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If I Could…..

I am sure many of you received the “close your eyes/you’ll like this” email this week. It’s a power point slide show filled with all the things we used to do. It talks about your mom yelling for you from the front porch and catching lightening bugs in the summer. It talked about the days of popsicles that had 2 sticks so you could break it in half and share with a friend. It mentioned Red Rover and Mother May I. There was even a little eeny-meeny-miny-mo! 

            If you’ve seen the email you can attest to how cute it is and I’m sure the nostalgic moment made your day. I pretty much smiled as I watched the slide show because it brought back so many good memories. In a world where gas is $3.55 a gallon, where tiny tears has no concept of “bowing out gracefully” and it took Star Jones how many years to see the light…..that little email slide show was right on time!

            I started thinking about those good old days and wondering what it would be like to go back. I wouldn’t want to alter anything just maybe spend a few days as my former self. So my question this week simple if you could re-live a period in your life, what would it be and why?

            I wouldn’t go back to elementary school. Don’t get me wrong playing hide and seek was fun but I’d rather go back to something a little more substantial.  Those transition periods in my life when I was moving from one thing to another for some reason hold particular significance to me. The summers of 1995 and 1996 were fun!  I was pretty much carefree. I could take I-95 to the turnpike whenever I needed to go home, and those were the summers of some of the best hip hop mix tapes ever created. (I still have my DJ Clue mix tapes somewhere around my house)!  *pauses to play the Get Money remix*

            If I knew then what I know now, I might have studied in college a little more, or maybe been a computer science major.  If I could go back, I wouldn’t have signed up for that first credit card freshman year!  The last thing I needed was ANOTHER squeegee bottle in my dorm room, and that first credit card was a slippery slope for me. Like most of us at that age, I had no concept of interest rates, credit reports, and late fees…..nor did I fathom how persistent those credit card people could be when you didn’t pay on time!

            If I went back even further, I might want to visit the summer of 91.  That was the break between high school and college when I was counting down the days until I left for school, but enjoying every minute of summer league basketball.  I am not sure where you all are originally from, but in my part of Jersey, summer league basketball was IT in the summer.  We had all the “all-stars” from Scott and Essex Catholic.  Those Seton Hall Prep boys could ball, and Orange High represented too.  Sometimes we would go down to the “hole” to watch the games, but most of my summer evenings were spent in parks or high schools in East Orange and Orange, watching the homies compete!  We’d watch several games, and then walk home (or jump on the New Jersey Transit bus).  Some nights I’d be lucky and get a ride home after a detour to Applegate Farms, but regardless, there was no better past time for us than watching summer league basketball games. 

            Will kids growing up now have those memories in seventeen years?  If the right club song came on right now I could do the “give it up” or “stolen car” all night, but will kids really be repping Soulja Boy in the year 2025?  How many of us are really going to want to lean with it and rock with it twenty years from now?  I know our parents probably said the same thing about hip hop back in the day as they did the “jerk” and “shot gun”, but I think we can all agree Slick Rick/Dougie Fresh/Boogie Down Productions/P.E./New Edition et al have stood the test of time!  Those artists created the soundtrack to our lives, and when we reminisce, often times it’s the music that makes us smile even bigger.  *pauses to do the wop*

            Okay Epiphany back to my original question….if you could go back in time where would you go and why?  I’d like to think I wouldn’t change anything, because ultimately all those experiences brought me to where I am today, but would you change your own history if you could?


 PS: Many apologies for missing the Wednesday Wind-UP this week.  The “NFL” drama kind of threw me off track.  At any rate, this song never released a video, but I thought it was worth a listen…



















April 23, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Old School, Society, Wednesday Wind-UP


  1. I want to go back to the days, when I was the youngest of five children. A 4 yr old with to afro puffs and rabbit teeth. My mom would carry me on her hip, my dad would pick me up from daycare in his post officr uniform. He would always take me to get an icee on the way home, and let me sit on his lap and streer the wheel in our stationwagon. I thought I was doing something. As an adult I dread driving and take Marta every chance I get. (Isn’t that funny)

    Breakfast and dinner were always on the table everday. I never had to worry about grocery shopping, cooking, where the money would come from, who would pay the bills, where I would get school clothes from. I was too young to have homework ( so no pressure there). Summer vacation was spent on road trips to visit family in other states (I didn’t have to be concerned with the price of gas)… I didn’t have a clue what being a responsible adult was.

    My older sisters and brothers would spoil me and we’d play hop skotch, red light/green light, jack stones. We all got our hair pressed and new outfits for Easter.

    Bottom line, I never new how great it was to be an innocent child, totally unaware of all the things that tend to stress adults out. The only thing I can think of that I didn’t like about being a child was having to take naps and having to go to bed early, little did I know that as an adult, with the hustle and bustle of life, I long for midday naps and wish to God I could go to bed early

    Give me life back before there was stress, work, heart ache, relationships, etc. At least until I get in trouble, and get threatened a whooping. HaHa!

    Comment by cant commit clover | April 24, 2008

  2. I don’t think I would want to go back in time forever, maybe just visit it every now and then. I remember having so much fun. But the one negative, I was BROKE. A BROKE college student and I hated that even more.

    The Lone Wolf

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | April 24, 2008

  3. Ahhh…

    Don’t forget about hopscotch and double dutch. Roll call when the street lights came on.

    Cross colors were the clothes with no boundaries and it was cool to have A-symmetrical hair cuts.

    Those were the days that made us…

    Comment by Venom | April 24, 2008

  4. Oh no you didn’t play the Get Money remix JerzeeChick. I hate lil Kim but I will sing along with her on that song. Anyway to answer you question I would go back to my senior prom. I missed it the first time because my boyfriend didn’t want to go.

    Comment by divastyles | April 24, 2008

  5. I would go back to High School. High School was like a picnic to me. All fun, I took advantage of my IQ and finished in 2 years and spend the 3rd year (in Pto Rico, High School is 10,11 and 12th grade), well I spent my 3rd year taking charge of the Graduate Class Money ( I was the treasurer or accounting person). So it was my job to organized all events to get the money for our Prom and graduation parties. yes, we celebrate many parties that last year. Of course we have disco parties ( at real clubs)almost every week, for the purpose of make money and party. Also I was a member of a group called Business Junior something, and we met one night a week for a few months to create, promote and sell a product as a mini company. The rest of the nights we were out in the beach drinking and more party. I did not have to get up early anyway, as I only have a couple of real subjects (advanced math and spanish literature). I had the time of my life in High School, had my 1st real boyfriend, was in the Drama Club, experienced pre college life.
    The second time I would like to go back to college, that was when I went away from Home for good and was on my own. I had to get my own scholarship and a job to afford the dorm and food. There were times when food was only once a day, but party was every night and every weekend I got to go away with my friends to visit their hometowns and party their way. When it was my turn to bring them to my home town, that was a lot of fun also. There are a lot of memories I would like to remember, I know they are there, I just blackout, too much to drink and party. I still have to go to work during the day, as I got my 1st real job at a bank my second semester in college, but my schedule was very wide. Work from 8 to 5, school from 6 to 10 and party from 10 to 3 or 4, then a few hours to sleep and keep going. That is why God gives us so much energy when we are in our 20’s, and the resistance to alcohol and party and work and all the extras, including college, you just have to take advantage of it all. I know i did. Chau.

    Comment by La Diva Loca | April 24, 2008

  6. WOW, I would definitely go back 2 rite after high school. It was a blast, hug out ALL the time & enjoyed sports & friends. OMG, I remember we used to wait 4 Lauren to leave FedEx so we could go to Cheetah’s n Paterson. We would hit Charades, Peppermint, Brokers, Cosmos & the GARAGE – OMG. Wonder Y I’m so tired. Doing my size 10, okay – maybe a 12 (LMAO) and loving every bit of it. As for the dances, I’m still doing ours. See me at a cook-out or party, ha,ha,ha. I didn’t see the email but thanks 4 taking me back, I’m definitely sitting here smiling and thinking…

    Comment by JerzeeCook | April 24, 2008

  7. I would like to go back to the days when I was ten to twelve years old. I will not give you the date so I will not age myself. I grew up in East Orange on a block that was one block long. Everybody knew each other from one end of the block to the other. All of the kids on the block were very tight. We were reminiscent of The Little Rascals. We put on talent shows in our back yards and our parents help set the stages and lights and costumes. We were the Supremes, James Brown and the Temptations to name a few…(oops am I aging myself?). We made homemade go carts out of anything that had wheels and was left unattended..baby carriages, roller skates, skate boards. We raced them up and down the street and our parents were the judges. We had water balloon fights that lasted the entire weekend. We got up on Saturday morning and filled the bathtub with them. Anyone walking down the street was a target. And in the winter when it really snowed, we would get 10 – 12 inches overnight. We got up and made snow forts in every front yard and had snowball wars all day. We would stay outside until we couldn’t feel our hands or feet. Those were the days if you left a ball outside when you went in for the night it was still there when you went out in the morning. I would like to take some of the kids from today back so they could see what good clean fun was all about. No video games, no cell phones, no computers…you just needed to go outside to get in touch with your friends.

    Comment by Miss Linda | April 25, 2008

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