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Are You Kidding Me???

The best part about having a blog is that once a week I am allowed to get up on my high horse and pontificate on a topic of my choosing.  I’ve been told my blogs are a little “girlie”, but I’m a girl so it’s to be expected.  I try to keep it light, but every now and then I have to vent.  So having said that…. Are you kidding me, re: R. Kelly.

How is it that this man still has a career?  To everyone out there that still enjoys listening to his music…..Are you kidding me?  To every DJ out there still spinning his records, and every artist still putting him on their tracks…..Are you kidding me?  How can anyone in good conscience still support this man’s career?  He’s a sick fool with some sort of God complex.  He was feeling himself so much that he had sex with minors (yes I put an “s” on the end of that word because we all know that girl was neither the first or last), and thought he would never get caught.

First of all, R. Kelly is not even all that cute. He stole Aaron Hall’s style (yeah, I said it). Yes he is talented, but from what I hear is ego is ridiculous.  The last few songs he’s written for himself have been garbage.  His collaborations are okay I guess, but who collaborates with a pedophile?  How do you knowingly associate with a man guilty of such atrocities (yes, a grown man peeing on a little girl can be considered an atrocity)! 

We’ve all seen the tape.  Or at the very least we know someone that knows someone that has seen the tape.  We know that is “Kell’s” all up and through that mess, but he has the nerve to use the defense of “it wasn’t me”.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????  He could have said he didn’t know the girl was underage…..still a lie, but much better than five years of the “it wasn’t me” defense.  I guess it just goes to show you how arrogant he really is. 

A witness testified last week about how she started having relations with R. Kelly when she was seventeen.  Apparently after several months of sleeping with him, she was invited to a ménage with “Kell’s” and the underage victim at the center of this current controversy.  Per this witness there were three encounters between herself, R. Kelly, and the underage victim.  Did I mention they were all recorded as well?  This man is sitting at the table day after day with the “it wasn’t me” defense.  He has let this mess drag on for five years knowing he had been getting his Francis Ford Coppola on in front of people other than the victim…. Are you kidding me?????  Then to add insult to injury he decides not to testify in his own defense.  What kind of man accused of rape/inappropriate sexual contact DOES NOT testify in his own defense…..a guilty one I guess! They need to throw him under the jail when this is all over!

I am not even going to talk about the scandal of him trying to buy his brother off, or the most recent hot mess-ness of him getting with the young daughter of his business associate.  While that girl was of age, it still screams inappropriate!  Ladies, can you imagine the fallout of dating a friend of your father’s when you were in college?  Are you kidding me…..what kind of man does that?  Like I said R. Kelly is obviously mental.  He is sick, and I pray he is found guilty and sent immediately to jail.  Men, help me out, let’s say you were accused of having sex with a minor and there was a video of said escapade.  If you knew you really did not do it….could you sit in a trial AND NOT defend yourself?

In the mean time, so many people are still supporting him and buying his music.  I heard a radio personality over the weekend say he “hopes R. Kelly can get out of this mess”.  Are you kidding me?????  Society is so quick to judge hip hop for the misogyny and violence in their lyrics, but at the end of the day we all know majority of rappers aren’t pedophiles.  We quickly boycott a song/artist because we deem something he sings about to be inappropriate, but what about R. Kelly.   His whole existence is inappropriate.  His lyrics might not be as bad, but his lifestyle sure is!     

People snap and sway to his music with no regard to the crimes WE ALL KNOW he has committed.  Are you kidding me?????  He topped the charts with I Believe I Can Fly.  Yeah he believes he can fly right over the criminal justice system.  To everyone still stepping in the name of love at the grown and sexy parties, and to everyone still buying his CD’s and going to his concerts……ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  Michael Vick was tossed in a federal prison with the quickness for dog fighting, but sex with minors apparently is a lot less repulsive to some.  Number 7 lost his job, and countless endorsements, but “R” was able to make fifty eleven Trapped In The Closet installments.    Is supporting R. Kelly any different than buying candy from the corner store of a known pedophile?  I know as a community we tend to be forgiving of the misdeeds of celebrities, but shouldn’t there at least be a little contrition on the part of R Kelly?



June 11, 2008 - Posted by | Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Opinion, Society


  1. The thing that pisses me off most is that we know his a$$ is guilty. Yet ig’nant a$$ black people have the nerve to say they are only going after R Kelly cause he’s black. WTF????? Should black men get a pass for doing nasty ish to minors on video? And doesn’t he have daughters? Where is his wife in all this. She better not be standing by his nasty a$$.

    Comment by divastyles | June 12, 2008

  2. If the man is quilty he deserve to be punish to the fullest of the law for doing derogatory things to that little girl. but he have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by the court of law not by people bias opinion and if you following the story then you should know that there is a whole lot of doubts to the story like if that was a minor in that Video how come the parents and family to the little girl in question said that is not there daughter in that Video, how come the girl didn’t come forward yet, the person that brought these alligation to the forefront is a ex singer of R-Kelly who Career came to a halt so my question is whats her motiff behind this if this was suppose to be a personal video how did it get out and whoever put it out how come they didn’t come forward yet and another thing that came out in court is that they say R-kelly has a mole on his back and the person in that video did not have a mole i’m not defending R Kelly in any way if that was a minor then he was dead wrong but there is no concrete evidence stating that to me if they don’t have the minor that was suppose to be involve then all i see is this another episode of trying to bring down a black entertainer thats on top and making money because the evedince just don’t add up in my eyes and my eyes are always wide open…

    Comment by JS | June 12, 2008

  3. It’s him, we all know this. I understand that the burden falls on the prosicution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt but I have a sinking feeling that those jurors were paid off, the whole thing is disgusting. Those who still buy and shake their ass to his music should be ashamed. Brace yourself for his new song about how he beat this lastest potential obstacle *sigh*

    Comment by Cruz Control | June 16, 2008

  4. After reading comment #2 I’m waiting for a, “Are you Kidding me?”..

    Don’t try to make it make sense, because it doesn’t. Him being acquitted, is ridiculous. Him being on the tape with the minor and saying it wasn’t him, again ridiculous. You expecting parents to come forth upset their daughter was on a tape, that they probably knew about years before, ridiculous.

    The concrete evidence is him on the video tape. Him bragging about it and making fun of it for years while waiting for his trial. No one is trying to bring down a black entertainer, because it’s not like he’s Prince. R&B wouldn’t die without R.Kelly.

    Comment by M. Anderson | June 22, 2008

  5. JerzeeChick, LOL.. you seemed to feel a little passionate about this topic from your tone but I hear you….
    R. Kelly paid his way out of a jail cell, I truly thought his days were numbered on this one but he beat it. I knew once the trial continued to be postponed that he had a good chance of being acquitted.There was no need for the minor to testify the tape clearly showed kell’s face upclose. The sad part is he will continue to prey on the young until he get jammed again but this time he will refrain from taping (maybe).
    Lastly, just because he was acquitted doesn’t mean he is innocent see OJ.

    Comment by Urban Royalty | July 13, 2008

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