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Report Card Day!

Most colleges don’t bother to look at the grades from your first report card as a high school freshman.  When measuring your potential for college success your first couple of months as a high school student don’t hold much weight.  In politics however, we tend to put a lot of weight on the Commander-in-Chief’s first 100 days in office.

If we look at past presidency’s we see a good “First 100 Days” won’t necessarily mean a good presidency, and a bad “First 100 Days” won’t necessarily signal a doomed presidency.  In the case of President Obama, will his First 100 Days be an accurate measure of what the rest of his presidency will hold?

In most classes we start with no grade.  On the first day of school, every student can work toward an A or do nothing and collect a bunch of zero’s.  You don’t start with an F, and have to work your way toward a passing grade.  Unfortunately President Obama inherited an F, and the whole world was watching to see if he could work up to an A in 100 days.

In my opinion, the way he got at those Somali pirates  was worth bumping up a full grade.  So if we agree he came in with a grade of F, the rescue mission gave him a D!

The auto bail out is a tricky situation.  He can keep pouring money into the industry, knowing it’s tantamount to throwing good money after bad, or he can force them to make aggressive changes in hopes that it will turn around.  Treading lightly now and forcing the big three to act wisely is worth another 5 points in my book.

If anyone has looked at their paycheck lately, they should see a few extra dollars.  Even though it might not be a lot of money, getting a stimulus plan approved would have taken months of wrangling in congress, but reducing my tax burden was a quick and dirty way to put a little extra cash in my pocket right now.  I think that was worth another 7 points.

President Obama has already begun to reach out to foreign countries and even opened dialogue with our so-called enemies.  We are no longer seen as the bullies on the block, but rather a super power willing to listen and use diplomacy when possible.  Republicans on the campaign trail said Obama was a novice and would fail miserably with foreign policy.  All told I give him 10 points, because he is making it happen!

With regards to the economy, there is still a long way to go, but I think we are on the right track.  We are much better off after 100 days than we would have been if McShame and Sara Who had won in November.  It might be years before the damage of the Bush years can be undone, but I think President Obama has earned 8 more points here!

So let’s do the math.  President Obama walked into the White House on January 20th with a failing grade.
•    His handling of the Somali pirates bumped him up to a solid “D”, 60 points.
•    He got another five points for his handling of the Auto Crisis, so that would give him a 65 (still a D).
•    The tax cut that benefits people in my tax bracket moved him up to a 72 (C-).
•    The diplomacy he’s exhibited and his failure to further alienate our friends and foes garnered him ten points and a B!
Add to that the overall strides he’s made with the economy and President Obama has a grade of 90, a solid A-!  I am proud of our President.  I think his first marking period was a huge success, and if this were high school he’d be collecting ten-dollar bills from all his aunties.  I’ve handed out my grades, what are yours?

April 30, 2009 - Posted by | News, Obama, Politics


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  2. A+++ for just having the courage to deal with all the critics and skeptics. Not to mention the points for perfect attendance and good behavior…;)

    I love my president.

    Comment by Venom Patton | April 30, 2009

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