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Now I’m Begging…

So several months ago I did a post titled “Please Go Somewhere…” (If you are not familiar with it, please check out the archives for July).  The purpose of this post was to point out those people in society that were plucking my nerves.  I flashed back to my childhood days where random adults could be heard telling children “…if you don’t go somewhere and sit down,” right before attempting to beat them within an inch of their lives.  With the prevalence of entertainment news programs and online celebrity gossip blogs; we tend to be inundated with the business of the rich and famous.  Much like a train wreck it’s hard to look away from it all, but at some point you get so annoyed with the foolishness, you have to say: “If Britney Spears don’t go somewhere and sit down…..”!  No worries, I am not going to say anything about her or her pregnant little sister in this post.  I am going to focus my attention on those more deserving of a little tight teeth talk. 


Bobby Brown:  Really Bob-bay…..it was Whitney that led you down the road of damnation?   I am not going to lie, I had “Being Bobby Brown” on my TiVO.  That tomfoolery was funny, and every time he didn’t get “noticed”, I laughed even louder.  In retrospect it was sad….but I digress.  For those that don’t know, he now has a tell-all book coming out.  (Do we really care what Bobby is about to tell?  He’s a liar, and a washed up has been with delusions of grandeur…I am heated that he’s gonna make the NYT Best Seller list before me!) In his version of the story he says Whitney married him to improve her image.  Come on now Bobby! No one is saying that Whitney was an angel, but if improving her image was her goal, the very LAST person she would have married would have been you!  Then he goes on to call Karrin Stephans a bad parent.  Now I am no fan of Supahead, but how many times have we seen Bobby get hauled into court over failure to pay child support?  Pot, meet kettle!  Now I’m begging….Bob-bay if you don’t go somewhere and SIT DOWN!!!!!


Remy Ma: Puhleeeze!  Let’s recall the incident where she shot her friend over about two thousand dollars this summer.  She was arrested, pleads not guilty, and tries to say it was an accident. I’m no member of the NRA, but getting into someone else’s car with your loaded gun and pointing it at them while you rummage through their purse does not an accident make!  She was found guilty of course, and is now being held until her sentencing at the end of the month.  In the mean time she has asked her fans to send letters of support to the judge expressing how Remy and her music has changed their lives.  Her hope is that the letters will encourage the judge to be more lenient when imposing her sentence.  I won’t lie, I was doing the “lean back” for a minute a few summers ago, but the whole notion of Remy changing lives….I’m not buying it, and the judge probably won’t either.  Then I hear she is planning jail house nuptials with her boo Papoose.  Now I’m begging….Remy if you don’t go somewhere and SIT DOWN!!!!


Jayonce:  Is it me or are these two the new Bennifer?  I am so over all of this cloak and dagger wedding talk.  If they did it, congrats!  If they didn’t, who cares?  I know he rocked Phillips Arena with Mary J the other night, so he’s alright with me, but for real for real, now I’m begging…..please Jayonce go somewhere and SIT DOWN.  Have some babies to dress in that God awful House of Dereon Creole mess!


Naomi Campbell:  In the words of my good friend Xi, I don’t give a rats a$$ what your excuse is! Even if you were carrying gold bullion in your bags….it is 2008 we DO NOT antagonize/threaten/physically assault anyone in the airport.  First of all, it’s called a “carry-on” because you carry it on, and thus should be held accountable for it’s whereabouts at all times.  I am no fan of the TSA and the security check point drama is enough to get anybody’s pressure up, but let’s use a little common sense Naomi.  Boo-boo, I don’t care how fierce you do it on the catwalk, they will toss you off a plane in a heartbeat for getting out of pocket with the wrong person.  Now I’m begging….Naomi take your short fused temper and go somewhere and SIT DOWN (preferably on an isolated island with no cell phones, assistants, or airport personnel until you learn how to act)!!!!


I know y’all thought I was gonna tiny tears you to death on this one, but I didn’t J   I’ve given you my list….now who are you begging to go somewhere and SIT DOWN????



April 9, 2008 - Posted by | Celebrity, Entertainment, Opinion


  1. Awh… but I loved “being Bobby Brown”. I watched every episode religiously. I t was nice to see someone else living a dysfunctional life, including Whitney, who really showed her true colors on that show. But I do agree, a tell all book is not the answer, Bobby. Although, I can’t promise you that I’m not gonna run out and buy the book. Sorry JC. Luv Xi’s quote “Rats a%$!”

    Comment by cant commit clover | April 10, 2008

  2. Now I’m begging Kelly Rowland and Solange Knowles if yall don’t go somewhere and sit down!!!! There is only one Beyonce (thank God) so you two can let it go. And if Kelly re-releases that damn CD one more time…..

    Comment by divastyles | April 10, 2008

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