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The Mic Is HOT…..

As I was writing last weeks blog, the news about Jesse Jackson’s slip of the tongue was just making headlines.  He was apologizing (translation: back pedaling).  His son was heated (translation: letting Jesse HAVE IT), and the anti Obama talk radio pundits were foaming at the mouth.  I decided not the blog about it only because I wanted to see how it played out.  For the record I think there is a little bit of haterade in Jesse’s glass these days.  It has to burn him up a little bit to see a man take the country by storm in a way that he never could. I heard him on the radio talking about how it was an unfortunate situation and how he apologized blah blah blah.  Barack accepted the apology, but wouldn’t you just love to get Michelle in a Hot Mic situation!!!!!  I know behind closed doors she was calling the good Reverend everything BUT a child of God, but I digress….    

I think we can all agree that behind closed doors we say some things that we would never want other people to hear.  It’s not that we don’t mean them, it’s just that we would hate for people to judge us by some of the things we really think!  When the microphone is off, and it’s just you and your boo, or you and your sister/brother/best friend you say things you’d never say to the masses.  If you’ve ever been on a three way call and forgot to disconnect the third party before saying “she is so phony, I can’t stand her” you know the horror of a hot mic!

Epiphany, lets take time out today to remove the horror of the hot mic.  Say those things you would never say in the team meeting, or those things you are even too embarrassed to admit in the barber shop.  I had a very rough week, and for real for real, I don’t care who judges me today!

I am sick and tired of people blaming the “system” for everything that goes wrong in our community.  Yes in some neighborhoods schools are bad, which is why we need to VOTE, and force our elected officials to be accountable.  Jesse said Obama goes into the Black Churches and talks down to the people.  Really?  What exactly is talking down JJ?  Telling men they need to be fathers is talking down?  Telling us to take more responsibility for ourselves and our community is talking down?  I guess a man that crept out on his wife, and got another chick knocked up would have a problem with a man talking about responsibility. 

We finally have a black man ready to speak truth to power and Jesse et al want to hate!  Obama is telling the truth.  We need to stop waiting for the government to save us (because it’s not gonna happen), and take advantage of everything out there to save ourselves!  Once Obama gets in office I am confident he will do everything in his power to make this a better America for ALL people, but everyone has to do their part.

As I continue on this Hot Mic, I want to say I am real sick and tired of people having/wanting to reject and repudiate other people’s comments.  Who started that trend?  Why are we flaunting our S.A.T. words….and since when did “I disagree” become passé?  Let me tell you what I reject and repudiate:

  • Girls in low rise jeans and granny panties…..I’d rather see your crack than the seams of your Hanes cotton briefs!
  • Poor Customer Service….if one more person in a name tag shrugs and tells me “I don’t know” as they walk away from me, there is gonna be some smoke in the city!
  • I categorically reject the notion of hard work being its own reward…..that’s some crap! 
  • Married men trying to holler……what part of the game is that?  I know there is segment of the female population that has no shame and will tap dance all over the sanctity of marriage, but that is not necessarily the norm.  Stop going up into the club spending your daycare and diaper money buying drinks!  And definitely stop trying to be Casanova on the email….that lameness wholly repudiated!
  • I reject, renounce AND repudiate all this mess passing as music today…..where is Maxwell when I need him?  “Sexy Can I” (Ray J) NO YOU CAN NOT!!!!!!  Can somebody hit D’Angelo and tell him to get in the studio QUICK!  The American Dream…not really!  Will Prince please come out and dance on this fools head in 5 inch heels and a do-rag!

So in spite of the hot mic, I said it, I meant it, and I’m here to represent it!  There will be no back pedal, and there will be no apology.  Your turn…..



July 16, 2008 - Posted by | News, Opinion, Politics


  1. I am sick of these single mothers bringing their bad ass kids into the hair/nail salon. You know you kid is ADHD, b!*ch get a sitter cause I’m tired if his little wild behind stepping on my toes!!!! Oops was my mic on–LOL

    Comment by divastyles | July 17, 2008

  2. I am sick and tired of us being “crabs in a barrel”…can we lift each other up. Don’t hate on mw because I am doing things I have been aspired to do. So why slander each other and start rumors. Learn how to send a business letter and appropriately address one another in an e-mail. Stop using it for meaningless forwards and gossip, show some class about yourself. You will be crying when the man lets you go for cutbacks! Let me hurry up and pass this mic before I cut loose…

    Comment by Venom | July 17, 2008

  3. i reject this fake ass mortgage crisis. you knew that ur ass was taking a risk when u took that mortgage and u should have asked some basic ass questions when u maxxed out on ur equity line of credit buying that new car. we well know what our income is so how u think ur gonna be able to pay double in five years? people need to be more fearful of financial ruin and go into big money deals with apprehension and not eyes wide shut because u just love that jacuzzi tub.

    Comment by MikBaby | July 17, 2008

  4. CCC on th MIC. JJ AKA Jesse, sit your behind down. As if you hadn’t lost all of my respect when u were creeping out preaching your sermons, and getting your groove on, in between sermons… mind you with noooooooooo protection, hence a child is born. Stop hating on Obama and claiming you were a confidant of DR MLK. If that were true, you should have known better. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

    We have it hard as it is, proving ourselves, having to go above and beyond… just to get an average grade/rating/job equal to others. You and the other “Rev slick back perm activist” pick and chose your battles very selectively, may I add.

    BUT! You picked the wrong one this time. Don’t let me, Michelle O, and the rest of the intelligent black, white, and red woman read you. TRUST! Now that would be a real debate.

    Spend more time with the wife and family you cheated on and lied to, and less time, on someone (Obama), who is more of a man than you will ever be.

    Black on black crime? How about Black on black envy. Throw in the towel. And if any n***s need to be cut off… let’s ask the “Mrs Jesse Jackson” who’s should be cut off. Now that would be a juicy story.

    “Sorry doesn’t cut it”. What a stupid move/statement on your part. You knew what you were doing and saying. Or did you? HMM, not as smart as we all thought. ALL REPSPECT LOST FOR THE REV JJ!!

    Comment by ccc | July 20, 2008

  5. Taxes, media without a slant,invasion of personal space,ability to carry heat openly to deter criminals,government bailouts that devalue the dollar, anti-capitalism, I’m sure we all have 16 bars for each issue.

    Comment by Mr. DeAngelo | July 20, 2008

  6. Forgot to shout out on the MIC early.

    “To all you married people out there, who still want to holla, and think it’s ok. Not all of us are so desperate, stupid, and are willing to just disrespect the union of marriage.” Ask yourself the question…”Why did I get married, if I still want to get mine on the side anyway?”

    $$$ and fame doesn’t get you everything in life. Especially not trust or true love. You all know what I’m talking about.

    Comment by ccc | July 20, 2008

  7. JC can I get my RJ CD back? You asked to borrow it last week and you haven’t returned yet. Don’t have me send collections!!!

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | August 5, 2008

  8. Jesse J is straight hatin! Hi Hater!

    Comment by Urban Royalty | August 26, 2008

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