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Must See TV!

I don’t eat Turkey, so there was no tryptophan in my system this past weekend. By all accounts I should have been out and about catching the sales, but I was a bum.  I got hooked to a few marathons of my favorite old TV shows, and could not leave my house. I watched Good Times, Martin, Living Single, The Cosby Show, A Different World and The Jefferson’s.  Even with the over-acting, stereotypes, and lack of believable plots, I miss the simplicity of life before digital cable.  Don’t get me wrong, The Wire was fabulous and my love for Stinger Bell will live on in infamy, but life was good before I had fifty eleven HBO channels. 

I am living my Fantasy Football dreams right now (yes, the Obama Mama’s, French Kitty’s and Jerzee Chicks all made the play-off’s), but before there were stats updating in real time, we had real things to discuss on Monday morning! 


  1. Who’s better Hustle Man or Bruh Man?  I remember recapping the previous nights Martin episode back in the day and the question of Hustle Man or Bruh Man would often come up.  I loved the way Hustle Man always had something you needed in that shopping cart “Chief”, but Bruh Man and his four fingers to represent the fifth floor was classic.  Question, did he EVER use the door?  I only remember him coming and going through the fire escape.
  2. Is James gonna get some new corduroys?  Those poor tan corduroys that he wore in every episode were so worn out they looked like khaki’s.  And am I the only person that noticed Thelma wore the same robe throughout the shows entire five year run?  I know they were poor and all, but wasn’t a new housecoat in the budget at some point?!?!?!
  3. Who was the cuter child star, Rudy or Olivia?  When Olivia hit the scene people were falling all over her.  “Ooh Raven is so cute, oh Raven is so funny”.  Well it was Rudy Huxtable all day over here homie! 
  4. What goes on at the Help Center?  We have Desperate Housewives on Wysteria Lane, and the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo but Weezie Jefferson and Helen Willis originated the stay at home and spend your husband’s money all under the guise of community service trend! Talk about moving on up, Weezie went from being a maid to having a maid!
  5. Who’s lamer Kyle Barker or Ron Johnson?  I watched a Living Single thanksgiving episode and A Different World thanksgiving episode, and the lame factor for both of them was pretty much through the roof.  I guess Kyle and Max did have a little fire, so that might have redeemed him, but Ron….capital “L”!
  6. Did Wilona ever have overnight guests?  When James’ father came to town for Thanksgiving with Lena, and Florida was all up in arms about them sleeping in the same bed it made we wonder….did we ever see anyone doing the slow creep out of Wilona’s apartment at 5am?
  7. When did we stop beating our kids?  I know James Evans would beat somebody else’s child, so he had no problem beating JJ, Thelma, and Michael, but when did we decide beating our kids in real life was a bad idea? We never actually saw any of the Huxtable kids catch a beat down, but Clair had that “I will tear your behind up” look about her.
  8. What was the funniest In Living Color sketch?  I was a “Homie the Clown” fan, but I think Damon Wayans and David Allen Grier were hilarious with Men on Film.  Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather, definitely get two snaps up…with a twist!
  9. Who was the most memorable guest star on Living Single?  Nia Long broke Kyle’s heart.  Vivica Fox broke Heavy D’s heart.  Morris Chestnut was too cheap, but Chip Fields was priceless as Regine’s gaudy mother.  The rhinestone sweat suits and gold lamay hats definitely get my vote!
  10. Sheneneh, Jerome, or Mama Payne?  Ooh ooh.  Ooh ooh ooh.  Jerome’s in the house, I said Jerome’s in the hou-ooh-ouse so watch your mouth!

 TV has come a long way in the last decade or two, but I will always love the classics! I just wonder if our kids will one day be so excited to watch marathons of…whatever it is that’s passing for quality black programming these days. 



December 4, 2008 - Posted by | Entertainment, Laughter, Old School, Television


  1. WOW JC! you really took me back.

    1. Hustleman
    2. LOL, she did have that pink robe on her wedding day
    3. Rudy then, but Olivia is the bigger mogul now!
    4. LOL
    5. Kyle
    6. She was always talking about dates, but I only remember the x husband staying over.
    7. Girl, don’t get me started!!!!
    8. I liked the woman that always said “I ain’t one to gossip so you didn’t hear it from me”.
    9. Fine a$$ Morris Chestnut
    10. SHeneneh of course!!!!

    Comment by divastyles | December 4, 2008

  2. LOL, I thought I was bad getting everything on my netflix. I even had to show my nephew the “Homie the Clown” skit but I had to regret it later. He is only 5! However, I don’t get this new TV so the classics are always on my list.
    By the way don’t forget JJ’s red pajamas, he wore them everynight, DYN-O-MITE!

    Comment by Venom | December 4, 2008

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