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In Loving Memory…

As a writer, I should never be at a loss for words.  I guess it’s tantamount to a stripper that has no rhythm.  Use of words is how I “shake my money maker”! In spite of that, yesterday I was at a loss for words.  A friend had died, and when I got the call I didn’t know what to say.  Surely it was a mistake, I thought.  But sadly it wasn’t a mistake, and sadder still my friend is gone.  This blog is dedicated to him, and all of you that may have lost someone near and dear too soon.

If you knew “B”, you couldn’t help but love him.  He was the strong silent type that could light up a room with his smile and laughter.  Our friendship basically was formed over our shared concern for someone that needed us at the time.

“B” was the type of friend you wanted around if you were ever in need.  Be it need of a barber, a diamond, or a good meal “B” had you covered.  He put us on to the best Japanese restaurant in Atlanta. When I was recovering from surgery and my cousin had to leave town on business, “B” was on deck with cranberry juice.  When I had a birthday BBQ, “B” got the chicken breast “hook up” for the grill.  We even had a secret baked beans contest because he thought the pineapple and ground beef made his recipe better than mine *not*!

What is it about death that makes us go through our mental Rolodex of memories? “B” died unexpectedly, but I know even when the death is due to a long illness we tend to be stunned when we get the call.  We immediately think of what we would have said if we had one more chance.  We cling to our memories as a source of comfort.  I’ll never forget the year “B” hosted the Y2K sleepover, or the way I made him laugh when I referred to his store as the “student union”. My memories of “B” are definitely a blessing, and I’d be even more of a wreck without them.

To everyone that has lost someone, as you move through the stages of grief remember how your loved one LIVED and NOT how they died!  We’ve heard the “til death do you part” phrase over and over again, but memories are yours to have and hold onto forever!  I’ve never been one to stand over a trash can fire and “pour a little out for the brothers that ain’t here”, but this blog was my way of honoring a good friend that died too soon.  My favorite “Off The Heezy” boy will be missed!


November 13, 2008 Posted by | Family, Friendship, Life, Love, Society | 6 Comments