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Should He Or Shouldn’t He????

Well it has happened.  We have seen history made in our lifetime. Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States *pauses to do the Cabbage Patch*!  I have been a supporter of Obama since before he made his candidacy known, and ever since he threw his hat in the race I have been an Obama Mama (I have the t-shirt to prove it).

While the historical fact of him being the first black man to ever make it this far is not lost on me, I think it is about more than just him being black.  Jesse was black.  Al was black….but Barack is different.  He represents the change that we all want and need in this country!  He came along at a time when we needed something…and apparently that something was not a Clinton.  I know party insiders are going to put the screws to him to make it a joint ticket, but my question this week is: Should he or shouldn’t he?????

If the tables were turned I do not believe Hillary or anyone else would be beating down Barack’s door to unify.  The Clinton machine pretty much believed they had the black vote all sewn up, so she probably wouldn’t need Barack.  Well well well how the mighty have fallen.  Deep in debt, with no real cause to fundraise…what is Tiny Tears to do?  Oh yeah that’s right, talk up her willingness to take the VP spot in order to help unify the party *gags*. 

Yet and still she hasn’t conceded?  Seriously though, that’s tantamount to the Patriots staying on the field after the Giants won the Super Bowl.  Time runs out, Eli and Strahan are jumping around and posing for pictures but Tom Brady has his team in a huddle…..Who does that??????  Trophies are being handed out and confetti is flying but Brady throws a long pass to Randy Moss. Tiny Tears, get a grip and give a concession speech.  Enough Already!!!!! 

Only in this country would they ask a black man to:

1. Defend the church he is a member of, but attends scantily at times. 

2. Explain his spouse’s comments (Did anyone ever make Hillary explain away some of that mess Bill said).

3. Explain his failure to wear a flag pen (Talk about petty!  They needed to be on Hillary for those stiff pant suits.  I was about tired of seeing those on the campaign trail FOR REAL)! 

4. And they would only ask a black man to come out and join forces with his arch-nemesis! 

            Speaking of only a black man……If Bob Johnson does not take his rusty behind someplace and sit down!  Who told him he had any credibility with Obama or his supporters?  Bob Johnson, the great mind that gave us BET: Uncut, can’t recommend a good restaurant to me let alone a VP!

I don’t know Epiphany Blog, should he or shouldn’t he?  For those of us that voted for him, will he lose support if he joins up with Hillary?  I am not taking anything away from her, and she might actually be an asset, but is it worth it?  In my opinion it’s the fundamental disrespect that her failure to just concede shows that should ex her off the list.  I am so tired of all this “unify the party” talk too.  If she had stepped down weeks ago there would be no need to unify!!!!! Does he really need her on the ticket to win, or does selecting her make him look weak and guarantee a loss in November?  In looking at all the possible candidates out there, who would make a good Vice President for Barack Obama?



June 4, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion, Politics, Society


  1. Did Obama Win becuse of the caucuses if thy had been primaries would He had lost like in some of the other states and why did His numbers slip so bad with older people in the last of primaries?
    Concede Why Should She and if so
    Are You sure its Friday is It, and the presidential race is no longer about voters are You 100% sure shes gone, did you check thy said that about McCain he was gone dead remember,
    Barack Obama and Bill Ayers
    This is not just guilt-by-association This man may be up to his old rong doing again and He will do just what He wants to see Obama in Office.
    Did The Caucuses get over run and jacked up by new stundents voters and war protesters mobilized by the ’60s radical and University of Illinois professor Bill Ayers is He up to the same crossing all lines and even herting Americans to get his point across again?
    Did He help galvinized the large student involment in Obamas team the ones jacked up the caucuses?.

    Comment by anthonytampafl | June 4, 2008

  2. I see we have a Hillary fanATIC on the blog today. Well Jerzee I will stay on topic and say he should not select her. He will look like he got punked and Billary will get exactly what they wanted…..a trip
    back to the White House. Unfortunately she is playing this perfectly. She gets all her peeps to try to force his hand. If he doesn’t go along then he loses all her support. Why the black man always gotta go along to get along??????
    And speaking of Black man what in the hell is Bob Johnson smoking? Go find a young girl on a stripper pole to exploit and stay out of grown folks business Bob Johnson!!!!

    What about Al Gore for the VP?

    Comment by divastyles | June 5, 2008

  3. Go Obama!!!

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | June 5, 2008

  4. Saturday Hillary will announce she is “suspending” her campaign. Did you know that “suspending” her campaign doesn’t mean the same as “withdrawing”. By suspending her campaign she does not release her state elected delegates. They cannot vote for Barack at the convention. What’s that all about? She could still try to pull a move later on. So she still is not entirely in Barack’s corner.

    What does Barack do now? Does he offer her the VP or not? She brings a lot of supporters and votes to his camp if he does. Many of her supporters say they won’t vote for him if she is not on the ticket even if she campaigns for him. Can he afford to loose even a quarter of her 18 million votes? But if Hillary accepts an offer of VP from him she comes with Bill. Is she going to bargain for a position for Bill? Barack may have to throw him a bone in his Cabinet. What do you do with him when you know he hates you and he has a short fuse? Can Barack control him?

    If Barack brings the twoof them into his fold he better hire a food taster!!! I know that is so unChristian like to say that but I don’t trust them.

    I think an awesome team would be Barack and Edwards!

    Comment by Miss Linda | June 5, 2008

  5. What should Barack do? I am so afraid–what kind of trickery are they dealing with–if you don’t pick me I won’t be your friend, is this elementary school. Interesting point made about suspending verses withdrawing–such a sore loser. Also, has she even congratulated him–but she is open to VP (are you asking me or telling me), give me a break. I feel like even as VP she would be bitter and in for the sabatoge. He should take the best representative–not quite convinced as to who that should be. How about Michelle–didn’t she look cute?

    Comment by Irving on the Crest | June 5, 2008

  6. It makes me so mad, everytime WE win something THEY expect us to share our victory, it reminds me of the show,” The Apprentice” when the black guy won they asked him would he be willing to share it with the young white girl who was the runner up, I’m so glad he said,”NO”. I really hope Barack does not ask Hillary to be the VP..I agree with the other reader, he will need a food taster!!!! He should not be strong armed into choosing anyone he doesn’t want.

    Comment by Pam | June 5, 2008

  7. Jerzee,

    Great Article!!!! I love it when you are political. I know for Black people there are a lot of emotions tied to this “Race for the White House” For the first time in our history we see an opportunity for a minority to run the country. It is an exciting time. Tuesday night was full circle from the segregated politics of 45 years ago. I prayed for my grandparents who worked diligently to get Jimmy Carter elected in the South. I prayed for my father who became the first Black commissioner of the rural west Georgia county I was born in. I prayed for my daughter, who was born on August 6th, which was a pivotal day for Africans in America and our right to vote. I named her Ayanna Hadiyah which means beautiful gift, no coincident!!!

    I knew Barack was a special man when I saw him in 2004 parading around with Andre Benjamen trying to get Kerry elected. He was calm, collected, very put together and extremely sharp. It was written then, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi gave Barack the head nod for the next Democratic Superstar in the making. I was so obvious in 2004 that Dems were going to push Barack to the front. Many Americans were still caught up in the Hillary charade, but if you go back to articles, videos and sound bites, you too will see the writing on the wall.

    So Tuesday June 3rd, 2008, Hillary could not have been so delusional that Barack would clinch the nomination. She and Bill felt that the old guard would rally around the political monstrosity they have created. If it still was not obvious she should have gotten a wake up call with the Kennedy endorsement. I’m not talking Teddy, I mean the entire damn family.

    So in the long form to answer you question, aside from the issues, a side from the emotions, a side from her 18 million votes, aside from her $20 million in campaign debt, Barack will not take her as a vice president.

    He runs the risk of losing the entire base.

    As for Uncle Bob Johnson, well we all know how I just love that dude!!! LoL!!! I will be nice today!!!

    Also, someone call Charlie Rangle and remind him of is ethnicity.

    BTW, I am a conservative Libertarian who thinks the Dems are far left of my beliefs and I am voting for Barack just because he is Black.


    Comment by Cleopheus Williams | June 5, 2008

  8. Just as an added note, Pundits and Bloggers got Barack a nomination. Continuing will only get him in the White House!!!


    Comment by Cleopheus Williams | June 5, 2008

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