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A Town Called Denial…

Why is it so easy for us to point out something someone else needs to do, yet we are content to live in a town called “denial”?  You all have read several blogs where I went on and on about Tiny Tears and how she needed to drop out of the Democratic Primary.  In my mind it’s a done deal, and she’s only kidding herself if she thinks she’ll actually win.  While I still agree with those sentiments wholeheartedly, in all honesty there are some things I have been content to kid myself about too!

We all saw Terry McMillan’s hot mess of a husband hiding in the closet long before he admitted it to the world.  When Star Jones married Al, many of us compared her to Terry McMillan and waited with baited breath until the inevitable happened.  Yes, we love love LOVE to boot someone else out of denial, but easily turn a blind eye to our own foolishness!   To everyone that has ever bought a pair of pants in a too small size because they were on sale, and then just KNEW they were about to drop ten pounds with a new work out regime….I’m talking to you!!!!!

Denial is comfy.  Denial is fun.  Denial keeps us in debt, keeps our kids acting like wild banshee’s and keeps too many people in bad relationships…..so why do we do it?  Ask yourself a question.  Do you really believe <fill in blank>?    If the answer is no, please cease and desist with it TODAY.  According to Alcoholics Anonymous the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Just to be clear, I am not talking about the things we readily admit to.  If you are chronically tardy, and know it, technically you are not living in denial (about that).  On the other hand if you buy a fresh red velvet cake from Publix every week, but insist you are on the Atkin’s Diet, you are in denial.  If you think it’s NOT R. Kelly on that sex tape (because the creative mind that brought you I Believe I Can Fly and Step In The Name Of Love couldn’t possibly be a pedophile), you are the Mayor of a town called denial! 

Sometimes we stay in denial, because we think it’s easier than admitting the truth.  While squeezing into those size 9 ½  shoes might seem easy…wouldn’t your feet appreciate you more if you stopped denying the fact that you really wear a size 11?  If you know you have high blood pressure and hypertension, step away from the fried chicken and rib tips!  McDonald’s French Fries every other day will not help you shed those unwanted pounds, and you are in denial if you think the fact that you’re ordering small fries will make a difference.  Yes denial is easier, but the road to hell is paved with easy choices!

            So Epiphany Blog, this week’s assignment is “easy”.  We are going to collectively renounce our citizenship to a town called denial.  As for me, I’ve been living in denial….in the shopaholics subdivision.  Yes, my name is JerzeeChick and I’m a Shopaholic.  I always referred to it as having a shopping habit, but it’s pretty much an addiction!  Sweet Jesus be a 12 step program for people that shop too much!

There, I said it.  I’ve taken the first step, and if someone would be so kind as to provide me with the remaining eleven steps, maybe I can kick this thing.  In the mean time, what are you in denial about?  If you are the Rona Barrett of your office, yet refuse you admit you’re nosey…..sorry Boo you are the Alderman of a town called denial!  If you’ve been engaged to the same man for more than three years and really believe a wedding is forthcoming, there is a Denial Chief of Staff position with your name on it! 

Seriously though, we ALL have some pipe dream or bad habit we need to let go of, and the first step is to stop denying it. So come on Epiphany……don’t be shy J.  What have you been denying for far too long?


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