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An Olympic Year

I was not at all hyped about the Olympics this year.  Another four years had gone by, and I thought it would be the same ole same ole.  Then I bought in to the Michael Phelps hype.  Let me start by saying he deserved all the “hype” and anything else that might come along with eight gold medals.  Several weeks ago I wrote a blog about the “best to ever do it”.  We mentioned Jordan, Magic, Kobe, Walter Payton, and a few other stellar athletes.  Somehow we managed to “skip” all the Olympians.

In other countries, Olympic athletes are treated almost like royalty, but in America if you don’t have a multi million dollar shoe deal, are you any less deserving of the “hype”?  Some Olympic athletes do get endorsements, and there is usually a lot of name recognition during the time immediately surrounding that years Olympics, but by December, they usually fade back to obscurity for another four years…..but is that fair?

By all accounts most of these competitors do so for the love of the game.  When they train, there are no cameras.  Nike and Reebok normally don’t come knocking until they have a few “Golds” under their belts.  Often times these are kids that have been training to make it to this world stage since puberty.

The Olympics will be over soon, but there are some athletes that made the history books for sure: Usain Bolt (Track & Field), and Michael Phelps (Swimming) for starters! Their records might eventually get broken, but at least for right now, in this Olympic year, they truly ARE the best to ever do it!


August 20, 2008 - Posted by | Society, Sports


  1. Micheal Phelps gets my vote.

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | August 23, 2008

  2. Carl Lewis gets my vote 10 gold medals in track & field in 4 different events 100m, Long Jump, 200m and relay team. At one time he was the fastest man on land held the American and World records in addition to being a Jersey guy and yes I am biased.

    Comment by Urban Royalty | August 26, 2008

  3. Is male speed walking not the queerest sport you’ve ever seen?

    Comment by Mikbaby | September 2, 2008

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