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Snitches Get Ditches…

By now most of you have heard about the Michael Phelps bong scandal of ’09.  Apparently he was at a party, and was photographed smoking weed out of a bong.  He subsequently released a statement about it being a youthful indiscretion blah blah blah.  Let me be clear, I could care less about his weed habit, and I am not about to pass judgment.  As an athlete, that is between him and his trainer (and those companies that are paying him millions in endorsement dollars).   My focus this week is on the circumstances that led to the Michael Phelps expose’…obviously somebody snitched!

If we are honest, we can admit (at least to ourselves), we’ve done at least one thing illegal (or morally reprehensible) at some point in our lives.  This action has probably never come to light to further embarrass us because it was done in the presence of friends.  See, when we are with our friends certain rules don’t apply.  We can be at ease around the homies because we don’t expect them to sell us out to the highest bidder.

When we are kids we learn nobody likes a tattletale, and as we grow up we develop a conscience and understand there are times when you need to open your mouth and times when you need to play dumb.  In the snitching code, would you or should you ever snitch on a friend? For me personally, I’m not going to willingly drop a dime unless it’s to save a child or save a life. Am I wrong?  What do I stand to gain from telling the manager at a local grocery store that I spotted someone in aisle nine stealing over-priced spices?  At the same time, is a ten thousand dollar come up a fair exchange for possibly ruining the life/career of a friend?  In this time of cell phone cameras and video chatting, it would be relatively easy to ensnarl someone in a major scandal (a la Michael Phelps), but would you do it?   To tell or not to tell, that is the question!

Ladies, if you saw your girlfriend’s husband hugged up with his secretary in a cozy corner of a restaurant, would you tell her?  Now what if you knew 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would never leave him, and to add insult to injury you knew she would tell him you were the snitch (and thus have him hating you forever) would you tell?

Men, does the “playa” code exclude snitching…even when you can benefit?  If you met a female that you were very interested in, and you knew for a 100% fact that she shot you down simply because she was being faithful to a known cheater that spent all his money romancing strippers and chicken heads, would you tell?

Like I said, snitching to save a child or save a life should be a no brainer.  If you witnessed a serious crime would you tell?  Let’s say your life or safety was not in danger, and you would probably be preventing future crime by coming forward, would you tell?  As you watch the little excerpt below and reflect on your personal “snitch code”.  How gray is the line?  Do you always tell, or do you mind your business?  Would you want someone to snitch if it would benefit you, and how far would you go to protect someone’s privacy if their snitching helped you out?


February 5, 2009 - Posted by | Celebrity, Life, Opinion, Society


  1. Bernie Mac clip was a classic LMAO!!!!
    Snitching in urban areas is a touchy subject. There is a code, but I agree all should be irrelevant if your saving a child or a life. Also when dealing with family there is a different set of rules.

    Comment by JBlaze | February 5, 2009

  2. Go ahead Bernie Mac. Snitching to be snitching is annoying, constant tattletells are like the boy who called wolf. However, at this age snitching is sometimes necessary but there is still a code to live by. Let me get this straight if I saw my best friends husband cheating…I wouldn’t have to tell her because I am going to walk right up to him and let him know that I saw him. He will have no choice but to go home and tell on himself. He will feel so much better when he confesses…LOL

    Comment by Venom | February 5, 2009

  3. There is a very thin line to be walked as far as snitching. For the most part if lives aren’t endangered then its up for debate. For example Mike Vick. Had the snitches not snitched he’d be playing football right now and families would be taken care of. Was the og fighting endangering human lives, NO , so why go to THE MAN? Drug dealing. Yeah Snitch away because that is endangering human lives. Cheating on a significant other. Thats a gray area like you said but then if you consider it sexually as you don’t know if that person is using protection with the person they are cheating with, snitching may save a life. I’m tired of those “stop snitching” shirts and videos. I want to sell shirts that say “Stop doing Snitchable things”

    Comment by @mo@ | February 5, 2009

  4. The Michael Phelps picture taker is a straight SUCKA!!! The people in the room know who took the picture and there should be some type of Social Justice (Code Red). You could be next. Whether you realize it or not, Phelps is very important for our country’s perception to the rest of the World. He is a symbol of USA’s total dominance. As we all know perception is everything. It’s needed at this time where our country goes through a much needed reinvention of itself. We build people up so high, yet to turn around months later to tear them down. Who trains harder then him? Let the boy blow off some steam without trying to finish him. He’s not harming anyone. Now, what you should be worried about is that DUI he a got 2 yrs ago. But, the weed…? You never took a puff puff then passed?

    Now the snitchin’, is tough for me also. I am a G from the streets, so I live by the G-Code. When it comes to street matters it goes like this… If you chose to play, that means you are in the games with a jersey on. You should be fully prepared of the responsibility of playin those kind of games good and bad. No Snithin’!!! If your not in the game, you are civilian and different rules apply. Depending on the degree of the circumstances. I think I agree with JC in most matters, I feel coming forward with info in regards to children or death would be my social responsibility.

    Now family or my sub-family, I’ll spill the beans with no hesitation. But, if we had a bad info session previously…mums is the word. Everyone can’t handle truth, not even me at times.

    Catching a family member or friends spouse cheating on them would be handled similar to what Vemon described. Between me and you, I love when someone gives me clear precise reason to clown on they a#%. You would want front seats at that show if it ever happens, trust!

    Regarding to Playas Code question you presented… If you look closely in the For Playas Only HandBook, section B line item 73 I believe is on page 280(sorry I dont mine handy). It clearly states, if the female in question does not have a wedding ring on she is fair game. See some playas may play the game foul and throw salt. But technically that’s not an infraction to the Code. I just chose to play the like a gentlemen. Good blog JC.

    Comment by The Lone Wolf | February 5, 2009

  5. Ok snitching is a case by case desicion…Obviously whoever took the photo released it for a pretty penny…ok…i get that…but he still fucked up phelps shit and he is a true bitch for that and deserves a strait ghetto lock in the sock beatdown…but in the end its just fuckin WEED? Damn u ever heard of sumone dying off weed? Liquor is worse and thats legal… That guy Obama be smoking cigarettes and i bet you kellogs wud hop on his dick for a sponsership…THIS ALL CAN B BLAMED ON THE HIP-HOP POLICE…fuck carrots

    Comment by AAG | February 7, 2009

  6. Stop Doing Snitchable Things…LMAO…I-LOVE-IT! Seriously there comes a point in life where you need to stop doing the wrong shit…to many times we don’t think through the consequences of our actions and yes there are consequences for little things…LIKE…for instance the example of the over priced spices…if I like to buy those spices and you are always stealing them eventually the price is going to be jacked up even higher….This is one of the reasons why prices are typically higher in “da hood” to make up for thievery….now I do agree that some things done in the privacy of true friends should be protected…but maybe you need to evaluate who true friends are…everybody you choose to do dumb shit with when you’re high or drunk is NOT your friend…. Now in Phelps case I feel a little sympathy for the simple reason that we were all kids once. At the end of the day celebrity or no celebrity he’s a kid and kid’s do dumb shit that they look back on in ten years and either say that was pretty stupid it’s a wonder I never got caught doing it or damn I was dumb for doing that shit that got me caught up. Either way we don’t gain practical life experience by walking the straight and narrow all of our lives….In summary if you are 30+ STOP DOING SNITCHABLE THINGS…If you are under 30 good luck with your evolution into a mature adult…if you are under 30 and a celebrity….lock yourself in the house, close the blinds, sweep your home for wiretaps and hidden camera’s regularly and well …good luck…snitching pays well these days…lol

    Comment by Mai Mai | February 9, 2009

  7. This is the perfect example of “opportunity permitting itself”,because MichaelPhelps is looked upon as a God in the swimming community and sports arena someone thought it was appropo to show the world otherwise.

    In the African American community there is a “code” and snitching is not tolerated, however I am not sure how the code of silence works in the caucasian society. It looks to me that someone in his immediate circle was looking for a “come up” and thought it could be rewarding to expose america’s guy.

    Is it a big deal to me,no but then again I’m not the one forking over millions to him to promote a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

    BTW How do we know that he inhaled *wink*

    Comment by UrbanRoyalty | February 22, 2009

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