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In ’09

2008 is officially over and 2009 is here.  All things considered this year flew by!  One minute I was cheering for the Giants at a Superbowl party and here I am getting ready to cheer them on again! *fingers crossed here* It seems like just yesterday when I was rooting for Barack Obama and complaining about Tiny Tears (okay maybe I did do that again yesterday), and in twenty days he’ll be sworn in! We are all blessed to see another year, so let’s do our part to make it a great one. As I stated last year, I really don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  I prefer to try to make reasonable changes so that the coming year will be better than the last.  In 2009 I plan to make a couple of adjustments.


  1. Talk is cheap!  Have you heard that song by India Arie and Anthony David?  Well the chorus is simply: “Can’t tell you nothing you ain’t already heard.  No matter what I say it’s nothing but words.”  Truer “words” have never been spoken.  We should all be tired of people saying what they think we want to hear.  Don’t tell me, show me!  At the same time, I know I am at times guilty of too much talk and not enough action. So in ‘09 I won’t talk about it, I’ll be about it!
  2. Monitor my priorities!  We go through life trying to do so much for so many people and at the end of the day our efforts go unappreciated or taken for granted.  People won’t hesitate to tell you “no”, or “I can’t” all the while expecting you to move heaven and earth to make it happen for them.  Why bother?  In ‘09 I will stop making people a priority when they only see me as an option. 


My list is short and sweet.  Nothing over the top, just two things that should make 2009 a good year for me.  So Epiphanyblog, what will you do differently to make 2009 better than 2008?



January 1, 2009 - Posted by | Holidays, Life, Opinion


  1. In addition to saving more money this year, I thing I will have to borrow your number 2. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s time I started monitoring my priorities!!!

    Comment by still waters | January 1, 2009

  2. I also decided to not make any resolutions. I decided instead to do my best everyday. Act more stop talking.

    Comment by Concern Citizen | January 1, 2009

  3. I don’t have any resolutions. I am practicing what I preach and rely on my faith. Faith in God and His word that with Him all things are possible. No more concentrating on man and seen, it is all about the unseen. See I feel the breakthrough coming!

    Comment by Venom | January 1, 2009

  4. so true…i agree wholeheartedly,focusing on true priorities can be so refreshing… one day at a time…

    Comment by unique | January 3, 2009

  5. I’m setting goals (and making plans to achieve those goals) in the “7 areas” of life…Business, Family/Personal, Money/Investments, Health/Fitness, Personal growth and development, Social/Community Activities, and Spiritual Development. Making sure my goals are measurable, that way I know if there is improvement. If I can improve a mere 1% a week, that’s a 50% improvement over the course of a year. So ’09 will be a much better year than ’08 by far….

    Comment by CoFe | January 8, 2009

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