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Sara Who?

Okay so I was supposed to wait until Thursday to blog….but I couldn’t resist.  Sara Who???  I refuse to watch the dog and pony show that will be the Republican National Convention.  We all know the Democrats already stole the proverbial show last week.  Michelle Obama gave an awesome speech.  Tiny Tears and Bill did what they needed to do and as expected Obama brought it home.  All was right with the world, and here come the Republicans.

We expected the Republicans to be desperate, and at the end the day nothing they do should surprise us….but Sara Who?  Relatively speaking I’m sure there were some decent VP candidates out there.  Does John McCain really think the Pantsuit Posse is so desperate they will vote for anyone with ta-ta’s?  After making such a big case about Obama’s experience, John McCain plucks a chick he spoke to TWICE?

For those that don’t know, Sara Who is the Governor of Alaska.  She is mid-way through her first term, and prior to that she was the mayor of a small town.  She has no foreign policy experience. She met John McCain one time a while back, and then John McCain called her last week to ask her if she wanted to be Vice President.   He ought to be ashamed of himself.  I had to go through a harder interview process when I applied for a seasonal job at Bloomingdales!

So what do we know about Sara.  Well, she is under investigation for trying to get her brother-in-law fired from his job.  I can’t knock her hustle though….if I felt my sister’s husband dogged her out, and I had a little pull, I might try to get him tossed from his job too…..but I’m not about to be Vice President.  Why on earth would McShame select a candidate already involved in a scandal?  Oh yeah, he’s trying to steal the Pantsuit Posse votes.  Now had Tiny Tears not been nursing her sour grapes for so long, her Traveling Pantsuit Posse wouldn’t be so much of a factor right now…but I digress.

What else do we know about Sara…she’s about to be a grandma.  Her seventeen-year-old daughter is pregnant and about to marry the “baby daddy”.  Far be it for me to judge her parenting skills, but if her kids are running wild do we really want her as second in command?  Let’s not kid ourselves, McShame isn’t getting any younger and if she couldn’t juggle running Alaska and her household what happens if she becomes top dog?

Regarding her policies and voting records, she was a proponent of “Abstinence Only” programs in public schools.  We see how well that one worked out for her.  Don’t get me wrong; the pregnant teenage daughter is sort of irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.  What is relevant is why John McShame would pick HER.  Sara Who????  I can’t believe the crazy right wing media is falling for this mess too!  Come on now….are you kidding me?????

Obama is going to win, so it doesn’t really matter, but I am slightly insulted that the Republican’s think so little of voters in this election.  This country is screaming for CHANGE and McShame picks a running mate that embodies all those old school Republican ideals that have been making us miserable since forever!   I just hope the Pantsuit Posse will come to their senses and realize this was just a ploy to steal their votes and a vote for McShame and Sara Who is a vote for Republican Mess.  When I saw the initial press conference announcing Sara Who as the running mate I was shocked and floored.  Five days later, you can add disgusted to the list.  So Epiphanyblog tell me….what’s your take on Sara Who?

September 2, 2008 Posted by | Opinion, Politics | 8 Comments