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Lessons Learned

This week is my birthday Mardi Gras!  No big party this year, but I am doing something fun everyday in honor of my “born day”.  I’ve also decided to use this week’s blog to highlight the most important lessons I’ve learned in my lifetime!

1.    Laughter is the best medicine!  I’ve learned to laugh at myself…often.  I don’t take myself too seriously, and laughing is the best way to keep from crying.

2.    Into each life a little rain will fall! Last year felt a bit like a monsoon, but I survived which is a good thing.  If I never felt the rain, I wouldn’t be able to properly appreciate the sunny days.

3.    Friendship is essential to the soul! I learned that lesson in college, but it still holds true today!

4.    Respect must be demanded and earned!  I have learned people will walk all over you if you let them.  I’ve also learned that people don’t get a pass simply because they ask for one.

5.    Make every minute count!  Time is the one thing we waste that can never be recouped.  I treasure time with friends and loved ones, and do what I can to  make the most of every day.

6.    Good things may come to those who wait…but they are only the scraps left behind by those that hustle!  Translation: I gotta get my hustle on!

7.    Seasons change, and so do people. Everyone isn’t meant to be in your life forever.

8.    Coincidence is a word used by people that lack faith.  I’ve learned everything happens for a reason.

9.    You get what you pay for.  Be it customer service or quality of merchandise, it will always come down to how much you pay for it.  The cashiers in Walmart don’t hold a candle to the “sales associates” in Saks, and the food in Applebees can’t touch the food at The Palm!

10.    People will get on your LAST NERVE…if you let them!  I’ve learned to hang up the phone, delete the emails, and walk away from the nonsense.  No reason to let the foolishness and bi-polar antics of other people get my pressure up!

There is one other lesson that I’ve learned that is even more important than everything else I mentioned.  GOD IS GOOD!!!!  His Grace and Mercy has sustained me, and I know I am blessed to be celebrating my 35th year!  Peace and love to all.

May 7, 2009 - Posted by | Friendship, Life


  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Jerzee!!!!
    Great life lessons by the way.

    Comment by Samantha | May 7, 2009

  2. Happy Born Day!!!!!!! May your day be filled with good people, good spirits and much laughter.

    Comment by UrbanRoyalty | May 8, 2009

  3. Happy Birthday Jerzee! Based on our conversation yesterday…#7 and #10 yep yep!

    Comment by Venom Patton | May 8, 2009

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