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Let There Be Dance!!!

Back in the day I loved Michael Jackson.  I had too many of those stupid buttons pinned on my jacket and I loved the poster of him in the yellow outfit!  So I’m sure you can imagine my uncontainable glee when I heard there was a “Thriller: The Musical” in the works.  How excited am I?!?!?! If you were a child in the 80’s you have to know what I’m talking about!  Here is my first question, why exactly were we so fascinated with Michael Jackson?  He pretty much put the Jherri Curl on the map, right?  Yes, Rick James may have had his curl first, but how many young kids were checking for Super Freak back in 1983?  We loved Michael Jackson.

I remember watching that video a billion times, and yes I memorized the choreography.  Don’t front, I know I am not the only person that was getting her zombie dance on!  In the spirit of honesty, how may of you wore a curl, moon-walked around the house, or could do the entire dance from MJ’s performance of Billie Jean on Motown 25?  Now we are working on the honor system here, but I know at least two people reading this blog had a curl, and I will call you out if you don’t confess!!!!

It breaks my heart that kids today only have the Souljah Boy, Laffy Taffy, and Pop Lock and Drop it videos to emulate.  Believe me, we won’t be seeing those on Broadway in 2024!  Why is it that kids don’t dance anymore?  The 2600 Atari and Commodore 64 could only hold your attention for so long, and then you had to break out in dance.  If you weren’t doing Michael Jackson moves you were probably somewhere perfecting your head spin for the next break dance competition.  Have the Wii and PlayStation ruined the good dance sequence forever?

Today I watched the video…just to see how much of the choreography I remembered.  While searching for it on YouTube, I found tons of Thriller remakes, the funniest of which is the inmates at the prison in the Philippines doing their version of the dance sequence.  While some considered the whole thing unethical, I found the entire display hilarious.  The world was obsessed with Thriller.   I am posting a few video links below, and I hope they will help you reminisce about a simpler time.   When I think back, I was only 9 when the Thriller video premiered, so it’s easy to see why I was so impressed.  You can only watch Thunder Cats, The Great Space Coaster, and Inspector Gadget for so long, right?

If you can look past all of MJ’s recent legal woes and apparent lack of common sense you have to agree his talent was a force to be reckoned with.  He transcended race, gender, and age.  Grown women were in love with Michael.  Men wore Jherri Curls, and glitter gloves…and I don’t even need to mention the scenes in China of all those kids falling out and crying hysterically when Michael took the stage.  That Beat It video (yeah I knew that dance sequence too), Bad, Smooth Criminal, Remember The Time, et al raised the bar for music videos.  I just wish I knew who lowered it!  They say this Thriller on Broadway show will contain a lot of Michael Jackson hits.  I heard mention of Beat It and Off The Wall…all I can say is LET THERE BE DANCE!!!!!!

Seriously though, for those that watched the clips, or can even remember the video from back in the day, this question is for you…what is/was it about Michael Jackson’s Thriller that made it such a phenomenon?  Do you think this Thriller: The Musical could put Michael back on top?


January 29, 2009 - Posted by | Celebrity, Entertainment, Music


  1. Nobody couldn’t tell me back in the day that I couldn’t moon walk. I remember spending hours trying to perfect it, and never could. Michael’s music was different from everything else that was out. His dancing, made you want to dance regardless of whether you could or not. Between thriller and Rhythm Nation, I spent many hours trying to perfect those two routines.

    Comment by Keisha | January 29, 2009

  2. JC – Im torn about the whole MJ thing, b/c I do think he’s a PEDOPHILE. I dont need a jury to convict him, for me to draw my own conclusion. I watched 60 minutes when he talked about sleeping with children in his bed. I also believe he had the Jesus juice flowin’ like a bartender at a club. I just truly believe that. When he was on trial, I had several debates about MJ with some of his serious fans. It was funny b/c they would never say I dont think he did it, they would say Mike grow up different he’s still like a child. Screw that, MJ is a grown ass man. We all live in the same reality, no man is above another. So do you care about the background story of the person that molest your child? Or are you just woopin’ some ass? So why does MJ get a pass? Why does Robert Kelly get a pass? B/c they can sing and dance?

    But there is something about MJ, b/c Rob Kelly can’t get no play in my ride and I think his R&B body of work is untouched in our generation. But, Im repulsed by the sight of his pictures now. But “Off The Wall” is my favorite album of all time, I still reach for it whenever its time to clean up the crib. And yes I singing every word.

    You know what, I think I just answered my own question. I separate his work from his personal. But I know better to let my kids hang out at NeverLand.

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | January 29, 2009

  3. I’m a keep it real, yes I knew the whole Billie Jean routine from the motown special. I used to thow my Kangol and everything! I did not have a curl, but my sister did (I had a shag). LMAO at those prisoners. Would that qualify as cruel and unusual punishment??? As I sit at my desk in my chair watching these videos the entire routine is coming back to me.

    Lone wolf, I must disagree, the only reason I don’t think MJ molested those kids is because the parents was too quick to ask for cash, and not quick enough to try to fry his ass. Now he was dead wrong for everything he did inclusive of the “Jesus Juice” LMAO, but I don’t think he was an R Kelly at all. “R” is just nasty and he gets no play in my ride eiher (which is hard because step in the name of love still gets played like 10 times a day on the radio).

    Comment by JBlaze | January 29, 2009

  4. First of all, don’t ever threaten to call me out like that! Four and five year olds have no say in what their mother’s do to their hair. Pedofile or not, Michael Jackson is the ULTIMATE entertainer. I’ve always been a fan of “little” Michael Jackson. Short fro, big nose, and all. And the best part about it was he could SANG!! My husband gave me the Ultimate Michael Jackson 5-disc CD collection as a gift last year, and when you hear the demos and lost tracks on those cd’s I just listen like, “WOW! He could actually sing!” He had so much feel which is probably why he could move like he did. I’m now wondering why I’m speaking of the mam ike he’s dead, but the sad truth is a come back is probably not in the cards for Mike. I don’t think his face could hold up.

    Comment by Keezie | January 29, 2009

  5. Man In The Mirror does it for me. I know there are no dance steps but it it something about those “oh yea” that get you going. I myself had the Thiller poster on the wall and begged for the red leather jacket. I didn’t get it but I got a sweatshirt with the him on it. I still remember the Soul Train Music awards when he rocked in a chair because he sprung his ankle at rehearsal. I think I still got it on VHS. LOL

    Many of tried but few have succeeded in making those videos that are mini-movies. MJ mastered that art. Don’t forget back in the day that everyone was a PYT…

    Gotta go I feel a moonwalk coming on…

    Comment by Venom | January 29, 2009

  6. I truly agree with your comments. “Why don’t kids dance anymore?” You know ir really comes down to the lack of expression that kids have due to a number of things. One that I really want to touch on is the “Cool” factor. Yes, Lupe touched on this to its depths on his last album. This generation is so focused on what they will not do, that they end up not doing anything, the unfortunate part is that their unwillingness to do anything runs over into a lot of different factors in their lives. I know we are just talking about dancing right now, but everything in the universe is connnected. Dancing is the result of your heart catching the rythm of the beat that is coming from some awesome song. The majority, (not all) of this generations’ hearts don’t catch on to nothing but what they can talk good game about or anything green, and because that they stand still when the most meaningful things and the things that have substance come across their radio waves, whether its a suit and tie job or fight the violence cause. Yet, when Souljah plays simone says with their butts, they go into cardiac arrest trying to show off how good they can snap their fingers while they move from left to right, while do the “superman on that hoe”.. Unreal for the reality… Peace (Hope all that made sense) And oh yeah, I have all of MJ’s records on deck right now and always will, I have mastered every move that brother has presented from his dancing collection, but I agree with the Lone Wolf, Neverland is one theme park you will not see my nephews visiting. Its called NEVER for a reason…

    Comment by Ayanmo | January 29, 2009

  7. OK, that prison video is hilarious. I loved Michael Jackson. I had a black and red leather vest around thriller and would do the whole routine in it. I got my first speeding ticket listening to Man in the Mirror. All his personal issues aside I am still always happy to hear his old songs.

    Comment by ncmama | January 29, 2009

  8. Girl I loved Michael Jackson and you are my big sister from another mother know I was the queen of the jerry curl with the banna clip to hold it down (lol). I’m not ashamed to admit it that’s how I got the name cuzzin curl from Brandi… I;m proud of you, continue to keep up the good work.. Love ya..

    Comment by Tanisha aka Cuzzin Curl | January 29, 2009

  9. Okay I had a curl and my mother still has that family portrait hanging up in her basement. My curl was fly though–I had an asymmetric. Bottom line I loved MJ’s music. I cant get caught up in the other nonesense–in the end, everyone is accountable. It was nice reminiscing, thanks JC.

    Comment by Irving on the Crest | January 31, 2009

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