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Sense of Entitlement

Do you ever feel like you deserve something, or something is owed to you because in your mind you “earned” it? Don’t get me wrong, a sense of entitlement is okay when kept in prospective. As KP mentioned in her previous blog, I have been a bit under the weather. I managed to contract walking pneumonia, and have pretty much found myself laid up for the past several days with nothing to do but sleep and watch television (FYI: Jesse and Angie are back on All My Children). As per usual I was riveted with the latest and greatest from tiny tears. I firmly believe that at the root of Hillary’s quest for the White House is her sense of entitlement. I’ve heard it and read it a lot over the past few days and I firmly believe she thinks she is “entitled” to be the next President. She supported her husband in his bid. She was a “competent” first lady. She stood by him during his scandal with supahead…oops I meant Monica Lewinsky and after that MESS she thinks the White House is her light at the end of the tunnel. How dare Barack stand in her way?????

When you feel you are entitled to something, how far will you go to get it? As a consumer I am “entitled” to a certain level of customer service. I will write a scathing letter if need be and I won’t hesitate to escalate to the manager or someone with “decision making authority” when I need to get my point across (or my discount/refund/free gift)! I have even exaggerated the truth when a Fifty Dollar American Express gift check was at stake. I think a little exaggeration is okay, but a bold face lie dressed up as a “misspeak”?????

The Clinton’s fully expected to be the presumptive nominees by now. Many high ranking democrats don’t feel Obama is “entitled” to be the next president, and so they are okay to watch him fight it out to the bitter end. If the tables were turned and Obama was trailing hopelessly with no chance of ever catching up the entire DNC would be urging him to do the right thing for the party and concede….but I digress!

Hillary Clinton’s sense of entitlement caused her to put out that ridiculous red phone ad. In an effort to back up her “foreign policy” experience claims, she brings up her sniper infused Bosnian adventure. Hillary Clinton went on an official mission to Bosnia in 1996, no one disputes that. It’s the part about sniper fire and running for cover that earned her four Pinocchio’s with the Washington Post. Sidebar: Can you imagine being put on blast by blonde jherri curl MC Hammer pants wearing Sinbad? *gasps* Well when it happened to tiny tears, she did what the entitled always do. She stuck to her guns! She said “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Roll the You Tube video, and cue the damaging biography.

In an effort to back pedal she now says she misspoke. How does one label a lie as a “misspeak”? If I say on ONE occasion that I am on the New York Times Best Seller list, I might be able to excuse that as a misspeak (because I hope to one day be on that list). But if I tell people on several occasions about my climb to the top of the list, and segue into my best seller status at several events, that makes me a liar. The road of the entitled is often paved with lies and conjecture.

Does poor waiter service “entitle” you to a free/discounted meal….Definitly! Does standing by a sick husband and nursing him back to health “entitle” you to half his pension when he leaves you for some chick he met on line….Probably! Does standing by the man that cheated on you with an intern IN YOUR OWN HOUSE “entitle” you to the Presidency????? Did Hillary really think the truth would never come to light, or is she totally blinded by her sense of entitlement?


PS: Happy Birthday Dweebie!

March 26, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion, Politics, Race

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  1. You are so right jerzee chick! Should we expect Elliot Spitzers wife to be her VP and McGreavys wife the joint chief of staff? I am losing so much respect for Bill Clinton (never really had too much for Hillary to begin with). If Barack was trailing in the popular vote he’d be getting death threats and everything else until he dropped out.

    Comment by divastyles | March 27, 2008

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