort of tenderness for those that do and help them with their approach. LOL!!!

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | January 31, 2008

  5. I think I am going to watch The Wiz and sing to my heart’s content.

    Comment by Nichelle | January 31, 2008

  6. That was deep Cant commit Clover,I plan on passing on the information about a quality man/women verses a simply good man/women and The Lone Wolf that was funny!

    Comment by Irving on the Crest | February 3, 2008

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