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So Thankful

Every year around this time most of us reflect on all of our blessings.  We are thankful for life, health and strength.  We are thankful for family, friends and all the things that make us happy.  In addition to the things I just mentioned, this year I am thankful for Reality Television.  I know it sounds shallow, but if any of you followed Warren Sapp on Dancing with the Stars, you understand my point.  While Warren did bring me joy, it is the Real Housewives of Atlanta that I am most thankful for.


Before all of the intellectuals out there “roast me” for this guilty pleasure, keep in mind that even the likes of Anderson Cooper (from CNN) was hooked to this show.  I am not sure if it was fauxcialite  Kim’s delusions of talent with regards to her singing career, or NeNe’s propensity to “take it there” with the one liners but something about this show was addictive (kind of like Facebook, but I digress….)!  I am not going to ruin it for you, but if you haven’t watched yet, you are missing out.  I’m sure there will be a Bravo Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon this weekend, so please do yourself a favor and check it out.


The reunion show delivered high drama as expected.  Again, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I will just comment on a few things.


  1. The Kim/Sheree BFF thing looked about as fake as that ponytail Sheree was sporting last night!
  2. While DeShawn’s hunt for a Governess initially turned me off, I do think she is sweet and I wish her well as she makes a name for herself in Atlanta….you gotta respect a woman that pays her tithes!
  3. Throwing out the “cancer card” is NOT the best way to avoid getting the smack down!  Kim’s crocodile tears and sob story were almost as bad as her singing voice, which brings me to my next point….
  4. I don’t remember NeNe saying Kim’s wig was squeezing her brain, but I do agree that something with Kim must be a little off if she thinks that craptastic voice of hers is going to sell records.
  5. Lisa Wu is like Whoa!!!!!


I know I am not the only person out there that watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta (as evidenced by the ratings), so I would love to know what other people thought. Even if you were initially turned off by the obvious excess or pretentious antics, there is an addictive “train wreck” quality to this show. Don’t be ashamed…this blog is anonymous anyway, so tell me how you really feel J



P.S. As you all look forward to your turkey induced tryptophan high, please be safe this weekend!     


November 26, 2008 - Posted by | Laughter, Opinion, Television

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