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20 More Days

So the debates are over.  I must say, Obama never ceases to amaze me.  He is “Presidential” to say the least.  He doesn’t lose his temper and although I’m sure it pains him, he looks on intently as McShame speaks.  I wish I had the power to read minds because I’m sure the stuff going though Obama’s head as he listened to McShame shovel crap had to be comical.

Speaking of comical…..Again McShame looked like a claymation character.  Also, he was part brat part demented old man all night.  I was waiting for him to roll on the floor kicking and screaming like a two year old.  His incessant need to throw petty irrelevant digs in there was quite annoying.

As far as recaps, I think the highlight of the debate was when the moderator asked both candidates if they thought their running mates and consequently their opponents running mates were qualified.  I wanted Obama to say “No, Sara Who is not qualified”, but he was too cool for that.  He just said “I’ll leave that up to the American People”.  As an “American Person”, I have an answer…NOPE! Throw that broad off the ballot because the only thing she’s qualified to do is half way cover up her own corruption!  McShame couldn’t even fix his lips to say she was qualified.  He simply said he was “proud of her”.  I’m proud of Maxwell for FINALLY touring again, but I wouldn’t put him in the White House!

Another funny moment was when McShame talked about how much money Obama spent on negative ads.  He went on and on about how Obama has spent more money than any candidate in history.  Um, hello Senator McShame, Barack HAS more money to spend.  Don’t hate the player,hate the game.  I got an email today about donating to the Obama campaign.  They only asked for $25.  Imagine how many middle class people like me have slid ten’s and twenties to Obama…oops my bad, McShame isn’t concernd about the Middle Class!

One good thing about this being the last debate is I am one step closer to not hearing the word “repudiate”.  OMG…McShame looked extra claymation like when he was trying to express his hurt feelings over what John Lewis said.  Facts are facts, and Sara Who does use language that incites crazy people.  When people yell “terrorist” and “kill him” in regards to Barack Obama all she does is grin.  McShame keeps harping on Obama’s alleged association with Bill Ayers.  Come on now…it’s all a ploy to play on the fears of American’s and unfairly paint Obama as some type of radical.

It’s down to 20 days.  The polls seem to be going for Obama, but McShame and Sara Who are not going away quietly.  I expect to hear more negative stuff from the Republicans, and I’m sure Obama will stay on his message and keep pushing the economy, healthcare, and education.  Will it be enough?  With 20 days to go Epiphanyblog, do you think Obama will make it happen, or is the so called “October Surprise” going to wreck everything?  I’m sure Republican strategists are already concocting a way to steal the election (Oh, we’re sorry Mr. Obama, you didn’t read the fine print.  We know you won the popular vote and more electoral votes, but you have too many syllables in your name and can’t be Commander-in-Chief). *rolls eyes*!



October 15, 2008 - Posted by | Obama, Opinion, Politics


  1. I couldn’t have been more excited this morning when I turned on CNN and saw them on the “Big Board” that all the states are either red or blue or yellow for the swing states. This morning the swing state of Virginia was officially turned BLUE. That projects that Senator Obama has 277 electorial votes. You only need 270 to win! I gave a little cheer and said a big prayer.

    I just don’t want people to get complacent and not vote because he is a shoe in. I pray for good weather on Nov. 4 so no one has any excuse not to get to the polls. It’s going to be a long night – that night – to we see the victory in Barack’s hand. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Comment by Miss Linda | October 16, 2008

  2. God has ordained it!

    Comment by Venom | October 16, 2008

  3. Another funny momement was when McCain said.. “I am not George Bush…blah blah blah..you shoulda ran four years ago!” hahahah… He felt so proud to say it as if it was like “There Obama! I told you!” hahahahhahaha…..You know someone told him to say it otherwise he would have said that 2 debates ago! It wasnt like for the last 4 months Obama has been linking McCain to Bush, and you JUST NOW say that hahahhahahaha….comedy at its best…..

    Comment by CoFe | October 17, 2008

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