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My Friends…Did you watch???

If I had a shot of tequila for everytime McShame said “my friends”, I’d be tore up right now…

So here we are again.  Another debate complete, and Obama is apparently exceeding everyone’s expectations.  I guess people thought the brother was going to get up there and act like he was auditioning for a season of “I Wanna Work for Diddy”.  They also thought McShame the “maverick” was going to get up there and talk circles around the black guy with the funny name.

I admit, after hearing the negative remarks from Sara Who and McShame over the past few days I was hoping Obama would get up there and flex a little bit.  Obama didn’t take the bait though.  He was cool and composed and stayed on his message during the entire debate.

McShame was another story!  Did you hear him refer to Obama as “that one”?  Talk about a condescending jerk!  McShame walked around that stage looking like a dinosaur at a funeral…with his little arms!  He was more Tyrannosaurus than Presedential if you ask me. It is obvious he has no respect for Obama.  As I learn more about McShame, I am even more convinced that he would be a dangerous President.  He’s a spoiled brat that can’t fathom not getting his way.  He wants to be President at any cost, and will smear Obama relentlessly if he thinks it will give him the keys to the White House.

My only fear at this point is, can we trust white people to do the right thing.  Can they look past the color of Obama’s skin, and vote for the candidate that will turn this country around?  Sara Who is becoming more and more unhinged with every apperance, and McShame is showing his true colors with each interview.  The choice is clear.  Eight is definitely enough, and I refuse to believe McShame can do anything but continue the status quo of Bush policies.  At this point the ONLY thing that is keeping McShame in this race is that fact that he’s a white man, and some people will gladly lose their jobs, homes, and sanity to keep a black man out of the white house!

I’m interested to hear your debate feedback.  Epiphanyblog, sound off–


P.S. I stopped counting the “my friends” comments about an hour into the debate, and he was already up to 15.

October 7, 2008 Posted by | Opinion, Politics | 2 Comments