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Work Foolishness

I work with a bunch of fruit loops.  These people have no social skills and if it wasn’t so socially unacceptable I would walk around squirting milk on this band of merry misfits! I know we all say we work with crazy people, but in my case it’s actually true.  Here is my question to you Epiphany, how do you deal with work foolishness?

Some things I can easily avoid.  They love a pot luck around here.  Not just any pot luck, it’s a pulled pork love affair up in this camp.  Be it a birthday, holiday, or vendor sponsored luncheon these fools will cream their panties over those barrels of pulled pork (with a side of Brunswick Stew)…YUCK.  I don’t eat pork when my mother makes it, so the likelihood of me fixing myself a plate piled high with the pulled pork that the aforementioned fruit loops have breathed all over is slim to none!  Ugh….and they stay scratching, and rubbing and I haven’t spotted a bottle of anti bacterial in anyone’s office but my own……but I digress.

The purpose of today’s blog is to open the dialogue about office foolishness, and how it should be dealt with. What do you do when you notice people move around the stuff on your desk while you are on vacation?  Granted it’s not your bedroom or anything, but don’t you deserve to return to neatness and order whenever you walk up to your desk?  So what if the new temp used your chair while you were on medical leave, does that give him the right to throw away all your sticky notes and paint his name on your inbox with multi-colored white out?

Sometimes when I am working from home, one of the squatters from our other building might need to use my office.  I’m cool with that so long as he/she leaves everything in its proper condition.  On my bulletin board there is a sign that reads: If you plan on utilizing this office (or anything in it) while I am away, please be sure to return EVERYTHING to the state in which you found it.  Including: The Docking Station, Keyboard, Mouse, and Telephone!!  Please also take your trash, crumbs, water bottles, coffee cups and papers with you when you depart and refrain from removing my sticky notes!  My sign works rather well.  Only in cases of true desperation will a squatter use my office, and trust and believe they all know better than to leave their used Styrofoam cups on my desk!

So I can maneuver the potlucks, I know how to handle those Messy Marvin’s that want to use my desk…..but there is still one situation where the foolishness tends to rise too high too fast and I find myself annoyed and malicious!  There is a NUT on my team (we can call him NFL for “nutty fruit loop”). He probably hunts wild pigs (to bring in for the potluck) on weekends. I think he’s ex military or something, but he’s a big bruiser with a half comb over half spiked hair do.  He’s a know it all type that does not know how to talk to people.  NFL works my last nerve, because he’s always LOUD and WRONG (terrible combination)!  He has half the people around here running scared because he likes to raise his voice and talk smart in meetings.  The rest of the fruit loops around here just gasp and walk away, but I’m from Jersey!  Rather than let that NFL get my pressure up, I sent out the right email using the right human resources buzz words (you know the ones: bullying, inappropriate, hostile work environment).  Let’s just say JerzeeChick has a free work from home pass for a minute!

Some people might disagree with my methods, but I had two options:

  1. Step to the NFL and look like the unprofessional black girl with my neck rolling and my fingers snapping.  I could have broke him down and let him know who he was messing with for real, but I do have an image to protect J
  2. Let the system work for me!

Now y’all already know I have mastered this Corporate Hustle thing so I am all for letting the system work for me!  Tell me Epiphany Blog….how do you handle work foolishness?



April 16, 2008 - Posted by | Laughter, Life


  1. I just moved to a new office to a newly forming organization to support the incoming president. I told my mom that this is group is just toooo silly for me. They laugh and joke and digress and get off track and it drives me nutts. Plus, that “other” humor is just something that you have to learn. On top of that “other” humor…there’s the “queen’s lingo” going on in here and so….the workplace foolishness is at an all time high in this unit…not sure how imma make it until the inauguration…lol!

    Comment by MikBaby | April 17, 2008

  2. Use your work from home pass and continue let the rest of them “work scared”. Remember to always document and let the system work for you. My experience is those people always end up in the same spot, right where you left them. So don’t let them make you show your “side”.

    Comment by Venom | April 17, 2008

  3. Yes, I would agree being from Jersey does give us the backbone to deal with work place fools. But more than protecting your image, it’s all about protecting your peace of mind.

    I treat work place fools, like bad children, ignore them, don’t feed them and don’t feed in and they will eventually go away. So times ignoring them can be challenging. But if you have a life, a job to do and a ipod full of great tunes it’s a start.

    Finally, you have to remember that workplace foolishness is a direct result of a bad childhood, poor parenting, or a miserable home life. So take the high road and be like Mr. Tee “I petty the fool”!

    Comment by Fiona | April 17, 2008

  4. I agree with the others, just ignore him, after all he is a grown up baby, like most men. Don’t let those little crumbs mess with your job. Remember it is just a job that pays money to pay the bills. Don’t make it your 2nd home.
    As for the workspace, the same, it is not your room or your living room. You can put all your stickies in a Folder into the drawer, leave your desk clean as if nobody works there. When you come back just take your Lysol wipes out of the other drawer and wipe everything. Some people don’t pay attention to the notes and some just do the opposite of what you asked for, just for the heck of it. Leave it to the Universe to deal with them. You have your own issues and plans in life, don’t let the fruit loops or NFL mess with your master plan. You are just passing by. Remember, look at the big picture your real life, your real plans, your real you. You were lucky a couple of years to have me as a co-worker (also pluggy), we handle those looneys really well, by making fun of them and making up names and stuff. It doesn’t matter were you come from, what matters is where are you going to, and it is not going to be your office or actual job. You have bigger plans, you will not even remember the fruit loops or NFL. Forget about it. And yes, let the system work for you. Stay working from home as much as you can. Cheers! Today is Thursday, Pre-Sexy Social Thursday!

    Comment by La Diva Loca | April 17, 2008

  5. I’m experiencing the same as MikBaby…just moved 2 a new dept and the playing & joking is a constant all day thing here. This is why they work 10-12 hours a day. They’ve advised me I can’t b part of the circle b/cz of my hours. I adv them, I work smart. I play when time permits but get my work done within 9 hours. It’s irritating as heck to have Management coordinate this way. Anyhoot, I too document everything 4 day the storm comes!

    Comment by JerzeeCook | April 18, 2008

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