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Old School

We are approaching the 20th Anniversary of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing movie release.  According to Essence Magazine, this movie put Brooklyn on the map.  Not sure about that, but flashing back to the summer of 1989 made me nostalgic. In an effort to ride that nostalgia wave, this past Saturday I went to an “Old School” party.  I learned several things at this event, the first being:  Old School is definitely a relative term.  What is Old School to a recent college graduate is definitely not that same as what someone that matriculated in the mid-90’s would consider Old School.  I also learned that the older men are, the less intimidated they are by height!  Another fun fact: the older you are, the more inclined you might be to pull out outfits from your Old School era.  Yes Epiphanyblog I saw a sequined beret circa 1976 at that party.

It was a fun night though.  I enjoyed watching the songs that really got people on the floor.  Frankie Beverly & Maze (Before I Let Go), was a definite crowd favorite.  The Michael Jackson run was fabulous and this song in particular made everyone happy.

Old School music seems to bring out the lighter side in most people too.  In an effort to keep it light this week, I pulled out some of my favorite Old School videos for your viewing pleasure.

Madonna is timeless.  She still dances like a twenty year old and every time I hear this song I want to strike a pose.

When I was at the party on Saturday, a group of girls grown women actually reenacted the dance sequence to the below video.  Now I was/am a New Edition fan, but not sure if I would be doing the moves in a ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel.  Sidebar: YouTube would not allow me to post the original video, so I had to settle for this live version.  If you want to look up the old video for yourself, please take a look at Ralph Tresvant in the stirrups — LOL!

Since I am on the New Edition track, I figured I’d keep it going with this BBD video.  Imagine the humor/horror when two grown men had a “dance off” to this song on Saturday.  Normally you don’t see men dancing too much these days, but the Old School parties must stir something up inside them!

So back to the summer of 1989.  I had a bus pass, my own phone, and cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry were my only real responsibilities.  I had no concept of Corporate America Oppression, and no idea how much being a grown up would suck!  I was exempt from income taxes, and my summer job was FUN!

Old School is always COOL! I love it because it instantly transports me back to a time and place I almost forgot about.  Every now and then I do a blog like this and we share our stories and laugh about our bad hairstyles and acid washed jean suits. Even though we are all grown up with lives and families and jobs and tax obligations…we enjoy the trip down memory lane.  Tell me Epiphanyblog,  why do you love Old School?


June 11, 2009 - Posted by | Fun, Music, Old School


  1. I love that Michael Jackson song. MJ before he started serving up the Jesus Juice LOL!!!! Anyway I love old school because music just ain’t what it used to be.

    Comment by Samantha | June 11, 2009

  2. Old School is more than music, the music was the message and it represented how you were feeling at any given time. It may sound corny but I would love when boys would play a song to tell you how they felt about you. Back in the day you would get in a fight with your boo and he would call you and play “Can You Stand The Rain”. Classic!

    I also remember how you and your girls would dress alike and rock outfits to fit the occasion. If you were mad at your parents, you pop in “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince…because I don’t know anyone named Will Smith…LOL

    Finally, I remember sitting at home telling your friends not to call you because you were listening to the radio station waiting for them to call to tell you,because call waiting was not free, that you won your “Coca Cola Summerfest Tickets!” By the way, when they did call you answered the phone “hello” instead of with the magic phrase or in my friends case her father, who rarely answered the phone, answered and cost you the tickets.

    Those were the days!

    Comment by Venom Patton | June 11, 2009

  3. I’d like to take it back to the elementary school years, mostly because lately the kids in my neighborhood (or should I say around my way) seem to be taking it back and I can’t be more ecstatic about it. It’s amazing how excited one can get about a hop scotch board drawn with chalk on the side of the street or so many kids riding bikes and playing that you have to drive down the street at 2 miles and hour and make sure you don’t role over anyone’s ball. Bike riding all day long and coming in when the street lights came on. A few of the kids on skateboards remind me of skating up and down the street all afternoon (on four wheels) on that smooth strip of repaved blacktop. Which also reminds of jumping rope on skates and falling face first on the black top (blood everywhere). I had only done it a hundred times before. What happened that time??? But I digress. I miss street football and kool aid with way to much sugar. Trips to the corner store all day to earn change for penny candy and jumbo pops, c&c sodas and sunflower seeds. I miss jacks, and playing spades on the front steps, remember boom boxes and jewelry that was way to big and impractical, spray painted sweatshirts and everything neon…I probably could go on for pages…those times were the best.

    Comment by Mai Mai | June 11, 2009

  4. Nostalgia! You’re right, “Old School” is a relative term, but no matter when Old School is, the feelings inside of you that it brings are the same.

    I found a DVD set of School House Rock in a trip to BlockBuster, and i snatched it up quickly because it was the only copy there, and I LOVED school house rock! It was a clever ploy to actually teach us something during a time (saturday mornings) when all we wanted to do was watch cartoons.

    I’m sure 115-20 years from now I will get certain feelings when i see a (whatever the form of media is) of Dora The Explora and Go Diego Go, because it will remind me of watching it with my son. Nostalgia!

    Comment by CoFe | June 15, 2009

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