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Too Many Oldies…

Calgon take me away from this mess that is the Democratic Primary. It has become painfully obvious that there is no end in sight and Hillary will do just about anything to win. Before I get hit with a barrage of “leave Hillary alone” comments let me be clear…..I am not beating up on her this time.  She can march around with Hillary in ’08 signs ’til November for all I care!  She can do the running man across the stage at the Democratic Convention and I wouldn’t bat an eye.  Initially I was annoyed because she wouldn’t bow out gracefully, but now I get it. Hillary Clinton has been listening to too many oldies but goodies! 

I know you have to remember that Woman to Woman song by Shirley Brown.  Not sure of the year, but she calls the lady that her man is sleeping with and more or less begs the woman to leave her man alone.  In true desperate form she goes on about how she buys all his clothes, his food, and pays for his car. Sidebar: if you are doing all of that and he still has the nerve to cheat I say get rid of him and throw all his crap in a dumpster!

Poor Shirley Brown! She feels that man is hers, ALL HERS, and will step to anyone that tries to take him: “Woman to woman can’t you see where I’m coming from. Woman to woman ain’t that the same thing you would’ve done.  Woman to woman, now should I just step aside and let her take what’s rightfully mine?”  Enter Hillary Clinton…..

The presidency is like her man y’all and she is not giving it up!  While it wouldn’t be me, I guess I can respect her hustle.  Like Shirley Brown she put all her eggs in that basket, and she is not going to just step aside and let Barbara (or in this case Barack Obama) glide in and take what she thinks is hers!

The rest of us non Hillary supporters are like two of the Jones Sisters (I Just Love the Man by the Jones Girls).  Brenda and Valerie tried to tell their sister to dump her man.  They thought he was no good, and the relationship was a hot mess.  Enter Hillary Clinton….oops I mean Shirley Jones.  She was not trying to hear that mess either!  She said: “I just love the man, and I don’t care what you say”.  She broke her sisters DOWN when she said “He’s my inspiration, and no one will ever understand our relation.”  That has to be some serious love when you are “inspired” by a no good man! 

Herein lies the obvious problem.  We (those of us that want Hillary out of the race) are like Valerie and Brenda.  We never took the time to understand why she didn’t just drop out, but I guess it’s like a woman holding on to a trifling man.  No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors.  When Hillary was in the White House back in the nineties, I’m sure she was going THOUGH IT with Bill, and her shot at being top dog was all she had to hold on to.  So, much like Shirley Brown and Shirley Jones…..she is not giving up on that man that she thinks is hers!  Even when Brenda Jones threw Mama into the mix Shirley said: “…cause when I’m down he’s the one, that makes me feel way down deep inside.  He keeps me going.  He keeps me alive”.   

Having said all that, the fact of the matter is Hillary is here to stay.  She’ll continue to make silly statements (RFK assassination) and jockey for position (how exactly she can say she’s ahead in the popular vote is a little beyond me).  She’ll hold rally’s and use past electoral mishaps to her advantage (I hate it for the people in Michigan and Florida, but how can you in good conscious count the votes in a state where all the candidates names did not appear on the ballot).  Sadly, I don’t think the final primary next week is going to bring us any closer to this mess being over.  Even though we have super delegates, commentators and political elite coming out of the wood work telling her to quit, she and Bill are gonna ride this one until the wheels fall off.  Sweet Jesus be a Teddy Pendergrass song on Hillary’s I-pod!

In the mean time, my eyes have been opened to Hillary’s plight. Some people just can’t take a hint.  She’s not the first, and she won’t be the last so I’ll just sigh, shake my head, and wait for those Teddy Pendergrass lyrics to hit home for her.  “…told myself time and time again, this time I’m gonna win.  But another fight, things ain’t right, I’m losing again.  Takes a fool to lose twice and start all over again.  Think I’d better let it go.  Looks like another love T.K.O……”



P.S. For those that might be fans of The Jones Girls…..enjoy!








May 28, 2008 - Posted by | Old School, Opinion, Politics


  1. As if Hilary doing the running man wasn’t funny enough, I damn near spit my coffee all over my keyboard when I played the song and got a visual of Hilary do-wopping in a big Afro with a pair of big earrings a bunch of gold bangles and one of those dresses Mrs. Roper used to wear.

    Thanks jerzeechick, you owe me 4.50 for the mint mocha chip frappuchino I just wasted – LOL

    Comment by divastyles | May 29, 2008

  2. Ok, why you had to bring up the oldies…you know some have been Shirley Brown, a time or too. I think I found a new respect for Hillary. NOT! She need to quit but putting it in those terms, she got it bad.

    Comment by Venom | May 29, 2008

  3. Can’t hate a girl for trying. She & bill feel a sense of entitlement and thats the bottom line. As for oldie but goodies–i think about that song–ain’t no stopping us now–EXTENDED VERSION (Risco Connection/Joe Gibbs); because that is exactly what is happening. She is funny!

    Comment by Irving on the Crest | May 31, 2008

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