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What Happened to Customer Service?

Am I the only person that will stop patronizing an establishment because they can’t seem to get it right? I am over the fact that people no longer say please and thank you, but I still struggle with the fact that customer service is not what it used to be.  Let me apologize in advance to anyone I might offend with this post.  Unfortunately I think this needs to be said so feel free to ROAST me in the comments section!

            I hate Wal-Mart.  The layout is not aesthetically pleasing.  There are never enough registers open, and I often see too many children running loose as if they just got dropped there as part of some type of field trip.  You might call me a retail snob, but something about buying paint, panties, and a pork roast from the same store just doesn’t sit well with me.  On the flip side I’ve seen some very cute things come out of Target, so I guess I am a Wal-Mart snob…..with good reason!

            I had the misfortune of being in a Wal-Mart on Saturday night (because Target was already closed).  I was with a friend picking up rings to hang window treatments.  We had a total of seven items.  You would think it would be a quick in and out for only seven items. *rolls eyes*

            Of the thirty available registers, there were only six actual cashiers working.  As is always the case with Wal-Mart, the seniors were at the doors patting people down as they left.  Here is my problem with that: I am all for giving jobs to the elderly, but can we let them do something that might get me out of the store faster?  All that stopping to count items is for the birds!  Put Grandpa on the register, or let him help Shanequa bag the items.  No offense to anyone reading this blog, but generally I tend to assign a very ghetto name to someone I see exhibiting ghetto behavior. (Again feel free to roast me when I’m through)!   

So I am in a ridiculously long line watching packs of Boomquisha’s stroll in with their neck tattoo’s and bad weaves.  No offense to people with neck tattoos, but those wearing bad hair weaves……you get no mercy.  The fact that I am on the 20 items or less line is apparently of no consequence to people in front of me with their loaded carts.  My neck is getting hot as I stand there because I’m so disgusted.  I can not believe it’s this crowded, and there are only six registers open. 

            It was like being on one of those hidden camera shows.  I just knew someone was going to pop out at any moment and tell me this was all a very bad joke….NO SUCH LUCK!  Boomquisha in front of me had a little boy spazzing out over some chips.  She thought his dancing and throwing up gang signs was cute until he started acting like he was possessed.

            I was two seconds away from dropping those stupid ring hooks on the floor and leaving when I spotted another register opening.  I maneuvered around the 3 B’s in front of me (Boomquisha 1 with the asymmetrical blue and black bad weave, her home girl Boomquisha 2 who also had a bad asymmetrical weave except hers was dyed the color of cherry Kool-Aide in the front, and Boomquisha 3 with the bad honey blond asymmetrical weave. Boomquisha 3 was so pressed to get another pair of those camouflage cargo pants out of Wal-Mart, she left her son in the cart while she ran back to find another pair.)  Sweet Jesus be Child Protective Services or the weave police or somebody to do a raid at the Walmart on Old National!  My pressure was up for about twenty minutes after I left that store.  I am not even going to tell y’all about the horror of customer service when I had to go back three days later to return those stupid rings.  I’m sure some people might think I am going overboard and Wal-Mart is not that bad, but y’all can have it.  It’s Tar-Jay (translation: Target), all day every day over here!

            Wal-Mart isn’t my biggest issue.  I think overall the atmosphere at Wal-Mart is a direct result of our society’s lack of good customer service.  I was a college student.  I worked the dumb campus jobs, but in everything we were told to be professional.  What happened to the professional personable employee?  If you don’t want to smile and be polite……get another job!  It is not my fault you are stuck on fries.  It is not my fault your manager scheduled you to close every Saturday this month, and it is not my fault your cousin forgot to pick up that jet black Yaki and thus your weave STILL looks a hot mess!  I just need you tell me where the box cutters are….and if you don’t know ASK SOMEBODY!

            Yes, another issue with poor customer services is the person that is content to say “I don’t know”.  WHAT?!?!?!?!?  “You don’t know and…..”  How does a person, at their place of employment, tell a customer they don’t know the answer to a question and then begin to walk away as if that was a suitable exchange of information?  I’m sorry, but that kind of mess never happens at Neiman’s!   Trust and believe if I ask a question at the Gucci store they are falling over themselves trying to get me a suitable answer. 

            I was in an electronics store yesterday looking for a certain type of camcorder.  I was in the camera section and my natural assumption was the person in cameras would be well versed in the products he was selling.  Unfortunately he was more concerned with my friends Gucci sneakers and getting to Miami for the weekend than giving me accurate information.   He had the nerve to tell me a particular video camera did not take still photos.  When I pointed out the sign right next to the camera that was marked “Digital Photo Capable” he just said “oh”.   I then asked him how many mega-pixels another camera had and he said he didn’t know.  I asked him to show me the box to which he replied “the box is all the way in the warehouse”.  Excuse me?  I guess he was still too consumed with getting to Miami and trying to cop some Gucci sneakers.  I had someplace else to be so I didn’t go into my usual “I need to see your manager” speech.  I politely walked out of the store shaking my head. 

            The list of places that can’t get my money is growing exponentially.  I can’t make them provide good customer service, but I can categorically refuse to give them any of my money.  So for those that are still reading, feel free decimate me for all the stereotypes I exploited in this post, but also tell me how you handle bad customer service!



May 21, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Opinion, Society


  1. I have been known to leave a cart full of groceries right at the front of the store. I understand sometimes it gets a little crowded at certain times of the day but when I see fifty eleven teenagers standing around trying to flirt with eachother while the lines grow and grow I will grab my purse just as nice and stroll right out the door leaving my full cart to hold my place in line!

    Comment by divastyles | May 22, 2008

  2. I had my bad experience with Wal-mart (on Old National too) last Sunday. Not to mention their grocery department smells! I have left carts and spoke to the management but it didn’t help. Electronics is a joke, the workers usually playing the latest games or burning cds on the computer…saw that too! I guess you get what you pay for and I have decided I am worth more than how they treat me.

    Comment by Venom | May 22, 2008

  3. I LOVE WAL-MART, my customer service remedy is to drive a bit further to get the services I deserve, sometimes the prices are a bit cheaper in the nicer neighborhoods, the stores are immaculate.–this is why I don’t shop where your people work! Tarjay is overated with their expensive a$$. BTW my mother’s middle name is Boomquisha. Also, I have to wonder, do u actually like children. There is always a NEGATIVE comement–from BAM-BAM to Spaz, U r a SNOB. Enjoy the long weekend.

    Comment by Irving on the Crest | May 23, 2008

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