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Sloppy Pimpin’

One by one we see politicians being exposed as philandering cheaters.  Often it’s the same people that enjoy climbing on their moral high horses being exposed.  I can’t even say it’s all about Republicans and Conservatives, because we see the sprinkling of Democrats being caught out there too.

Marital infidelity is primarily between a husband and wife.  Unfortunately when you are in the public eye your business is put out on Front Street with the quickness.  It climbs to the top of the CNN ticker even faster when you have a history of pointing fingers at other people when their indiscretions are publicized.    They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  I say people in glass houses shouldn’t even touch rocks!!!

Speaking of rocks…you have to be living under one if you haven’t heard about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  It seems Governor Sanford went missing for several days.  His Lt. Governor didn’t know where he was.  His senior staffers didn’t know where he was.  His wife also said she didn’t know where he was.  The cover story was a hiking trip in the Appalachians.  His cell phone was going straight to voicemail.  He wasn’t replying to email.  He was just MIA.  How exactly does a public official, a governor no less, think he can just dip off like that?  Sloppy Pimpin’

I DO NOT condone cheating and by all accounts by the time this little tryst took place his wife was well aware of the affair, but COMMON SENSE MUCH????  Did he really think he could take up in another country with the side boo without adequately covering his tracks?  Even the guy working on fry’s in McDonalds has sense enough to get a friend to cover for him when he dips out to meet up with ole girl from Popeye’s!

When the New Jersey Governor went down in the gay lover scandal we shook our heads.  When the Governor of New York went down in the escort for hire money laundering scandal we shook our heads….but Mark Sanford is the epitome of Sloppy Pimpin’.  Does it really get any worse?  The only highlight in this story is his wife is not doing the longsuffering stand by your man in the press conference bit!  As if the affair is not bad enough on its own, the way these politicians parade their wives out like dedicated show ponies is enough to make my stomach turn.  Glad to see Jenny Sanford had a little more self-respect.

Like I said the marital infidelity should be between the husband and wife, and if she can forgive him that is her business.  In what is probably a very tumultuous and emotional time to expect her to put your career aspirations ahead of her own pain just adds insult to injury.  Jenny, thankfully, wasn’t having it.  She let Mark’s sloppy pimpin’ do him in and refused to hold his hand and pose for pictures during his public unraveling.  At the height of his alleged disappearance she said she didn’t know where he was.  I wonder if she knew.  As a parent I would think you would let the mother of your children know when you left the country…but then again what kind of man dips out on his kids for Father’s Day?

There is no talk of impeachment, but I’m wondering…how do you not get punished for going MIA?  His sloppy pimpin’ left his state with no clear leadership.  What if there was a natural disaster while he was doing the Tango in Argentina?  Public outcry is usually swift when it’s a democrat caught with his pants down.  The only thing missing during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal was burning crosses and pitchforks, and we knew he was right in the oval office doing his dirt!  Shouldn’t there be some type of restitution for Governor Sanford?  Doesn’t he owe his constituents that much?

June 25, 2009 - Posted by | Family, Opinion, Politics


  1. @ the part about the stupid “stand by your man” types…AMEN to that!!!!!!

    Comment by Chyna | June 25, 2009

  2. Unfortunately, the only issue I would have as a citizen of South Carolina would be the fact he didn’t leave any designated leadership would be grounds for some punishment. However, his adultery is not my concern.

    I think it is just another case of too many people worrying about the wrong thing. As long as it is not on my tax paying money and at the expense of my public safety, handle your business.

    As for Jenny Stanford…handle it!

    Comment by Venom Patton | June 27, 2009

  3. You are absolutely right his pimpn was sloppy to the upmost!!! How in the hell did he think he could slip out the country without telling no one and not be be missed??? Geesh, he really must have taken his “Governorship” to the extreme.

    I think he should be impeached just off of stupidity…If he will allow some panties to make him leave his state unattended aint no telling what else he may stoop to!

    Even the guy on frys knows better…*wink*

    Comment by Urban Royalty | July 2, 2009

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