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Fashion Weak?

First of all let me clarify…the title of this weeks blog is not a typo.  Having said that I shall begin.  There will always be people that think they know what looks best on everyone.  There will always be someone that doesn’t like your choice of sweater or skirt.  We wear what we like, and what we think looks best and fits our own sense of style.  All that being true, why does everyone think they have to weigh in on First Lady Michelle Obama’s wardrobe? Obviously she must be doing something right because she has singlehandedly put J Crew back on the map.

When she went sleeveless, people complained.  I’m gonna chalk that one up to flabby armed haters because if I had Michelle Obama’s arms people would be sick of me!  While I may not personally go out and buy everything I see her wearing, I’m gonna need people to leave my First Lady alone.  Her style is not the typical hum-drum boxy look you normally see on First Lady’s, but it’s HER STYLE.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but did First Lady Michelle Obama ever brag about her wardrobe or sense of fashion?  Did she ever come out and try to criticize any other women for their choice of old lady gown and pearls?  Let’s put this in the proper prospective.  Prior to becoming First Lady, Michelle Obama was a working mother.  She probably dressed in outfits that were suitable for a mother and hospital administrator, not the red carpet.  Now that all eyes are on her, she is not going to go buck wild for couture!  She’s still wearing sensible chic pieces that compliment her shape, and are event appropriate.

We all might take a fashion risk every now and then, but do we get vilified for it?  There are so many other things going on in the world and we should focus more attention on her work as a First Lady, and less attention on her wardrobe.   She keeps those girls looking cute and she’s not wearing high-waters or a do-rag, so get over it!

April 8, 2009 Posted by | Fashion, Opinion | 3 Comments