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A Supreme Decision

I will never be a Supreme Court Justice.  Of course there is the obvious issue of me not being a lawyer, but also I’d never survive the confirmation process.  No, there are no life altering skeletons in my closet, but my attitude is not one that would allow me to sit by and defend everything I’ve done, publically and privately, in my lifetime.  I have no desire to go through that scrutiny.  Do I really need them parading around transcripts of conversations I had when I was twenty-three?  At the end of the day should anyone really care how many personal copies I made at work or how many two-hour lunches I took in my career?

As we gear up to watch the confirmation broo-ha-ha that will surround Sonia Sotomayor, I’m wondering what’s it all for?  Yes, we need to make sure she’s qualified, but a judge is a judge is a judge.  You don’t rise in the ranks of the Appellate Courts if you’re taking kick backs or drinking on the job.  In Corporate America you can rise to CEO status all the while embezzling funds, smoking crack on conference calls and sleeping with your subordinates in the break room…in the court of appeals, not so much!  I wonder if she were an old fogey (translation: conservative white man) would the Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s of the world be so quick to rally against her.

If she were not competent she never would have been confirmed as a federal judge.  We know this is not about competence.  When a President nominates a candidate for the Supreme Court he does so knowing that if confirmed, this person will probably sit on the bench for many years, and the decisions they rule on will always reflect back on him, long after his presidency ends.  A president won’t knowingly nominate a candidate he knows is going to try to interpret the constitution in a way that directly contradicts his own views.  Let’s be honest, would you hire a Voodoo priestess to babysit your kids if you were a devout Christian? While no President can guarantee how a justice will vote, you look at their past rulings and take a leap of faith that they won’t shock and disappoint. The issue of remarks she made in the past that have the conservative talk radio nit-wits calling her a racist will hopefully blow over.  If it doesn’t and she steps down, I’m sure the next candidate President Obama nominates will undergo the same scrutiny.

At the end of the day Democrats have the numbers, so they can and will approve President Obama’s nominee.  Republican’s have to walk a fine line because while they would love a conservative anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, anti gay rights justice, they can’t very well say that out loud.

As we have just seen our nations first Black President give us a guided tour of the White House, shouldn’t we also be ready to see a Latina Woman wearing that black robe?

June 4, 2009 - Posted by | Obama, Opinion, Politics, Race


  1. Two hour lunches would definitely haunt my confirmation hearings as well! 🙂 I heard something yesterday that really galled me on this issue. I don’t even know who it was but it was some guest on an MSNBC show talking about how the real fact at hand is that they need to find out if she is going to be able to make her decisions by the rule of law and not with her heart. And it irked me because it was a generalization made just because she is a woman, it wasn’t even narrowing in on the views it was just a broad generalization of her status as a woman. That question would not even come up for a man.

    Comment by ncmama | June 4, 2009

  2. The republicans will continue to pull at any string they can find in order to discredit this administration.

    the truth of the matter, is President Obama as made it an open door and allowed for all critics to do with they do in the open. What these critics don’t realize, very soon, oh so very soon, they will be really exposing themselves.

    You see we already know they are racist, we know they are cheaters and we know they are “hustlers.” Soon they will talk so much they will tell on themselves and then we can all sit back and watch as they scrabble to pick their faces off the floor.

    They better be careful because soon they are going to have to turn the light on in order to find dirt and the dirt is going to be theirs.

    Comment by Venom Patton | June 4, 2009

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