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Are You Smarter Than A VP?

With the increasing popularity of that show “Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader”, and this debacle that is the Republican ticket (McShame/Sara Who? to be precise), I came up with my own little version of a reality game show to get you all ready for the debates tonight.

1.    Can you name at least three cases that have been heard by the United States Supreme Court?
2.    Did you get a passport before you turned forty?
3.    Do you have foreign policy experience?
4.    Do you know how to make money on eBay?

Okay class pencils down, it’s time to go over the answers.  Remember the stakes are high here.  Your answers might get you a trip on Air Force Two.  You might be qualified to be the man (or woman) next to the man in charge of these great United States!

Question 1
During her most recent Katie Couric interview, Sara Who could not answer this question.  Of course she knew Roe v Wade, but after that she was speechless.  Hmm lets see, in Final Jeopardy, as that ridiculous doom-doom-doom-doom-doom-doom-doom music played I would have scribbled Roe v Wade, Brown v Board of Education, and New Jersey v TLO.  Then of course there’s the whole Guantanamo Bay thing that the Supreme Court had to rule on, and oh yeah the 2000 Presidential Election that George W stole.  I guess those things were all of no consequence to Sara Who since she once supported the Alaska Independence Party.  All that Supreme Court stuff is irrelevant when you want to form your own country, right?

Question 2
Most of us had been to Mexico, The Bahamas, or Jamaica at least once before we turned thirty….but international jet setting diva homebody fertile myrtle Sara Who was about forty three when she took her first international trip.  Gotta love a globe trotter!

Question 3
Let’s see….I’ve negotiated taxi rates at the airport in Paris.  I’ve convinced a man in India to sell me a bunch of pashmina’s for the low-low.  Seeing as Sara Who says her proximity to Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience, the fact that I survived dysentery in Mumbai should count for something!

Question 4
I have purchased a couple of things on eBay….for a COME UP! Sara Who bragged about unloading a plane on eBay.  She failed to mention that selling it on eBay at a substantial loss isn’t good business sense.

We watched Obama hold his own last week, and prove McShame would be an extension of the last eight years. The world will be watching the Vice Presidential Debates because Sara Who has one shot to convince everyone she’s qualified. I’m sure the speechwriters are prepping her at this very moment and I expect her to spout off a lot “canned” Republican jibber-jabber and avoid giving real answers.  She’ll double talk and repeat the same things over and over again.  Surely we’ll hear a lot of useless moose hunting facts sprinkled with the conservative party line.  She’s an expert at giving a non-answer and tomorrow will be no different.

Even though we know the only cabinet she should be a part of is the one in her kitchen, the Republicans have anointed her the savior of good old-fashioned American values.  Her smug tone makes their foolish hearts jump, and nit-wits like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh would love nothing more than to see McShame and Sara Who taking the oath of office in January.  So back to the game show…

Alright Epiphanyblog, now that you’ve evaluated your answers to my four questions…Are You Smarter Than a VP?


October 2, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion, Politics


  1. You’re right Jerzee. She does have a smug tone about her. And since when does forcing your knocked up teenage daughter to get married American values? This debate will be intersting and I hope Biden crushes her stupid unqualified a$$

    Comment by divastyles | October 2, 2008

  2. You insulted my intelligence with those questions! LOL You should give us something really hard…like how many states are represented in Congress….LOL

    Comment by Venom | October 2, 2008

  3. Someone needs to ask her why she spent 25 million dollars completing a gravel road known as the “Road to Nowhere????!!!! Yes, this road was constructed to take traffic to the “Bridge to Nowhere”. The road was constructed AFTER they killed the project for the Bridge to Nowhere. So Alaska now has a road that leads to the edge of the river where the bridge was suppose to connect to it. There are no homes in the area, no stores….just woods. And worst of all…they are paying a toll collector to sit at the beginning of the road to collect tolls…from WHO???? DAH!!!

    Comment by Miss Linda | October 2, 2008

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