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We Made History!!!!!

I didn’t grow up in a time where there were separate water fountains for “colored” and “white” people.  I didn’t attend a segregated school system, and I never had to enter a hotel through the kitchen.  Even though I grew up in a northern city in the seventies and eighties, I know racism is a reality and people of color still experience injustices on a daily basis.  Having said that, I wanted to take a moment to highlight this monumental moment in our history.

Many of us have supported Obama for months and to that end today he became the official Democratic Nominee.  We have a BLACK man as our nominee!  I did not ever think I would see this in my lifetime and I am so proud.  I have written countless blogs supporting Barack Obama, and like many of you I believed in him and his message of change.  I watched the nay-sayers and the haters come out and try to knock his hustle.  I watched Tiny Tears and that silly 3AM ad.  I watched as political pundits criticized Obama’s message.  I watched the media try to assassinate his wife’s character and play the man out as un-patriotic.  I look forward to the acceptance speech tomorrow, and I look forward to watching the Obama’s take their first pictures as the official First Family.  Barack and Michelle can represent for me any day!

There are seventy four days until the election.  We’ve already made history, but we can’t stop now.  Apathy can not longer be accepted in our communities.  Barack has shown the world that if you work hard and believe in yourself and your ability to make things happen, nothing is impossible.  Kids in the hood that think being a rapper or a ball player is as good as it gets now have another option.  The Huxtable legacy might be a thing of the past, but the Obama’s are truly the choice of a new generation!



August 27, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion, Politics

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  1. Dreams of My Father, should be required reading. Our Junior High and High School students need to know that this man, our future President, and leader of the free world could be their brother, their cousin, their best friend. Who doesn’t his story connect with? Life is about choices, we all need to acknowledge this and we need to encourage one another to make decisions that are beneficial to our communities and to our country. I don’t only have African American problems I have American problems. Barack is not just the right leader for African Americans, he is the right leader for America. I don’t know if I could be more proud if he were my own flesh and blood. We not only need to elect this man President we need to follow his lead and make choices in our own personal lives that make America a better place now and for generations to come.

    Comment by Mai Mai | August 28, 2008

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