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Sloppy Pimpin’

One by one we see politicians being exposed as philandering cheaters.  Often it’s the same people that enjoy climbing on their moral high horses being exposed.  I can’t even say it’s all about Republicans and Conservatives, because we see the sprinkling of Democrats being caught out there too.

Marital infidelity is primarily between a husband and wife.  Unfortunately when you are in the public eye your business is put out on Front Street with the quickness.  It climbs to the top of the CNN ticker even faster when you have a history of pointing fingers at other people when their indiscretions are publicized.    They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  I say people in glass houses shouldn’t even touch rocks!!!

Speaking of rocks…you have to be living under one if you haven’t heard about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  It seems Governor Sanford went missing for several days.  His Lt. Governor didn’t know where he was.  His senior staffers didn’t know where he was.  His wife also said she didn’t know where he was.  The cover story was a hiking trip in the Appalachians.  His cell phone was going straight to voicemail.  He wasn’t replying to email.  He was just MIA.  How exactly does a public official, a governor no less, think he can just dip off like that?  Sloppy Pimpin’

I DO NOT condone cheating and by all accounts by the time this little tryst took place his wife was well aware of the affair, but COMMON SENSE MUCH????  Did he really think he could take up in another country with the side boo without adequately covering his tracks?  Even the guy working on fry’s in McDonalds has sense enough to get a friend to cover for him when he dips out to meet up with ole girl from Popeye’s!

When the New Jersey Governor went down in the gay lover scandal we shook our heads.  When the Governor of New York went down in the escort for hire money laundering scandal we shook our heads….but Mark Sanford is the epitome of Sloppy Pimpin’.  Does it really get any worse?  The only highlight in this story is his wife is not doing the longsuffering stand by your man in the press conference bit!  As if the affair is not bad enough on its own, the way these politicians parade their wives out like dedicated show ponies is enough to make my stomach turn.  Glad to see Jenny Sanford had a little more self-respect.

Like I said the marital infidelity should be between the husband and wife, and if she can forgive him that is her business.  In what is probably a very tumultuous and emotional time to expect her to put your career aspirations ahead of her own pain just adds insult to injury.  Jenny, thankfully, wasn’t having it.  She let Mark’s sloppy pimpin’ do him in and refused to hold his hand and pose for pictures during his public unraveling.  At the height of his alleged disappearance she said she didn’t know where he was.  I wonder if she knew.  As a parent I would think you would let the mother of your children know when you left the country…but then again what kind of man dips out on his kids for Father’s Day?

There is no talk of impeachment, but I’m wondering…how do you not get punished for going MIA?  His sloppy pimpin’ left his state with no clear leadership.  What if there was a natural disaster while he was doing the Tango in Argentina?  Public outcry is usually swift when it’s a democrat caught with his pants down.  The only thing missing during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal was burning crosses and pitchforks, and we knew he was right in the oval office doing his dirt!  Shouldn’t there be some type of restitution for Governor Sanford?  Doesn’t he owe his constituents that much?

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A Supreme Decision

I will never be a Supreme Court Justice.  Of course there is the obvious issue of me not being a lawyer, but also I’d never survive the confirmation process.  No, there are no life altering skeletons in my closet, but my attitude is not one that would allow me to sit by and defend everything I’ve done, publically and privately, in my lifetime.  I have no desire to go through that scrutiny.  Do I really need them parading around transcripts of conversations I had when I was twenty-three?  At the end of the day should anyone really care how many personal copies I made at work or how many two-hour lunches I took in my career?

As we gear up to watch the confirmation broo-ha-ha that will surround Sonia Sotomayor, I’m wondering what’s it all for?  Yes, we need to make sure she’s qualified, but a judge is a judge is a judge.  You don’t rise in the ranks of the Appellate Courts if you’re taking kick backs or drinking on the job.  In Corporate America you can rise to CEO status all the while embezzling funds, smoking crack on conference calls and sleeping with your subordinates in the break room…in the court of appeals, not so much!  I wonder if she were an old fogey (translation: conservative white man) would the Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s of the world be so quick to rally against her.

If she were not competent she never would have been confirmed as a federal judge.  We know this is not about competence.  When a President nominates a candidate for the Supreme Court he does so knowing that if confirmed, this person will probably sit on the bench for many years, and the decisions they rule on will always reflect back on him, long after his presidency ends.  A president won’t knowingly nominate a candidate he knows is going to try to interpret the constitution in a way that directly contradicts his own views.  Let’s be honest, would you hire a Voodoo priestess to babysit your kids if you were a devout Christian? While no President can guarantee how a justice will vote, you look at their past rulings and take a leap of faith that they won’t shock and disappoint. The issue of remarks she made in the past that have the conservative talk radio nit-wits calling her a racist will hopefully blow over.  If it doesn’t and she steps down, I’m sure the next candidate President Obama nominates will undergo the same scrutiny.

At the end of the day Democrats have the numbers, so they can and will approve President Obama’s nominee.  Republican’s have to walk a fine line because while they would love a conservative anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, anti gay rights justice, they can’t very well say that out loud.

As we have just seen our nations first Black President give us a guided tour of the White House, shouldn’t we also be ready to see a Latina Woman wearing that black robe?

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What do I love more; Fantasy Football, March Madness, or The NBA Playoffs?  That is almost like asking a mother to pick her favorite kid.  We know she has a favorite, but she’ll front like she loves them all equally ☺  Seriously though, professional basketball is my first love.  When I was a kid I would sit up watching playoff games with my dad.  My mom would be asleep, but my dad and I would be up watching Magic and Kareem get it done!  I loathed and despised Larry Bird and the Celtics.  Had no love for Isaiah Thomas in his booty shorts back when he played with the bad boys in Detroit.  Still not a fan of Isaiah, but that is another blog for another day.

I am going to put it out there now, I want a Kobe vs. LeBron finals.  And if you’re wondering, my dad is going for Lebron and I’m going for Kobe. Sorry, but I don’t believe in the Orlando Magic.  Yes, I think Carmelo can be amazing, but I’m hoping Gasol and Kobe get it together (well actually Gasol and Kobe aren’t the problem.  I’m gonna need Odom and Bynum to play like they want to win)!

As I watch LeBron play, I must admit I am often amazed.  The last second three-pointer…how often do we see a play like that in the playoffs?  I’m loving these playoffs because every team is playing to win.  The officiating is a bit bootleg, but what can you do!

The Lakers were the favorite to go to the finals, as were the Cavs.  Now both teams are getting a run for their money and it looks like it might not happen that way.  Maybe the Cavs can win the next three to make it to the Finals, and maybe Phil Jackson will be able to motivate Bynum and Odom enough to make them relevant in the next few games.  However it works out, I’m pleased with the level of intensity of this year’s playoffs.  I especially liked the intensity of the Celtics-Magic series.  When Rafer Alston slapped Eddie House in the back of the head, I cracked up!  Nothing like seeing a grown man get mushed in the head to brighten your day.

I am also pleased with this year’s batch of commercials.  I like the “Where Will Amazing Happen” flashback commercials, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kobe and Lebron as muppets series.  Nike really outdid themselves.  Muppet LeBron with all that chalk.. HILARIOUS!!!!!

Having said all that, there is one thing about these playoffs I could definitely do without.  When I tell you Mark Jackson is the most annoying NBA commentator since the talking horse (AKA Bill Walton).  I just wish he would tattoo “I wanna be a coach” on his forehead and call it a day.  His voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me at this point.  I can take the bad officiating and missed calls all day and all night over Mark Jackson’s self-important pontificating!  He makes me sick.  I pray when the Lakers/Nuggets series ends, so does Mark Jackson’s commentary.

So to all my NBA loving Epiphanybloggers out there…what are you feeling about these playoffs.  The good, the bad, and the ugly…I want to hear it!

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Let The Boycott Begin!!!

Back in April it was announced that Arizona State University would not bestow upon President Barack Obama an honorary degree.  (I’m sure President Obama didn’t lose too much sleep over it seeing as he’s already earned a degree from Harvard.)  There was a social uproar of course.  People were shocked that the school deemed him suitable to deliver the commencement address, but not suitable to receive an honorary degree.  *rolling eyes now* Now I’m a die hard Obama Mama, so maybe I’m biased, but I’m just saying….

The powers that be at Arizona State University had the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to actually say and I quote: honorary degrees are given “for an achievement of eminence” and Obama was not considered for an honorary degree because his body of achievements, at this time, does not fit within that criteria. WHAT?!?!?!  The man wrote how many best-sellers?  His campaign efforts registered how many new voters?  I am not even going to mention the part about him being the first Black President of the United States (because to me that is just far too obvious)!

In an effort to save face, the University instead created a scholarship in President Obama’s name, with the first recipients being announced in conjunction with this year’s commencement.  President Obama is a humble man, so I’m sure he is not tripping over their little funky honorary degree anyway.  I’m sure he is much happier knowing deserving students will be able to attend college because of this scholarship created in his honor.  That’s good for him, but I’m not so easily swayed!

In honor (or dis-honor) of ASU, I shall boycott all things Arizona and ask that you join me.  Let me first shout out my friend Fiona, as she brought this travesty to my attention, and together we hope to “shut it down” in Arizona!

•    Arizona Iced Tea, I’m through with it!  I’d rather drink a tall glass of dirty dish- water, thank you very much.
•    Sorry Amare Stoudemire.  You got game and all, but I can no longer cheer for you or the Phoenix Suns.
•    Sorry Larry Fitzgerald, but I will no longer be considering you for my Fantasy Football team.  I know you had a good run this year, but unless the Arizona Cardinals trade you, I’m not interested!
•    No Grand Canyon tour for me!

I’m not saying being the commencement speaker automatically entitles you to an honorary degree, but this is President Barack Obama after all.  If Yale gave George W. Bush an honorary degree ASU should not only have given President Obama an honorary degree, but they need to be naming a dorm and a library after him.  I wonder how much of this is sour grapes on ASU’s part because President Obama decimated McShame? The whole thing reeks of some sort of Republican/ Red State set up.  It’s all good though, because the boycott is on! Who’s with me???

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The Millennium Gooch

If you were a fan of Different Strokes in the 80’s you might remember The Gooch.  He was the bully that tormented Arnold and other kids on the playground.  In the Flava In Ya Ear remix, Notorious B.I.G. referred to him as an “invisible bully”,  because we never actually saw him on screen.  The Gooch kept Arnold “shook”, and many of us could probably relate to him back then because there was a similar bully on our own playgrounds.  We grew up in a different time, and the bully situation was nothing compared to how it goes down on playgrounds today.  Not that there is ever an excuse to be bullied, but back then kids weren’t hanging themselves with belts because they were tired of being teased and beat up!

Last week an eleven-year-old boy, Jaheem Herrera, hanged himself because he was tired of being the victim of school bullies.  Can you imagine the horror he must have dealt with on a daily basis at the hands of his peers.  How bad must it be if an eleven-year-old boy is forced to take his own life to escape the foolishness?

Of course when I first saw this new story I wanted to know where were the teachers and where were the administrators.  I don’t have children but I know if I had even the smallest inkling that my child was being bullied I would be up in that school turning it out IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  According to the news reports, Jaheem had reported the bullying to his teacher but nothing was done.  His mom and sister were aware of some of the issues, but had no idea how bad the situation had gotten.  There is nothing you can tell me that would make me believe the schools administrators didn’t know exactly what was going on.  I’m sure they have a disciplinary file  six inches thick on each of little Jaheem’s tormentors, but never did the appropriate follow though that might have saved Jaheem’s life.  I am not blaming the teachers per say, but how can a little boy get picked on daily and not one teacher be aware of it.

We all tell our children to come to us with any and everything, and we hope that they will tell us or another adult when they are in trouble or being threatened.  Is that enough?  When I was in school we walked or caught the city bus, so you could avoid a bully if you had to.  In Atlanta most kids take the school bus, so I’m sure the bully action starts popping before they even reach school property and continues until they get home at night.

Some men think being bullied is a right of passage, and tell their sons not to be punks.  Maybe in the 70’s and 80’s that logic might float, but kids are killing each other over sneakers and silly glances so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s not being a punk when you’re trying to save a life.  On the flip side, what kinds of parents raise a bully?  How does your child going from sharing his snack to giving smaller kids the smack down?  What is the next step after playground bully, campus rapist? Who do we blame: the bully that picks on kids, the parents of the bully, or the teachers that allow bullies to stay in school?  Who should be ultimately responsible for the bully situation in our schools?

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Spare Me The Tea Party Crap!

A few days ago I started seeing posters around Atlanta about Tea Party’s on tax day.  Now I love my Teavana fix whenever I can get it, so I was a little intrigued.  I did some checking and found out there would be protests around the country against the government’s “reckless” use of taxpayer money.  Supposedly President Obama is taking all our hard earned money and running up a huge deficit.  Um…excuse me but why weren’t there any raised pinky tea parties for the past eight tax days?  I’m just saying, is it me or didn’t we have a surplus when Clinton was in office?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the deficit begin to climb when “W” got elected?  Having said that, shouldn’t there have been a tea party every year since like 2001?

The Republicans and Conservatives, and all around Obama-Haters are once again grasping at straws.  Unfortunately there are too many crazy uninformed people out there jumping on the bandwagon.  If this were truly about taxes only, this would have been an annual event since forever!  Taxes didn’t just begin in 2009.  Further, majority of the people out there protesting are benefiting from the Obama tax cuts, so they need to get a grip! While I’d love to do away with FICA and taxes in general, it’s just not a reality.  I’d also like to do away with rush hour traffic and over-priced cable, but again it’s just not a reality.

People complain that the rich pay too much in taxes.  Most of the people making this argument are poor or middle class. While the idea of people getting a free pass on their mortgages while I pay mine on time every month kinda burns me up….seventeen foreclosed houses on my block won’t help me sell my house either so let the government do whatever it takes to turn this housing market around so I can move! Blame the banks for giving mortgages to people with bootleg paystubs and bad credit.  The government didn’t get us into this mess, but they are trying to turn it around.

I had to laugh at the coverage of some of these events.  People actually held signs and made speeches about irresponsible government spending.  Where were they when Bush and Cheney were pumping all our tax dollars into Iraq?  Someone said President Obama has done more damage in 100 days that anyone else has done in the last 100 years.  Again, where were these people when George Bush was running up the deficit that President Obama inherited?

In the spirit of keeping it real, I’d like to know where you stand on the subject of taxes?  No one likes them I’m sure, but is anyone out there on board for this tea party crap?  Am I the only one that thinks this is just another attempt to throw salt on President Obama?

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Fashion Weak?

First of all let me clarify…the title of this weeks blog is not a typo.  Having said that I shall begin.  There will always be people that think they know what looks best on everyone.  There will always be someone that doesn’t like your choice of sweater or skirt.  We wear what we like, and what we think looks best and fits our own sense of style.  All that being true, why does everyone think they have to weigh in on First Lady Michelle Obama’s wardrobe? Obviously she must be doing something right because she has singlehandedly put J Crew back on the map.

When she went sleeveless, people complained.  I’m gonna chalk that one up to flabby armed haters because if I had Michelle Obama’s arms people would be sick of me!  While I may not personally go out and buy everything I see her wearing, I’m gonna need people to leave my First Lady alone.  Her style is not the typical hum-drum boxy look you normally see on First Lady’s, but it’s HER STYLE.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but did First Lady Michelle Obama ever brag about her wardrobe or sense of fashion?  Did she ever come out and try to criticize any other women for their choice of old lady gown and pearls?  Let’s put this in the proper prospective.  Prior to becoming First Lady, Michelle Obama was a working mother.  She probably dressed in outfits that were suitable for a mother and hospital administrator, not the red carpet.  Now that all eyes are on her, she is not going to go buck wild for couture!  She’s still wearing sensible chic pieces that compliment her shape, and are event appropriate.

We all might take a fashion risk every now and then, but do we get vilified for it?  There are so many other things going on in the world and we should focus more attention on her work as a First Lady, and less attention on her wardrobe.   She keeps those girls looking cute and she’s not wearing high-waters or a do-rag, so get over it!

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Not Yet 100…

Political pundits are all over President Obama.  Some are saying he’s not fulfilling his campaign promises.  Some are saying he’s being too bipartisan and too inclusive of Republican ideas.  He’s been in office for what, 75 days?  The presidential term is about 1461 days (assuming one leap year), which means President Obama is only about 5% or so into his job.  How much did we realistically expect the man to accomplish this quickly.  The average administrative assistant or project manager is still in the probationary period at 75 days!

Granted the President of the United States is not the kind of job that you can pooh pooh your way through and blame lack of training for a lack of competency, but of course that is not the case with President Obama.  He hit the ground running, and is making amazing strides.  Some people still aren’t satisfied.

We all agree that President Obama inherited this deficit, and is doing the best he can to make decisions that will ultimately benefit American people.  For some, that’s just not good enough.  They wanted him to come out swinging and they wanted this to be the land of milk and honey by now.  Welcome to reality.

The reality is, as a Black man, President Obama has to walk a fine line.  He can’t get too publicly agitated, as we don’t want him stereotyped as the angry black man.  I’m also wondering about the people that say he’s too bipartisan.  I agree, you can’t make everyone happy, and ultimately he has to be true to Democrats, but he did say this was not a country of Red States and Blue States, but rather the United States.  To that end he has to try to include ideas of both parties.  As we’ve seen with the past couple of votes, the Democrats are in control, so they get what they want, but can’t we all at least try to get along.  I feel like people are disappointed that he is not running through the Halls of Congress acting like Chuck D or Ice Cube.

Some are also a little disappointed because he’s not entertaining the idea of legalizing marijuana in an effort to decrease the deficit.  Epiphany, what do you think about legalizing weed?  All I’m going to say is, y’all can get over it because there is NO WAY a black man is going to legalize weed.  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!  Are you kidding me, those talk radio snooty pants would have a field day with that one.  I could hear Rush Limbaugh now: “first marijuana, next crack, …get that pimp out of the white house by any means necessary!”

The smokers are taking a hit thanks to the bill President Obama signed that raises cigarette prices.  I think now a pack of cigarettes in Jersey is up to almost $10.  If that is not incentive enough to quit, I don’t know what is!  Smokers feel they are being unfairly picked on, but this tax increase pays for the first part of President Obama’s healthcare plan.  To me, as a non-smoker, it’s a win.

At the end of the day, we wanted to see change, and we are seeing it.  Maybe not as quickly as some would like, but slow and steady wins the race.  I don’t know why people put so much emphasis on the first one hundred days, but President Obama is being watched and polled on every move.    He’s polling well, but they never ask anyone I know to participate in this poll so here’s your chance to weigh in.  How do YOU think President Barack Obama is doing in his first 100 Days?

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The Stanky Leg

As if I didn’t already think Wal-Mart was the root of all evil, I am totally convinced now!  I agreed to do a friend a favor before I realized it would require going to my local Wal-Mart.  It was too late to weasel out of it, so off to Wal-Mart I went.  I thought I was mentally prepared for the tomfoolery that was bound to ensue, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would witness a spectacle such as a Stanky Leg “dance off” in the vestibule!

I am not sure if this god-awful “Stanky Leg” song has infiltrated everyone’s airwaves yet, but if it has not…count your blessings.  The song is horrible, and the dance is even worse.  It is basically a stripper recruitment theme song.  Granted dance songs are usually kind of lame with their lyrical content, but that is not my issue with this particular song.  As previously stated, it is the soundtrack for all aspiring pole dancers, and therein lies my issue!

So I am walking into Wal-Mart and there is a group of teens standing in the doorway listening to music.  My first thought was, “why are they blasting the music from their boom box in the Wal-Mart”, but then again it’s Wal-Mart and apparently anything goes.  My next thought was “Oh God not this mess”, once I realized it was that Stanky Leg song.  The two girls were apparently doing their best Stanky Leg while their three male friends looked on and captured the festivities on their camera phones.  What is this world coming to when teenage girls can record their stripper audition video’s in the Wal-Mart vestibule?!?!?!

I was very repulsed!  These girls were maybe sixteen, and found it socially acceptable to dip and gyrate in that manner.  I don’t have daughters, but I have cousins and the thought of any of them doing this nonsense really annoyed me.  I kept it moving and successfully resisted the urge to snatch one of those little girls up. As I stood on line in customer service I thought back to the kinds of dances I thought were okay to do in public when I was a teenager.  Nothing we did in the eighties can compare to the Stanky Leg.  Granted at the basement parties there might have been some slow dragging, bumping and grinding going on….but not in the Wal-Mart vestibule.

What has this world come to?   Am I the only person thoroughly repulsed by the spectacle that is the Stanky Leg,?  I must admit I was surprised by the number of grown women I recently saw in the club doing the dance.  Grown people have a right to do whatever they want, but for every teen girl doing the Stanky Leg, is there a stripper pole and pair of clear heels in her future?

The song sucks, there is no question about that, but the kids are doing it. In Jersey we used to have a commercial “It’s 6 o’clock do you know where your child is”. My question this week Epiphanyblog…is YOUR child doing the Stanky Leg?  Are you sure?

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AIG = Arrogance Incompetence and Greed!

By now everyone should have heard about the drama surrounding the bonuses distributed by AIG.  In short, the company that received billions in government bailout money recently turned around and awarded millions to their executives in the form of “retention bonuses”.  Why they would be trying to retain these idiots is beyond me, but I digress…

The bonuses were supposedly promised in early 2008, long before the company fell apart.  Even so, I would think that the company actually falling apart would be just cause to award no bonuses.  I remember working for a company that stopped awarding annual increases and instead went to a bonus structure that would give you up to 10% of your annual salary.  While it might sound like a better deal to receive the bonus, you wouldn’t believe the creative ways they finagled us out of our money year after year!  The bonus structure was so convoluted you needed an MBA just to figure out what you were entitled to.  They weighted the bonus based on how much profit the company made, how much free coffee we drank, and a bunch of other crap that was out of our control.    When it was all said and done you were lucky to walk away with 3%.

AIG is in ruins, but managed to pay out bonuses ranging from $1000 to 6.5 million dollars to its top executives.  I’m sorry but how does a company on public assistance garner the nerve to give anyone a bonus of 6.5 million dollars?  That’s like a person going into The Palm and trying to pay for their lobster with food stamps.  I’m just saying….did they really think this would fly?

Everyone is pointing the finger of blame.  Many say tougher restrictions should have been placed on what the companies could do with the money they received as part of the bailout.  I think I’m inclined to agree with that.  You can’t waste food stamp money on Gucci and Prada so yeah the government should be able to curb the handing out of bonus checks with taxpayer money.

Congress wants the names of every person that received a payout, but the current CEO is hesitant to give out that information.  Apparently people have been sending death threats to AIG.  It’s not “ha-ha” funny, but it’s a little ironic funny.  Taxpayers are not playing about these bailout funds!  Somebody sent a message to an AIG employee that said: all bonus recipients should be executed with piano wire around their necks.  Ouch!

So Epiphanyblog, what is your take on all this?  Some of the recipients of the money have been asked to return a portion of their payouts.  Anyone that received more than 100K got the call to pay back some of their bonus.  If it were you, would you give it back?  The people that got the small money, are probably lower level employees who bore no influence on the direction the company took, but consequently the good should suffer with the bad.  When the company is in the toilet, everyone from the receptionists to the VP’s should expect all bonuses to be placed on hold.  Having said that, should all AIG employees return the money, or only the big dogs?

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The Revolution

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The revolution will not be televised….it will be on FACEBOOK!!!!  If you have not joined the Facebook Matrix, what are you waiting for?  Last night I watched President Obama deliver his State of the Union address.  As I listened to my President intently…I was “Facebooking”.  My Facebook friends and me commented on the speech and how we thought President Obama did.  We talked about how good First Lady Michelle looked, and how we are looking forward to the changes President Obama spoke of.

All totaled my Facebook experience yesterday was great.  It was fun to participate in the commentary with various people around the country about President Obama (cause y’all know I’m a die hard Obama Mama), but even more than that I got my scanner rocking yesterday and I started uploaded pictures from high school. *gasps*

To all the Facebookers out there, you know one of the highlights of Facebook is the pictures.  Even though I cringe every time I get the notification that someone tagged me in a photo, I too did a little uploading and tagging yesterday.  I pulled out the ICHS album, and commenced to strolling down memory lane.  As I looked at the old pics of my classmates and myself I felt like the Virginia Slims ad circa 1980…”you’ve come a long way baby”!  This blog is dedicated to those long ago friends that Facebook has helped me reconnect with.  Below is the list of the top ten ICHS memories that Facebook helped me revisit during my scanning escapade.

10.  The Sucky Faculty. Aside from Mr. Villablanca, most of the teachers sucked.  I remember having Mr. Young for Physical Science freshman year.  He was mean and had dandruff in his eyebrows. YUCK!

9.  We didn’t have a band. We had a boom box for pep rallies—LOL!

8. Hatim Salahuddin. We had a lot of memorable boys in our class.  One created his own dance, and another fell off the roof of a car at the bus stop.  Hatim was memorable for several reasons (pocket protectors and tie renting notwithstanding), but it was his “Ladies Love” song that stands out in my mind even to this day.

7.  The Bench. I didn’t spend “a lot” of time on the bench, but I did a “bid” every now and then.

6.  Sports. Even though we were a small school, we had a few really good athletes.  ICHS didn’t invest a lot of money in the cafeteria, but they believed in cultivating an athlete!

5.  Running for the 34/94. I live in Atlanta now, and all the kids catch a school bus.  The bus picks them up and drops them off pretty much in front of their homes, and it waits for them.  I WISH a bus driver would have waited for me when I was in High School!  I remember standing at the bus stop in that little blue skirt about to FREEZE as I waited for my bus.  Even with sweat pants on under the skirt, I was still cold.

4.  Fi’s Jams. Back when Essex Catholic parties were few and far between, Fiona threw a mean party.

3. Senior Traditions. Wearing any color sweater I wanted was cool, and half day Fridays were even better. Mostly, I remember the infamous egg-throwing debacle of 1991.  Not sure of the statute of limitations on vandalism, so I won’t say any more about that!

2.  PSAT Day Junior Year. Again, I’ll just leave it at that, because I don’t want to drop any dimes!

1.  Segregated Sections. Freshman year we had 5 Sections (A-B-C1-C2-D).  I started in 9C1, so I guess I was of middle ground intelligence.  I got moved to section 9B, So I wasn’t quite smart enough to be in 9A, but I was smarter than the C1 kids?!?!?!  What kind of crap is that?  Our parents should have protested!

Majority of the people reading this blog probably can’t relate to my little top ten, but hopefully it will inspire you to reconnect with your high school friends and maybe create your own top ten.  Gone are the days of reading the obituary pages to keep up with the people you went to school with.  Even if you’ve relocated, Facebook makes you feel like you still live around the way.  I implore you all to join the Facebook nation, because the revolution will not be televised!

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So all day yesterday I was wondering what I should blog about, and then a gift was dropped in my lap today by way of the New York Post.  By now you have all heard that President Obama has signed the Economic Stimulus Bill.  As was to be expected he’s getting heat because the bill was passed will minimal support from Republicans.   Some are saying President Obama was elected because of his promises to foster bipartisanship blah blah blah.  Here is what I think about bipartisanship…in theory it’s a good thing.  It’s like that Coke commercial “…I’d like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love.  Grow apple trees and honey bees, and snow white turtle doves.”  In theory it’s a cute concept, but later for furnishing someone else’s house, I want to furnish my own.  And you can keep the apple trees and turtle doves…send me my stimulus check!

All the politicians meow meowing about bipartisanship need to get over it.  There comes a point in every President’s career that he has to make a definitive decision to do what is best for the people that elected him and worry about soothing the ruffled feathers of bipartisanship later.  The people that elected President Obama needed a bill passed.  While I’d love to debate the finer points of this Stimulus Bill and how it might impact middle class people like me, that is not the purpose of this weeks blog (sidebar: if you are a first time homebuyer or in the market for a new car, the Stimulus Package has a hook up for you ☺ !!!)

Okay so here is the background story that feeds into the New York Post broo-ha-ha.  A woman in Connecticut kept a giant chimp as a pet.  The chimp went crazy a couple of days ago and attacked the woman’s friend.  Police ended up shooting and killing the chimp because they could not gain control of the situation, and I believe the woman’s friend was critically injured.  Late night stand up routines had a field day with the story, as apparently the woman treated this animal as her child, and this was not the first time he had run-a-muck in the town.

The New York Post took a different approach.  They featured a cartoon in the paper and on their website today that showed two cops and a dead chimp.  One cop is holding a smoking gun towards the chimp and the caption reads: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”  Needless to say people are up in arms as this cartoon seems to paint a not so flattering picture of President Obama.  At best it is mocking his stimulus bill as something so bad a chimp could have written it.  At worst it is insinuating that in some way President Obama and a dead chimp have a lot in common.  Things that make you go hmmm….

We can all agree the cartoon was in poor taste.  It’s like someone drawing a parody of a rape victim…you just don’t do it! Al Sharpton was Johnny on the spot demanding an apology, but The New York Post had this to say: The cartoon is a clear parody of a current event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut.  It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy.  Again Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.  I am no huge Sharpton fan, but I don’t think this constitutes “publicity opportunism”.  Certain things common sense should just tell you not to do, and obviously there is a little common sense missing on the New York Post editorial team.  Common sense should tell you not to make fun of or do any type of parody of abused children, victims of rape, or ANYTHING that might insinuate any type of relationship between Black men and apes/monkeys/chimps.

In my opinion, the statement by the Post is in a word: REACHING!  There is no cleaning it up, and they would have done better to just come out and say they made a joke in poor taste and offer profuse apologies.  Instead they chose to dig in their heel and stand behind a dangerous and reprehensible picture.  What’s your take on this Epiphanyblog?

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Things You “Shouldn’t” Do…

Before I begin, let me give the obligatory disclaimer…there is NOTHING funny about domestic violence.  I tend to err on the side of sarcasm, but please don’t think I condone a woman getting senselessly pounded on by a man that should know better.  Now having said that heeeeeeeeere we go!!!!!

This whole “Chris Brown beats Rihanna” thing has been the talk of the radio/beauty shop/nail salon/break room since the story broke on Sunday.  The only thing we know for sure is that Chris had an altercation with a female, and charges were pressed.  Because the name of the victim has not been officially released, we are all going by the pics of a busted up Rihanna on the internet, and her quick exodus to Barbados as confirmation that she was the victim.

Let’s keep this in perspective; Chris Brown is a 19-year-old boy.  He is not morally superior and he is not above doing something stupid (i.e. beating on his girlfriend).  At the same time Rihanna is an attractive woman in a grown up relationship doing grown up things, and unfortunately she has experienced something too many women go through on a daily basis.  I feel sorry for her because physical harm inflicted on you by the person that claims to love you is a horrible feeling!  I hope parents will use this situation as a teaching opportunity.   Teach our young men that if you put your hands on a woman NO MATTER WHAT SHE DID, there will be hell to pay.  Also teach them no matter how cute she is, if that little firecracker can push your buttons enough to make you haul off and slap her, then SHE IS NOT THE WOMAN FOR YOU.  At the same time, we need to teach our daughters, HANDS ARE NOT FOR HITTING.  If he loses his temper and gets to wailing on you, get out of there quickly, and CALL THE POLICE.  Tend to you injuries first and foremost, and then call your brothers to go find him.  No one wins in an abusive relationship!

So as you read this blog and ponder your personal relationships, where do you stand on the issue of “a man should never hit a woman”? Again there is nothing funny about domestic violence, and I believe a man “should” never hit a woman, but I am also woman enough to admit that there are some things I could do that might possibly warrant getting “shaken” half to death.  There is a rumor going around that Rihanna “allegedly” gave Chris Brown herpes.  This is still alleged as neither camp has made an official statement, but lets run with it for a minute.  Men, would being told you just got the gift you could NEVER give back warrant you busting a chick in her eye.  Go ahead and tell the truth, because I am not going to judge!

Let’s say it wasn’t as extreme as that.  Let’s say you are having dinner at your girlfriends place.  She sneaks a peek at your cell phone while you are in the bathroom (sloppy pimping if you left it on the table, but I digress…), and finds a bunch of naked pics from another female on your phone.  The pics are dated so she knows you just got them two days ago.  When you return to the table she gets to clowning and spits a mouth full of food in your face.  What would you do???  She SPIT IN YOUR FACE, is there anything more disrespectful?  And while we are on the subject…Ladies, if you spit in a man’s face…or better yet keyed his mama’s car do you really expect to escape that situation with no bodily harm?

The bible says thou should not kill.  I agree, killing is something you shouldn’t do, but as Biggie said…there’s gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if my burglar alarm starts ringing!  There is a segment of the population, psychotic men, that need to beat on a woman to feel superior.  They deserve to have a pot of hot grits splashed on them. No woman should live in fear of a man that claims to love her.  For the purpose of this blog, I am not talking about the Ike Turner’s of the world.  I am not defending Chris Brown, nor am I vilifying Rihanna.  I just want us to take a moment and honestly ask ourselves if there is any circumstance that would warrant knocking a woman’s block off…or at least shaking one until her weave fell out!

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Snitches Get Ditches…

By now most of you have heard about the Michael Phelps bong scandal of ’09.  Apparently he was at a party, and was photographed smoking weed out of a bong.  He subsequently released a statement about it being a youthful indiscretion blah blah blah.  Let me be clear, I could care less about his weed habit, and I am not about to pass judgment.  As an athlete, that is between him and his trainer (and those companies that are paying him millions in endorsement dollars).   My focus this week is on the circumstances that led to the Michael Phelps expose’…obviously somebody snitched!

If we are honest, we can admit (at least to ourselves), we’ve done at least one thing illegal (or morally reprehensible) at some point in our lives.  This action has probably never come to light to further embarrass us because it was done in the presence of friends.  See, when we are with our friends certain rules don’t apply.  We can be at ease around the homies because we don’t expect them to sell us out to the highest bidder.

When we are kids we learn nobody likes a tattletale, and as we grow up we develop a conscience and understand there are times when you need to open your mouth and times when you need to play dumb.  In the snitching code, would you or should you ever snitch on a friend? For me personally, I’m not going to willingly drop a dime unless it’s to save a child or save a life. Am I wrong?  What do I stand to gain from telling the manager at a local grocery store that I spotted someone in aisle nine stealing over-priced spices?  At the same time, is a ten thousand dollar come up a fair exchange for possibly ruining the life/career of a friend?  In this time of cell phone cameras and video chatting, it would be relatively easy to ensnarl someone in a major scandal (a la Michael Phelps), but would you do it?   To tell or not to tell, that is the question!

Ladies, if you saw your girlfriend’s husband hugged up with his secretary in a cozy corner of a restaurant, would you tell her?  Now what if you knew 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would never leave him, and to add insult to injury you knew she would tell him you were the snitch (and thus have him hating you forever) would you tell?

Men, does the “playa” code exclude snitching…even when you can benefit?  If you met a female that you were very interested in, and you knew for a 100% fact that she shot you down simply because she was being faithful to a known cheater that spent all his money romancing strippers and chicken heads, would you tell?

Like I said, snitching to save a child or save a life should be a no brainer.  If you witnessed a serious crime would you tell?  Let’s say your life or safety was not in danger, and you would probably be preventing future crime by coming forward, would you tell?  As you watch the little excerpt below and reflect on your personal “snitch code”.  How gray is the line?  Do you always tell, or do you mind your business?  Would you want someone to snitch if it would benefit you, and how far would you go to protect someone’s privacy if their snitching helped you out?

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A Look Back

As we move closer to the inauguration and look forward to the changes we are about to see in our country, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on 2008.  There were a lot of memorable moments, and I wanted to count down my favorites: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

10. I Can See Russia From My House
If you’ve been following Epiphanyblog, you know I was not a fan of the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee.  I remember when I heard her name on CNN, my first comment was “Sara Who?”  Regardless of what you think about her qualifications, we can all agree she gave comediennes and late night talk shows countless hours of material.

9. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
This show was a train wreck that I just couldn’t look away from.  I debated its merits with so many people…but all I asked is that they watch one full episode and they too would be hooked!  Apparently someone other than me was watching because it was the highest rated show in Bravo history.

8. Historic Olympic Athletes
I am a sports chick, so I follow those people that are deemed “the greatest” in their particular area of competition.  While swimming was never really on my radar, I was glued to my seat as I watched Michael Phelps win a record breaking 8 Gold Medals during the summer games in Beijing.

7.  The Facebook Phenomenon
First let me shout out all my FB friends that might be reading today.  And those of you that aren’t “friends”…what are you waiting for?  Facebook is the ultimate in social networking sites.  You’d be amazed at who you can find, and more importantly what old pics of yourself are floating out there on Facebook.  The revolution won’t be televised…it will be on Facebook!

6.  The Giants Beat the Patriots
I hate the New England Patriots.  Belichick, Brady, and the whole crew can kick rocks for all I care.  One of the sweetest moments of 2008 came when Big Blue dethroned those smug Patriots!

5.  The Shot Heard Around The World
Even though Omar was a career criminal and pretty much made his living as a stick-up kid…he had some endearing qualities.  As I watched every episode of The Wire’s final season, I never expected to see Omar taken out by a juvenile delinquent…in a corner store no less!

4. The Democratic National Convention
I’ve long since been an Obama Mama, but the first night of the Democratic National Convention showed the world what Michelle was made of.  She inspired women, especially women of color, to strive and achieve!

3.  The Return of Maxwell
I am a Maxwell STAN!!!  I was overjoyed to see him appear out of nowhere on the BET awards, but that was nothing compared to the live show he put on in November.   If you missed his concert, I sure hate it for you!

2.  The Election Booth
On November 4, 2008, I was able to cast my vote for the first African American President of the United States.  I was so excited; I even took a picture of my electronic ballot with my iPhone!

And of course the most memorable moment of 2008 was seeing Barack Obama elected as the 44th President of the United States of America.  That’s my Top 10 and I’m sticking to it.  Did I miss anything?

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Ms. Independent?

I keep hearing men, especially celebrities, talking about how they are attracted to women that make their own money and don’t “need” the help of a man.  I can appreciate that because I too think an independent man is attractive.  Am I selling out the Womens Movement because I think this whole “support the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed to” mess has gone too far?

I was a fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  NeNe was my favorite by far, and the latest antics of Sheree have gone a long way to move her to the bottom of the list.  Throughout the season she talked about how she was trying to obtain a seven-figure divorce settlement from her ex-husband.  He’s a former NFL player, and they have two children together.

Now again, I hate to seem like a sell-out to my sista’s, but if you haven’t caught a pass nor made a tackle, what makes you think you are entitled to this mans fortune?  He earned that money you didn’t.  I don’t care if he had servants feeding you grapes three times a day, it was a done deal when you two parted ways.  You don’t get to ball out of control anymore.  Welcome to the real world….and in the real world we live on a BUDGET!  In the real world we live WITHIN our means!

Before you roast me, keep this in mind: in the initial divorce settlement she got a lump sum of over seven hundred thousand dollars.  She also got a portion of the marital assets and currently gets money from his pension and one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars a year in child support.  All of that and this heifer still ain’t happy *rolls eyes now*!  She doesn’t get alimony, so her lawyers have taken this thing to the Georgia Supreme Court.  Their argument: she only has a high school education and has limited skills and therefore can not earn a decent living.  I’m sorry, but that is some mess!  How can any woman in good conscience allow herself to be painted as a “loser” in an effort to squeeze out more cash?  The man is taking care of his kids, why can’t she get a J-O-B?!?!?!?!

Now I believe in equitable sharing of assets, and I believe that if a woman raised your kids and supported you in your career goals she shouldn’t have to move back to the projects when y’all break up.  I also believe that child support should not be a “come up”.  When you leave a relationship, you also leave the perks that go along with said relationships.

So Epiphanyblog, I’d like to hear your thoughts about this whole “lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed to” argument.  Has it gone too far?

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In ’09

2008 is officially over and 2009 is here.  All things considered this year flew by!  One minute I was cheering for the Giants at a Superbowl party and here I am getting ready to cheer them on again! *fingers crossed here* It seems like just yesterday when I was rooting for Barack Obama and complaining about Tiny Tears (okay maybe I did do that again yesterday), and in twenty days he’ll be sworn in! We are all blessed to see another year, so let’s do our part to make it a great one. As I stated last year, I really don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  I prefer to try to make reasonable changes so that the coming year will be better than the last.  In 2009 I plan to make a couple of adjustments.


  1. Talk is cheap!  Have you heard that song by India Arie and Anthony David?  Well the chorus is simply: “Can’t tell you nothing you ain’t already heard.  No matter what I say it’s nothing but words.”  Truer “words” have never been spoken.  We should all be tired of people saying what they think we want to hear.  Don’t tell me, show me!  At the same time, I know I am at times guilty of too much talk and not enough action. So in ‘09 I won’t talk about it, I’ll be about it!
  2. Monitor my priorities!  We go through life trying to do so much for so many people and at the end of the day our efforts go unappreciated or taken for granted.  People won’t hesitate to tell you “no”, or “I can’t” all the while expecting you to move heaven and earth to make it happen for them.  Why bother?  In ‘09 I will stop making people a priority when they only see me as an option. 


My list is short and sweet.  Nothing over the top, just two things that should make 2009 a good year for me.  So Epiphanyblog, what will you do differently to make 2009 better than 2008?


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So Thankful

Every year around this time most of us reflect on all of our blessings.  We are thankful for life, health and strength.  We are thankful for family, friends and all the things that make us happy.  In addition to the things I just mentioned, this year I am thankful for Reality Television.  I know it sounds shallow, but if any of you followed Warren Sapp on Dancing with the Stars, you understand my point.  While Warren did bring me joy, it is the Real Housewives of Atlanta that I am most thankful for.


Before all of the intellectuals out there “roast me” for this guilty pleasure, keep in mind that even the likes of Anderson Cooper (from CNN) was hooked to this show.  I am not sure if it was fauxcialite  Kim’s delusions of talent with regards to her singing career, or NeNe’s propensity to “take it there” with the one liners but something about this show was addictive (kind of like Facebook, but I digress….)!  I am not going to ruin it for you, but if you haven’t watched yet, you are missing out.  I’m sure there will be a Bravo Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon this weekend, so please do yourself a favor and check it out.


The reunion show delivered high drama as expected.  Again, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I will just comment on a few things.


  1. The Kim/Sheree BFF thing looked about as fake as that ponytail Sheree was sporting last night!
  2. While DeShawn’s hunt for a Governess initially turned me off, I do think she is sweet and I wish her well as she makes a name for herself in Atlanta….you gotta respect a woman that pays her tithes!
  3. Throwing out the “cancer card” is NOT the best way to avoid getting the smack down!  Kim’s crocodile tears and sob story were almost as bad as her singing voice, which brings me to my next point….
  4. I don’t remember NeNe saying Kim’s wig was squeezing her brain, but I do agree that something with Kim must be a little off if she thinks that craptastic voice of hers is going to sell records.
  5. Lisa Wu is like Whoa!!!!!


I know I am not the only person out there that watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta (as evidenced by the ratings), so I would love to know what other people thought. Even if you were initially turned off by the obvious excess or pretentious antics, there is an addictive “train wreck” quality to this show. Don’t be ashamed…this blog is anonymous anyway, so tell me how you really feel J



P.S. As you all look forward to your turkey induced tryptophan high, please be safe this weekend!     

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My New Addiction

I don’t think I’ve done a “Favorite Things” blog this year, but something new just bumped Fantasy Football out of the top spot! If you know me, you know how I feel about the “Corporate America Hustle”. All I need is a reason to slack off and one was handed to me on a silver platter yesterday.  I was convinced to sign up on Facebook….and my life will never be the same!

Last week a friend told me about an annoying former coworker that had hit her up on Facebook.  She suggested I join too, so that we could commiserate.  I didn’t really think too hard about it.  I have a full plate already, plus I barely look at my MySpace page.  Then yesterday another friend was talking about it, and said how much fun she was having.  I thought:
1.    It’s the middle of the day
2.    I’m at work
3.    I have about 50 messages in my inbox that need my attention
Then I figured why not.  What better way to pass the time before I duck out early than by trying to connect with some old friends!!!!!

So I created my profile, and started searching for friends.  I actually saw a guy on there that I used to like in the second grade (we were the only two black kids in our class so the relationship was destined to happen).  The more friends I added, the more friends I saw.  It was like being let loose in a penny candy factory and finding all those discontinued snacks that you loved as a kid (BTW, I am on a HUNT for Chocolate Snaps and those skinny mini fruity tootsie rolls….if you have the hook up, let me know).

Social networking is one of the greatest things going out there.  It allows us to stay on top of important social issues (Barack the Vote) as well as keep up with who in your old high school crew just got married/pregnant/dumped.  As far as social networking sites go, Facebook is head and shoulders above MySpace (in my opinion of course)!  Facebook screams professional, while MySpace screams “booty call”.  Don’t get me wrong there are important networking opportunities on MySpace as well, but I guess I am just a little turned off by all the “posing” (and by posing I mean the “squat down jail pose” and the obligatory “booty shot”).  How can you take someone seriously when their friend box is full of pictures of scantily clad women?  He might very well be a man of God, but I think I’ll pass on the add when I see video vixens draped across pool tables and bending over to show their cracks/thongs in your top friends space!

If you went to UMCP, MySpace is the equivalent of taking Peter Pan home to NYC where Facebook is like taking the Amtrak from New Carrolton Station right to Penn Station.  (I was going to say it was like taking a flight from National to Newark Airport, but I thought that might be reaching).  If you live in Atlanta, MySpace is like shopping at Macy’s in Greenbriar, while Facebook is like shopping at Macy’s in Perimeter.

Regardless, Facebook is my new addiction.  It’s a fun easy way to re-connect with people from our past.  I actually connected with someone I used to beat senselessly in spades in college! I see people using Facebook to plan reunions and tastefully market their businesses.  There is comedy as well….one of my high school friends was quoting lines from Pootie Tang, and another friend invited me to join her TV trivia team.

You have nothing to lose…it’s free.  So please Epiphany, join the movement that is Facebook and let us all get addicted together.  Sa Da Tay!

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Shock The World

In all honesty, the only people shocked were probably Sara Who, and Elizabeth from The View.  The rest of us knew the deal!!!!!  It’s been a long time coming, but our “Change” has finally come.  It’s hard to put into words the feelings and emotions from seeing the first Black President elected.  I am glad it happened in my lifetime, and I am happy to know my contributions and vote made a difference.

Barack Obama started out with little money and many people telling him it was “not his time”.  I am so glad he didn’t listen to them.  He stayed focused and didn’t compromise for anyone.  He is truly the choice for a new generation!

As you reflect over November 4th, I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the video and share your feelings with Epiphanyblog!


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The Thursday 10

This week’s blog is all about the 10 things I loved and loathed this week!

  • LOVED the Colin Powell Endorsement. The timing was perfect, and it further validated for some independents that Obama is the man to change this country. This endorsement from Colin Powell, should be the coup de grâce for the Republicans.

  • LOATHED the George Will and Rush Limbaugh commentary. Colin Powell is a retired general that is pretty much the highest ranking black man to ever serve in a Republican Administration and he’s endorsing a liberal Democrat, not the Navy pilot and fellow Republican. It didn’t take long for the right wingers to come out and try to minimize the endorsement and say Powell only endorsed Obama because he’s black. It is an insult and disgrace to assume that intelligent African American people will blindly follow each other down the road of damnation simply because we share the same skin color.

  • LOVED The Secret Life of Bees. It’s a cute movie, and if you read the book you’ll especially enjoy it. Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keyes all did wonderful jobs, and if you are a fan on The Wire….Mike is in this one too!

  • LOATHED the “I thought I was on a slave ship” defense. Brian Nichols’s defense team is trying to get a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict. To that end, they are trying to convince the jury that Mr. Nichols had “snapped” while in custody and thought he was on a slave ship. He killed all those people in an effort to free himself from the belly of a slave ship. Now, I took AASP 202 with Dr. Sharon Harley, not to mention countless other African American Studies classes during my time at UMCP. It has been a while, but never in any of my studies do I recall there being automatic weapons on slave ships! My memory certainly isn’t what it used to be, but I would almost bet my Maxwell tickets on the fact that there weren’t any Glock 9’s during the Middle Passage.

  • LOVED the exposing of Sara Who’s expenditures. Not Miss Small-town USA shopping in Neiman’s and Saks!!! They claim the clothes will eventually be donated to charity, but I can’t wait to see how the scandal of her toting her kids all across the country on the Alaska tax payers dime turns out!

  • LOATHED the overabundance of neck tattoos and bad weaves. Is there a 2 for 1 sale going on someplace in Atlanta? Pay $100 to get a quick weave done by Bunny and’nem, then get a panther tat on your neck for free. YUCK!

  • LOVED another week of Warren Sapp on Dancing With The Stars. I only watch the show long enough to see him dance, and this week he got down with the Hustle!

  • LOATHED the week of dud play by Fantasy Football Superstars. While I won in three of my five leagues this week, the inconsistent play of superstars like T.O., Peyton, Braylon Edwards, and LaDainian, have many leagues in an uproar.

  • LOVED to LOATHE The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s like a train wreck and I can’t look away. When I compare these women to The Real Housewives of New York it becomes painfully obvious that there is nothing worse than new money! I’m not going to name names, but unless you are a Rockefeller, Kennedy, or possibly Will and Jada, why do you need a “governess”? It’s true what they say…money can’t buy class!

Well that was my Thursday 10. You may not have time to run down a full 10, but what did you love and loathe this week?


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20 More Days

So the debates are over.  I must say, Obama never ceases to amaze me.  He is “Presidential” to say the least.  He doesn’t lose his temper and although I’m sure it pains him, he looks on intently as McShame speaks.  I wish I had the power to read minds because I’m sure the stuff going though Obama’s head as he listened to McShame shovel crap had to be comical.

Speaking of comical…..Again McShame looked like a claymation character.  Also, he was part brat part demented old man all night.  I was waiting for him to roll on the floor kicking and screaming like a two year old.  His incessant need to throw petty irrelevant digs in there was quite annoying.

As far as recaps, I think the highlight of the debate was when the moderator asked both candidates if they thought their running mates and consequently their opponents running mates were qualified.  I wanted Obama to say “No, Sara Who is not qualified”, but he was too cool for that.  He just said “I’ll leave that up to the American People”.  As an “American Person”, I have an answer…NOPE! Throw that broad off the ballot because the only thing she’s qualified to do is half way cover up her own corruption!  McShame couldn’t even fix his lips to say she was qualified.  He simply said he was “proud of her”.  I’m proud of Maxwell for FINALLY touring again, but I wouldn’t put him in the White House!

Another funny moment was when McShame talked about how much money Obama spent on negative ads.  He went on and on about how Obama has spent more money than any candidate in history.  Um, hello Senator McShame, Barack HAS more money to spend.  Don’t hate the player,hate the game.  I got an email today about donating to the Obama campaign.  They only asked for $25.  Imagine how many middle class people like me have slid ten’s and twenties to Obama…oops my bad, McShame isn’t concernd about the Middle Class!

One good thing about this being the last debate is I am one step closer to not hearing the word “repudiate”.  OMG…McShame looked extra claymation like when he was trying to express his hurt feelings over what John Lewis said.  Facts are facts, and Sara Who does use language that incites crazy people.  When people yell “terrorist” and “kill him” in regards to Barack Obama all she does is grin.  McShame keeps harping on Obama’s alleged association with Bill Ayers.  Come on now…it’s all a ploy to play on the fears of American’s and unfairly paint Obama as some type of radical.

It’s down to 20 days.  The polls seem to be going for Obama, but McShame and Sara Who are not going away quietly.  I expect to hear more negative stuff from the Republicans, and I’m sure Obama will stay on his message and keep pushing the economy, healthcare, and education.  Will it be enough?  With 20 days to go Epiphanyblog, do you think Obama will make it happen, or is the so called “October Surprise” going to wreck everything?  I’m sure Republican strategists are already concocting a way to steal the election (Oh, we’re sorry Mr. Obama, you didn’t read the fine print.  We know you won the popular vote and more electoral votes, but you have too many syllables in your name and can’t be Commander-in-Chief). *rolls eyes*!


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My Friends…Did you watch???

If I had a shot of tequila for everytime McShame said “my friends”, I’d be tore up right now…

So here we are again.  Another debate complete, and Obama is apparently exceeding everyone’s expectations.  I guess people thought the brother was going to get up there and act like he was auditioning for a season of “I Wanna Work for Diddy”.  They also thought McShame the “maverick” was going to get up there and talk circles around the black guy with the funny name.

I admit, after hearing the negative remarks from Sara Who and McShame over the past few days I was hoping Obama would get up there and flex a little bit.  Obama didn’t take the bait though.  He was cool and composed and stayed on his message during the entire debate.

McShame was another story!  Did you hear him refer to Obama as “that one”?  Talk about a condescending jerk!  McShame walked around that stage looking like a dinosaur at a funeral…with his little arms!  He was more Tyrannosaurus than Presedential if you ask me. It is obvious he has no respect for Obama.  As I learn more about McShame, I am even more convinced that he would be a dangerous President.  He’s a spoiled brat that can’t fathom not getting his way.  He wants to be President at any cost, and will smear Obama relentlessly if he thinks it will give him the keys to the White House.

My only fear at this point is, can we trust white people to do the right thing.  Can they look past the color of Obama’s skin, and vote for the candidate that will turn this country around?  Sara Who is becoming more and more unhinged with every apperance, and McShame is showing his true colors with each interview.  The choice is clear.  Eight is definitely enough, and I refuse to believe McShame can do anything but continue the status quo of Bush policies.  At this point the ONLY thing that is keeping McShame in this race is that fact that he’s a white man, and some people will gladly lose their jobs, homes, and sanity to keep a black man out of the white house!

I’m interested to hear your debate feedback.  Epiphanyblog, sound off–


P.S. I stopped counting the “my friends” comments about an hour into the debate, and he was already up to 15.

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Sound Off!!!!!

Did I or did I not say Sara Who was the queen of the “non-answer”?????  If you were able to stomach the debate I’d love to hear what you thought.  In my opinion she did too much “Stepford Wife” smiling and winking….I’m sorry since when is winking a good debate tactic?

Since she seems to know what “American’s are cravin'” she should know we want more from her than general talk about Alaska.  We need to know her thoughts for the future of this country.  It was so obvious to me that she went off topic so often because she was CLUELESS.  She threw out scripted answers and then reverted to what she thought was “charm”.  I feel almost like I was watching Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. “You’re darn right”, blah blah blah give me a break Sara Who, you are NOT my homegirl.  She actually gave a “shout out” *Puhleeeeeeze*! And to all the teachers out there…can someone send this chick a phonics book. 

Joe Six Pack….really?  That’s her problem right there.  She has been drinking too many six packs and has convinced herself she’s qualified.  I swear if I hear her refer to herself and McShame as “mavericks” again I’m gonna slit my wrists.  McShame has been complaining about Obama’s lead being due to “life not being fair”.  What’s not fair is him subjecting us to Sara Who in primetime.  How do you flat out admit you aren’t going to answer the questions the way the moderator (and voters) want you to?  Why show up then?  SHE should have cancelled her debate appearance!  And I’m still waiting to hear her tell us what her Achilles heel is.  Maybe she doesn’t know what that means…..do they even learn Greek Mythology in Alaska?

I could go on and on about her, but I’d like to hear what everyone else thought. 


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Are You Smarter Than A VP?

With the increasing popularity of that show “Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader”, and this debacle that is the Republican ticket (McShame/Sara Who? to be precise), I came up with my own little version of a reality game show to get you all ready for the debates tonight.

1.    Can you name at least three cases that have been heard by the United States Supreme Court?
2.    Did you get a passport before you turned forty?
3.    Do you have foreign policy experience?
4.    Do you know how to make money on eBay?

Okay class pencils down, it’s time to go over the answers.  Remember the stakes are high here.  Your answers might get you a trip on Air Force Two.  You might be qualified to be the man (or woman) next to the man in charge of these great United States!

Question 1
During her most recent Katie Couric interview, Sara Who could not answer this question.  Of course she knew Roe v Wade, but after that she was speechless.  Hmm lets see, in Final Jeopardy, as that ridiculous doom-doom-doom-doom-doom-doom-doom music played I would have scribbled Roe v Wade, Brown v Board of Education, and New Jersey v TLO.  Then of course there’s the whole Guantanamo Bay thing that the Supreme Court had to rule on, and oh yeah the 2000 Presidential Election that George W stole.  I guess those things were all of no consequence to Sara Who since she once supported the Alaska Independence Party.  All that Supreme Court stuff is irrelevant when you want to form your own country, right?

Question 2
Most of us had been to Mexico, The Bahamas, or Jamaica at least once before we turned thirty….but international jet setting diva homebody fertile myrtle Sara Who was about forty three when she took her first international trip.  Gotta love a globe trotter!

Question 3
Let’s see….I’ve negotiated taxi rates at the airport in Paris.  I’ve convinced a man in India to sell me a bunch of pashmina’s for the low-low.  Seeing as Sara Who says her proximity to Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience, the fact that I survived dysentery in Mumbai should count for something!

Question 4
I have purchased a couple of things on eBay….for a COME UP! Sara Who bragged about unloading a plane on eBay.  She failed to mention that selling it on eBay at a substantial loss isn’t good business sense.

We watched Obama hold his own last week, and prove McShame would be an extension of the last eight years. The world will be watching the Vice Presidential Debates because Sara Who has one shot to convince everyone she’s qualified. I’m sure the speechwriters are prepping her at this very moment and I expect her to spout off a lot “canned” Republican jibber-jabber and avoid giving real answers.  She’ll double talk and repeat the same things over and over again.  Surely we’ll hear a lot of useless moose hunting facts sprinkled with the conservative party line.  She’s an expert at giving a non-answer and tomorrow will be no different.

Even though we know the only cabinet she should be a part of is the one in her kitchen, the Republicans have anointed her the savior of good old-fashioned American values.  Her smug tone makes their foolish hearts jump, and nit-wits like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh would love nothing more than to see McShame and Sara Who taking the oath of office in January.  So back to the game show…

Alright Epiphanyblog, now that you’ve evaluated your answers to my four questions…Are You Smarter Than a VP?

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