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Play Your Cards Right

When playing spades, there is only one card that will always ALWAYS win you the book, and that is the big joker. All the aces can be cut and therefore beat by a spade and the little joker is still not at guaranteed winner especially if the person playing behind you is holding the big boy. That’s the thing about the big joker…not only will it always win you the book, but if played correctly it will cause the opposing team to lose a book.

Bill Clinton accused the Barack Obama campaign of playing the “race card”. The John McCain team made a similar accusation last week. Here is my first question: What exactly is the “race card”, and how can I use it to get a raise????  If you are black in America is there a “race card” to play in order to gain an advantage?  Again, if we go back to spades, this alleged “race card” is an ace of spades or little joker at best. If you work at a job where you are the only black person, your tardiness might be excused the day after the King Holiday if you mention you were up late at a March on Washington commemoration ceremony. That’s your little joker. It might work and it might not. Now if you come in late on a Monday morning and throw out your big joker i.e. say you were in that 5 car pile up on the turnpike everyone was talking about in the break room you win that book. If you are rocking crutches and a neck brace you also succeed in trumping everyone else on your team. A sick kid is a little joker, crutches and a neck brace…big joker every time!

So back to this race card…everyone knows the man is black and usually the thing about the winning card is no one sees it coming. Geraldine Ferraro said the only reason Obama got so far is because he’s black. It was suggested that his victory in the South Carolina primary was insignificant because the black people always win South Carolina.  His race has been made an issue all up and through this campaign (as evidenced by the number of independent polls that ask voters if they would elect/are ready for a black president). I’m gonna go out on a limb and say race is NOT Obama’s big joker in this campaign! All the news experts and political analyst say the Obama camp is stooping low by infusing race into the campaign…obviously they didn’t get the memo that he is a BLACK MAN. Race has always been IN this campaign!  

We are 90 days away from the election and about three weeks away from finding out who will be Obama’s running mate.  The ads released by the McCain camp are becoming more and more negative, while he dismisses them as humor.   Every word Obama says is being analyzed and every action dissected to be sure he is not over stepping his bounds.  

Neither candidate is going to “run a Boston” in this election.  There are thirteen books to be had, and as of right now it’s looking like Team Obama might be “Trump Tight”.  I lost $40 playing Cee-Lo last night, so I am not gambling today, but if I were I’d say this is most likely going to come down to the wire. At the very least Team McCain has the two of diamonds and probably one other trump card. Is Team Obama holding the Big Joker?  If so, what is it, and when should he throw it out there to “set” McCain?



August 7, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion, Politics, Race


  1. Always remember the big joker is only one book…let McCain have it and we will take the other 12…Just a thought.

    Comment by Venom Patton | August 7, 2008

  2. I think at the end on the day it’s about sportsmanship. Being an athlete makes me hate cheaters. Also being the Spade Grand Puba, I really relate to this post. I respect this election, because I feel like everyone is going hard. No Drama Obama, Tinny Tears and the lil arm snitch(I’ll give you all the battle plans if you let me go) all have played good hands. Who wants to run a Boston on people that can’t play? It’s better when your playing a player. I was excited to vote and it’s interesting to watch the daily events. Yes there have been a couple of low blows here in there, but it’s dog fight(Sorry PETA) and I love it. This is for the most powerful job in the World, so I would expect nothing less. If the the chick at your job that wants your promotions will cut your Ace of Clubs from the door, what do you think McClain will do to get in the Oval Office?

    Obama probably played a spades game or two in his day. See a true Spade player knows all the cards that have hit the table and by the rhythm of the game knows who has what in there hand. What most people don’t understand about Spades is that cheating is actually part of the game, it’s called a Renig. See I will Renig all day to win if your not watching, but if I’m playing an opponent that counts every book like me that’s not an option. Because it will blow up your face like, “Oh yeh homie let me see your second book because you cut my partners ace with your 4 of Spades, so give me my 3 books.” It’s kinda like this election, there has been some Reniggin’. But Obama has flipped it to books on his side. He’s watching the table. To win this Presidency, Obama just needs to stay out the hype and don’t over book. Your not the President yet, so be a lil more humble!!! He just needs to play his hand and make board and I think the job is his.

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | August 14, 2008

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