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The Struggle For Equality…

We have elected a Black man to the White House.  There is a Latina woman being considered for the Supreme Court.  A woman almost earned the Democratic nomination for the Presidency.  By all accounts we’ve come a long way, yet I still get screwed by the air conditioner repair man!

Let me begin at the beginning.  My air conditioner died last Tuesday.  *pauses to wipe the sweat from my brow* I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden it just died.  I called the warranty company to set up an appointment.  I should have known there was going to be trouble when the technician finally showed up at 6:45 pm on Thursday even though he was scheduled to arrive between 9 and 1.

So he goes into the attic and tells me one of the parts died, and he would have to come back on Monday to replace it (he gave me some crap about having to order the part blah blah blah).  I phoned the warranty company on Monday to find out what time they were coming, only to be told the technician just turned in my paperwork on MONDAY MORNING, and thus the part had not been ordered yet.  They promised to call me back later in the day to schedule the appointment for Tuesday.

Now if you are keeping track you realize I am right at one week of no A.C. when I call again, only to find still no appointment had been set.  If I were a man, I know this WOULD NOT be happening to me.  Under normal circumstances I would be escalating up the food chain and going off on every person I talked to, but understanding the delicate situation I was remaining polite.  I was pretty much at the mercy of these people and if I went all JerzeeChick on them, they wouldn’t put me on the schedule until August!

So I am trying to be the dutiful and polite customer when I called back again Wednesday morning only to find out they decided to deny my warrant claim.  Surely you are all wondering why on earth would they do that.  How about the technician told them the A.C. failed due to a power surge caused by a lightening strike.  WHAT?!?!?!?!

I was FLOORED.  How on earth do they come up with that crap one week later? Again I say no way would this be happening to a man!  On what planet do you think you can tell a person their house got struck by lightening and they didn’t know it?  On what planet do you think a power surge caused by a lightening strike would ONLY affect the air conditioner.  I’m just saying…if the house got struck by lightening, I’m guessing more than just the air conditioner would be impacted. CLOWNS!!!

So Epiphanyblog, as I find myself escalating up the food chain and seeking second opinions from other HVAC specialists in an effort the make the warranty company cover the repair, I ask that you all send cool thoughts my way, and ponder this question:  When will the struggle end?  Will women forever be seen as easy marks by the mechanics and technician types of the world? *pauses to hum “We Shall Overcome*


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A Supreme Decision

I will never be a Supreme Court Justice.  Of course there is the obvious issue of me not being a lawyer, but also I’d never survive the confirmation process.  No, there are no life altering skeletons in my closet, but my attitude is not one that would allow me to sit by and defend everything I’ve done, publically and privately, in my lifetime.  I have no desire to go through that scrutiny.  Do I really need them parading around transcripts of conversations I had when I was twenty-three?  At the end of the day should anyone really care how many personal copies I made at work or how many two-hour lunches I took in my career?

As we gear up to watch the confirmation broo-ha-ha that will surround Sonia Sotomayor, I’m wondering what’s it all for?  Yes, we need to make sure she’s qualified, but a judge is a judge is a judge.  You don’t rise in the ranks of the Appellate Courts if you’re taking kick backs or drinking on the job.  In Corporate America you can rise to CEO status all the while embezzling funds, smoking crack on conference calls and sleeping with your subordinates in the break room…in the court of appeals, not so much!  I wonder if she were an old fogey (translation: conservative white man) would the Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s of the world be so quick to rally against her.

If she were not competent she never would have been confirmed as a federal judge.  We know this is not about competence.  When a President nominates a candidate for the Supreme Court he does so knowing that if confirmed, this person will probably sit on the bench for many years, and the decisions they rule on will always reflect back on him, long after his presidency ends.  A president won’t knowingly nominate a candidate he knows is going to try to interpret the constitution in a way that directly contradicts his own views.  Let’s be honest, would you hire a Voodoo priestess to babysit your kids if you were a devout Christian? While no President can guarantee how a justice will vote, you look at their past rulings and take a leap of faith that they won’t shock and disappoint. The issue of remarks she made in the past that have the conservative talk radio nit-wits calling her a racist will hopefully blow over.  If it doesn’t and she steps down, I’m sure the next candidate President Obama nominates will undergo the same scrutiny.

At the end of the day Democrats have the numbers, so they can and will approve President Obama’s nominee.  Republican’s have to walk a fine line because while they would love a conservative anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, anti gay rights justice, they can’t very well say that out loud.

As we have just seen our nations first Black President give us a guided tour of the White House, shouldn’t we also be ready to see a Latina Woman wearing that black robe?

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The Thursday 10

This week’s blog is all about the 10 things I loved and loathed this week!

  • LOVED the Colin Powell Endorsement. The timing was perfect, and it further validated for some independents that Obama is the man to change this country. This endorsement from Colin Powell, should be the coup de grâce for the Republicans.

  • LOATHED the George Will and Rush Limbaugh commentary. Colin Powell is a retired general that is pretty much the highest ranking black man to ever serve in a Republican Administration and he’s endorsing a liberal Democrat, not the Navy pilot and fellow Republican. It didn’t take long for the right wingers to come out and try to minimize the endorsement and say Powell only endorsed Obama because he’s black. It is an insult and disgrace to assume that intelligent African American people will blindly follow each other down the road of damnation simply because we share the same skin color.

  • LOVED The Secret Life of Bees. It’s a cute movie, and if you read the book you’ll especially enjoy it. Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keyes all did wonderful jobs, and if you are a fan on The Wire….Mike is in this one too!

  • LOATHED the “I thought I was on a slave ship” defense. Brian Nichols’s defense team is trying to get a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict. To that end, they are trying to convince the jury that Mr. Nichols had “snapped” while in custody and thought he was on a slave ship. He killed all those people in an effort to free himself from the belly of a slave ship. Now, I took AASP 202 with Dr. Sharon Harley, not to mention countless other African American Studies classes during my time at UMCP. It has been a while, but never in any of my studies do I recall there being automatic weapons on slave ships! My memory certainly isn’t what it used to be, but I would almost bet my Maxwell tickets on the fact that there weren’t any Glock 9’s during the Middle Passage.

  • LOVED the exposing of Sara Who’s expenditures. Not Miss Small-town USA shopping in Neiman’s and Saks!!! They claim the clothes will eventually be donated to charity, but I can’t wait to see how the scandal of her toting her kids all across the country on the Alaska tax payers dime turns out!

  • LOATHED the overabundance of neck tattoos and bad weaves. Is there a 2 for 1 sale going on someplace in Atlanta? Pay $100 to get a quick weave done by Bunny and’nem, then get a panther tat on your neck for free. YUCK!

  • LOVED another week of Warren Sapp on Dancing With The Stars. I only watch the show long enough to see him dance, and this week he got down with the Hustle!

  • LOATHED the week of dud play by Fantasy Football Superstars. While I won in three of my five leagues this week, the inconsistent play of superstars like T.O., Peyton, Braylon Edwards, and LaDainian, have many leagues in an uproar.

  • LOVED to LOATHE The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s like a train wreck and I can’t look away. When I compare these women to The Real Housewives of New York it becomes painfully obvious that there is nothing worse than new money! I’m not going to name names, but unless you are a Rockefeller, Kennedy, or possibly Will and Jada, why do you need a “governess”? It’s true what they say…money can’t buy class!

Well that was my Thursday 10. You may not have time to run down a full 10, but what did you love and loathe this week?


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Play Your Cards Right

When playing spades, there is only one card that will always ALWAYS win you the book, and that is the big joker. All the aces can be cut and therefore beat by a spade and the little joker is still not at guaranteed winner especially if the person playing behind you is holding the big boy. That’s the thing about the big joker…not only will it always win you the book, but if played correctly it will cause the opposing team to lose a book.

Bill Clinton accused the Barack Obama campaign of playing the “race card”. The John McCain team made a similar accusation last week. Here is my first question: What exactly is the “race card”, and how can I use it to get a raise????  If you are black in America is there a “race card” to play in order to gain an advantage?  Again, if we go back to spades, this alleged “race card” is an ace of spades or little joker at best. If you work at a job where you are the only black person, your tardiness might be excused the day after the King Holiday if you mention you were up late at a March on Washington commemoration ceremony. That’s your little joker. It might work and it might not. Now if you come in late on a Monday morning and throw out your big joker i.e. say you were in that 5 car pile up on the turnpike everyone was talking about in the break room you win that book. If you are rocking crutches and a neck brace you also succeed in trumping everyone else on your team. A sick kid is a little joker, crutches and a neck brace…big joker every time!

So back to this race card…everyone knows the man is black and usually the thing about the winning card is no one sees it coming. Geraldine Ferraro said the only reason Obama got so far is because he’s black. It was suggested that his victory in the South Carolina primary was insignificant because the black people always win South Carolina.  His race has been made an issue all up and through this campaign (as evidenced by the number of independent polls that ask voters if they would elect/are ready for a black president). I’m gonna go out on a limb and say race is NOT Obama’s big joker in this campaign! All the news experts and political analyst say the Obama camp is stooping low by infusing race into the campaign…obviously they didn’t get the memo that he is a BLACK MAN. Race has always been IN this campaign!  

We are 90 days away from the election and about three weeks away from finding out who will be Obama’s running mate.  The ads released by the McCain camp are becoming more and more negative, while he dismisses them as humor.   Every word Obama says is being analyzed and every action dissected to be sure he is not over stepping his bounds.  

Neither candidate is going to “run a Boston” in this election.  There are thirteen books to be had, and as of right now it’s looking like Team Obama might be “Trump Tight”.  I lost $40 playing Cee-Lo last night, so I am not gambling today, but if I were I’d say this is most likely going to come down to the wire. At the very least Team McCain has the two of diamonds and probably one other trump card. Is Team Obama holding the Big Joker?  If so, what is it, and when should he throw it out there to “set” McCain?


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Being Black In America

Did everyone watch the first part of the documentary on CNN last night?  I was very pleased with the content and look forward to watching part two!  For those that missed part one, it focused on women and families.  A lot of the information was stuff we’ve heard a million times before, but the stories used to shape the statistics were more touching than the normal sound bites and editorial columns.

Eric Kennedy Jr., a fourth grade boy featured on the program, is saving money for college.  Despite the fact that he’s been homeless before, and might possibly be living in a shelter in Brooklyn as you read this blog, he’s decided college is his ultimate goal.  Can you even imagine??? (–Hold that thought, I’ll come back to that point later.)

Many would argue that America is the richest country in the world, yet one third of all Black children live below the poverty line and Black children consistently score below any other developing country when given standardized tests.  The amount of money we’ve invested into rebuilding Iraq is insane, especially when you look at the number of poor Black people that must depend on the Emergency Room for primary medical care.   

I am reminded of Kanye’s remarks after Hurricane Katrina….. “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”  While it may be easy to dismiss the problems that plague Black American’s solely on the government, at some point we have to decide to be successful and rise above the stereotypes that constrict us.  While two parent households in the best neighborhoods might contribute to a child being successful, some of those kids with the million dollar sweet sixteen parties and convertible BMW’s in the high school parking lot end up as profiles on Meth addict documentaries.  At the same time, some teen mothers go on to get advanced degrees and put their children through college.  Studies show that people born into poverty tend to stay poor BUT there are exceptions.  Little Eric Kennedy, and many of his classmates, have convinced me they are the exceptions!

Black people don’t own the patent on being poor in America, and contrary to what the media might say most of us have never been to jail, most of us aren’t on drugs, and most of us strive to provide better lives for our children. You can’t control your race.  We were born Black, and we live in America.  Is rising above the negative statistics an option for those that want it?  Can we agree success is a decision, and those that are determined to rise above the stereotypes eventually will?  







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A Matter Of Expression

How do you express yourself?  When someone is delving too deep into my personal business or in some other way annoying me I might roll my eyes or simply hit them with a “whatever”.  I’ve been known to fold my arms and stare blankly when I really don’t want to be bothered. When the NFL’s at work push my buttons I always fall back on the Corporate Hustle. Your methods may be different than mine but I think we can all agree freedom of expression is vital. But on that same note there is a time and a place for everything. Imagine the horror of everyone around me if I were to stand up and shout “that’s some crap” in the middle of a preacher’s sermon. Time and place for everything, right?

Enter Rene Marie.  For those that don’t know, she was invited to sing The National Anthem at a State of the City Address in Denver.  Instead of The Star Spangled Banner, she took it upon herself to sing Lift Every Voice And Sing. No one knew she was going to do that, so a lot of people were quite confused.  When interviewed after the fact, she admitted only her husband and one friend knew in advance what she had planned and that she wanted to express how she felt about living in the United States as a black woman.  I am all for freedom of expression, and I respect ole girls hustle, but was a political event in Denver really the place to break out the “stoney the road we trod” lyrics?  Needless to say the local media ate this up and actually asked Presidential Candidate Obama to comment on her actions (and it deserves to be mentioned no one asked McCain).

In the spirit of expression I try not to do anything that will reflect poorly on “us”.  I went to a predominantly white college and I know the pressures of having the represent the entire race in Political Science or Sociology class.  Aside from an act of civil disobedience involving a racist campus newspaper, my college “expression” was pretty tame.  Now that I’m all grown up and working in a predominantly white office, I am again tasked with pretty much representing the entire race.  I know my brown face is the only black person a lot of these people will ever come in close contact with, so I avoid the inappropriate office attire and stereotypical neck rolling and slang talking in the break room.  I don’t feel my freedom of expression is stifled……as there is a time and place for everything.

As the Rene Marie drama fades, there will still be a few fanatics out there trying to link this to a matter of race relations and “us” getting too big for our britches now that we have a potential black president (You know how those fanatics can be)!  From here until Election Day, anything we do that seems even remotely too “black” or “unpatriotic” is going to be linked to Obama.  If a black man goes postal…….Obama is going to be asked to comment.  If a black woman curses out the meter maid writing her a ticket….TMZ is going to call it racial.   I know we are all excited at the possibility of a black president, but let’s collectively slow our roll before we blow it.  Let’s save our Denmark Vesey activities until after Election Day J

Seriously, freedom of expression is valuable, and should not be stifled, but do you avoid being too free with your expression in the presence of people that don’t look like you?  This is an Olympic year.  In the summer of 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos chose to express themselves by raising their fists.  If the opportunity was presented, how would you fully express yourself?


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Timing Is Everything.

Sweet Jesus be a concession speech because I am about tired of the 2008 Democratic Primary.  I feel like I’m living in a 1978 trailer for JAWS 2 (just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water….DUNH DUNH DUNH DUNH tiny tears is still holding on)! I had my fingers crossed that Obama would pull off an upset in Pennsylvania but I knew it was a long shot.  He finished much better than originally forecasted, but still the media is acting like he is the candidate that won’t go away.  If I hear one more reporter say “why can’t he win the big states” I think I might try to slit my wrists with a spatula.  Is it just me, or has this misery dragged on for far too long?  Sweet Jesus be a time machine to transport me to November 5th.  SOMEBODY new will be the President, and “W” will be on his way OUT!

At any rate, not only am I tired of the Democratic Primary process as I whole, I am really tired of this Reverend Wright scandal.  Don’t get me wrong, I heard the ENTIRE sermon he delivered back in 2001, and took NO ISSUE with his comments.  I feel that the media took the snippets they wanted and tried to spin this man as un-patriotic, and get Obama on guilt by association.  Even without hearing the entire speech, most of us would agree with what he said, but once you hear the entire speech (and understand part of it was based on someone else’s quote, and biblical scripture) you realize it was a set up.  Let’s be honest, how many of us haven’t heard similar things in our own churches?

Obama was in a lose-lose situation.  He could say nothing, and slip in the polls or he could say something.  I do not think his speech in Philly last month was him posturing, nor do I think he was selling out.  He touched on many valid points without throwing his beloved Pastor under the bus. Some would say he should have gone hard and backed Reverend Wright 100% no matter what.  To them I say: you obviously want four more years of the Republicans in office.

I know Reverend Wright took a lot of unfair heat for his past speeches and maybe he justifiably has sour grapes.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why he would chose now to come out in defense of himself pretty much at the expense of Obama.  Granted he is right in his views, but wouldn’t he still be right after the election? 

This is a free country and we all have the right to say whatever we want (so long as it’s not about bootleg movies J ), but there is something to be said for discretion.  What part of the game is this?  If Wright truly supported this man, truly cared about him or ever called him a friend why would he take a national stage and play him out like that.  To say Obama was being a “politician” implies he was less than honest/sincere.  Why would he come out now to take center stage, when it’s obvious the very last thing the Obama campaign needs is to rehash this mess!

Again, Reverend Wright may have been justifiably upset with the media.  People that know nothing of his service to the community all of a sudden come out to call him unpatriotic.  How can you do six years in the military and be unpatriotic (especially when the current administration managed to shirk their military responsibilities)?  His most recent speeches had valid points which deserved to be mentioned….but did they have to be mentioned right after tiny tears won Pennsylvania?  What about the whole “on November 5th and January 21st I’ll still be a pastor” comment…..did he really have to play Obama out like that?  People that never heard the first speech were in no position to judge the man, but he has given us all a new batch of ammunition one way or the other!

On the flip side what if this was all a part of Wright’s bigger plan?  What if he really does want Obama to succeed and knew the only way to truly put distance between himself and Obama was to come out in such a way that would force Obama’s hand?  Maybe he knew the Senator needed to come out in front of the country and separate himself for once and for all if he wanted to win.  As it stands now, all those people that were “concerned” about Obama’s relationship to Reverend Wright can rest easy.  Those two are through….. the only thing missing is a dis record on Hot 97 (with a Jay-Z verse and a Diddy remix).

So Epiphany Blog, timing is everything.  Do you think the most recent speeches of Reverend Wright are the beginning of the end of Obama’s quest for the White House?  On the other hand, was this just the thing Obama needed to separate himself from the controversial Pastor and ease the fears of white America?  Will the timing of all this ultimately help or hurt the Obama campaign?




PS: Happy Birthday Leanda!

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Sense of Entitlement

Do you ever feel like you deserve something, or something is owed to you because in your mind you “earned” it? Don’t get me wrong, a sense of entitlement is okay when kept in prospective. As KP mentioned in her previous blog, I have been a bit under the weather. I managed to contract walking pneumonia, and have pretty much found myself laid up for the past several days with nothing to do but sleep and watch television (FYI: Jesse and Angie are back on All My Children). As per usual I was riveted with the latest and greatest from tiny tears. I firmly believe that at the root of Hillary’s quest for the White House is her sense of entitlement. I’ve heard it and read it a lot over the past few days and I firmly believe she thinks she is “entitled” to be the next President. She supported her husband in his bid. She was a “competent” first lady. She stood by him during his scandal with supahead…oops I meant Monica Lewinsky and after that MESS she thinks the White House is her light at the end of the tunnel. How dare Barack stand in her way?????

When you feel you are entitled to something, how far will you go to get it? As a consumer I am “entitled” to a certain level of customer service. I will write a scathing letter if need be and I won’t hesitate to escalate to the manager or someone with “decision making authority” when I need to get my point across (or my discount/refund/free gift)! I have even exaggerated the truth when a Fifty Dollar American Express gift check was at stake. I think a little exaggeration is okay, but a bold face lie dressed up as a “misspeak”?????

The Clinton’s fully expected to be the presumptive nominees by now. Many high ranking democrats don’t feel Obama is “entitled” to be the next president, and so they are okay to watch him fight it out to the bitter end. If the tables were turned and Obama was trailing hopelessly with no chance of ever catching up the entire DNC would be urging him to do the right thing for the party and concede….but I digress!

Hillary Clinton’s sense of entitlement caused her to put out that ridiculous red phone ad. In an effort to back up her “foreign policy” experience claims, she brings up her sniper infused Bosnian adventure. Hillary Clinton went on an official mission to Bosnia in 1996, no one disputes that. It’s the part about sniper fire and running for cover that earned her four Pinocchio’s with the Washington Post. Sidebar: Can you imagine being put on blast by blonde jherri curl MC Hammer pants wearing Sinbad? *gasps* Well when it happened to tiny tears, she did what the entitled always do. She stuck to her guns! She said “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Roll the You Tube video, and cue the damaging biography.

In an effort to back pedal she now says she misspoke. How does one label a lie as a “misspeak”? If I say on ONE occasion that I am on the New York Times Best Seller list, I might be able to excuse that as a misspeak (because I hope to one day be on that list). But if I tell people on several occasions about my climb to the top of the list, and segue into my best seller status at several events, that makes me a liar. The road of the entitled is often paved with lies and conjecture.

Does poor waiter service “entitle” you to a free/discounted meal….Definitly! Does standing by a sick husband and nursing him back to health “entitle” you to half his pension when he leaves you for some chick he met on line….Probably! Does standing by the man that cheated on you with an intern IN YOUR OWN HOUSE “entitle” you to the Presidency????? Did Hillary really think the truth would never come to light, or is she totally blinded by her sense of entitlement?


PS: Happy Birthday Dweebie!

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The Politics of Religion

I am sure we are all looking forward to the end of the Democratic Primaries. I hate that I’ve become obsessed with exit polls and CNN, but I guess it’s a necessary evil if I want to remain informed. In the grand tradition of mud slinging and hidden scandals uncovered, something new has hit the fan for Barack Obama. Video of some of his pastors sermons have recently “surfaced” *I use that term loosely* and threaten to cost him a lot of support.

            For those of us that attend predominantly black “progressive” churches comments in the pulpit regarding issues of race are the norm. In the last eight years many pastors have commented on the ill effects the policies of George W have had on people of color here and abroad. Some of our more informed and liberated pastors probably had a lot to say about Bill Clintons policies *Rwanda , 3 strikes, welfare reform et al* but that’s neither here nor there right now. My point is the politics of race often find themselves stirred into the sermon. Now that Barack is leading in the polls and pretty much changing the landscape of American politics, video footage from 2001and 2003 have surfaced. In these videos Barack’s pastor delivers sermons that pretty much put America on blast. Whether you agree or disagree with the messages of Jeremiah Wright do they equate to a pastor that “hates America”?  Is it me, or is do you notice the trend of any and every person that speaks intelligently about the misdeeds of the United States is automatically labeled a “hate monger”?  Why is a man trying to liberate his congregation deemed Anti-American?  Side bar: are members of the Klu Klux Klan considered Anti-American?  I mean why is it okay to demoralize the people that pretty much built this country based on their race, but a black man speaking truth to power equates to hating this country?????

            The point of this blog is not to debate the merits of Reverend Wright’s speech.  Whether we agree on his words is neither here nor there, my question is SO WHAT!?!?!?!?  Why are sermons from 2001 and 2003 now a thorn in the proverbial side of the Obama campaign?  I think part of it is desperation on the side of his opponents.  I won’t blame this one solely on tiny tears, as the conservative Republicans probably stand to gain more by this than anyone.  Barack was painted into corner when these speeches suddenly became headline news.  Someone wanted to slow Barack’s roll.  No one cared about these speeches when Barack ran for the United States Senate.  No one cared about these speeches when Barack gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention, but now that he is poised to beat the Clinton machine, and is predicted to probably beat McCain the words of his pastor somehow equate to his presidential viability. 

            Some black people were disappointed, as they thought Barack threw his Reverend under the bus when the media attacked.  Some white people were disappointed as they thought Barack’s membership in this church showed evidence that he is anti America, and thus anti white.  A few days ago Barack gave a speech that some say was the most eloquent speech ever given by a Presidential candidate.  Some say it’s too little too late, but what do you say?  Was Barack’s response acceptable to you?  In the grand scheme of things, do you think his most recent speech (which can be viewed below in the Wednesday Wind-UP), was too little too late and hence he should kiss the White House goodbye?


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A Diva Moment!

No, this is not about Natalie Cole’s Amy Winehouse comments (for the record, Nat, you have A LOT of nerve)! I am not even going to touch on The Queen of Soul’s self perceived slight (but y’all know she needs to STOP)…today’s Diva Moment is dedicated to the one and only Tavis Smiley. I have had this conversation several times over the past week or so, and I figured I’d bring it to Epiphany Blog, in hopes that you too would weigh in.

Basically it goes like this. Barack Obama is trying to win the democratic nomination. In order to do that he has to win as many votes as possible, FROM ALL RACES. Getting every black vote in America does him no good if he loses the nomination. Enter Tavis Smiley…..

Every year Tavis holds a State of the Black Union conference. It is covered on C-SPAN and attended by a who’s who of the political elite. Your Jesse’s, Al’s, Cornell’s et al are always in attendance. On the surface one might think Obama would break his neck to be there, but when you give it a little thought, can a man that MUST WIN Texas and Ohio afford to miss one day on the campaign trail? I am not trying to pooh-pooh Tavis’s State of the Black Union, but if Barack wants to be president of the entire United States, not just president of black people, doesn’t he need to actually get elected? Doesn’t he need to appeal to all voters, not just black voters? Obama is a black man, trying to take a job that historically has only belonged to white men. In order to do that he is going to need a lot more than “us” on his side. So back to the Diva….

Obama respectfully declined Tavis’s invitation. He expressed his regret, but informed Tavis that if he had any chance of affecting the kind of change the State of the Black Union hopes to spark, he would need to win Texas and Ohio. Talk about panties in a bunch…..Tavis was livid. He tried to downplay it after the fact, but for Tavis to say the man made a “critical miscalculation” in deciding that he should be campaigning in states he must win sounds a bit like sour grapes to me. (Actually it sounded like a bit of a threat to me). Majority of the leaders at this event barely endorsed Obama when they had the chance, yet he has managed to become the democratic front runner. People have tried to paint Barack as not being black enough and his failure to appear at this symposium is the icing on the cake for them.

Here’s my issue with that logic. Why are we so QUICK to hang another black man out to dry? If Tavis really felt like it was imperative for Barack’s campaign that he attend this event, couldn’t he have gone to him one on one and suggested a compromise? (I mean even the Grammy’s got Amy Winehouse there via satellite). If Tavis was really and truly so concerned with Barack hearing from these pertinent voices at his little shindig, he could have arranged something (again Barack via satellite for an hour is better than no Barack at all). But no, that was too much like right. He would much rather demonize the man and make it look like he doesn’t care about the “black agenda” all the while you have Andrew Young and Bob Johnson parading Hillary around in her red, black, and green dashiki. Give me a break! Question for Dweebie, Ms. Linda, and the rest of the Obama supporters reading this blog…..do you really need Tavis or anyone else to give you the okay to vote for Obama? Don’t we all see Hillary’s attendance at the event this year for the ploy that it is? She is trying to endear herself to the black community because the Clinton machine took our votes for granted for so long. They see there’s a new sheriff in town and they are desperately trying to regroup.

Tavis needs to slow his roll and stop acting like a diva. I know there are a lot of black leaders out there that think they owe the Clinton’s a debt of gratitude, but at what cost? Hillary can’t get grand-fathered in on Bill’s coat tails. And Barack should not be penalized for trying to win as many votes as possible. I respect what Tavis attempts to do as a journalist, but his diva moment has pretty much ruined his credibility with me! He looks foolish and at the very least a lot like an egomaniacal hater. So what Barack is not doing it the way you would, or the way Jesse did, or the way Al tried. Apparently he’s doing something right so either support the man or get out of his way!


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I Got 99 Problems…

They say you should never talk about Politics or Religion (or in the case of Epiphany Blog…bootleg movies, but I digress)!  Let me first say, the purpose of this weeks blog is not to sway anyone’s vote nor hold any candidate in a favorable or less favorable light…I just want to point out a few things that I have a problem with in this election.

So Obama won Iowa, and he won by a huge margin.  He was forecasted to win New Hampshire, but Hillary came in and squeaked out a small victory.  Yes, a win is still a win, so that means Obama one Hillary one.  Obama was doing great, and then Hillary pulled out her big guns (a la Bill) and it was all downhill from there.  How many people really feel that the allure of Hillary has a lot more to do with getting Bill back in the White House?  I mean I liked Bill Clinton as a president, and I think Hillary has been a good senator, but she only has one more term than Obama right?  I mean does her eight years as First Lady count towards her body of work, because if so shouldn’t we count Obama’s time in the Illinois Legislature?  Those that have a problem with Obama’s (or Senator Edwards for that matter) experience should take a look at the body of work of our current president and his band of merry men.  Do we really want another Cheney, Bush, or Rumsfeld running the country?

My next problem is all the fuss about her crying.  Come on, I think people are a lot smarter than that.  Granted undecided’s might have been looking for anything to nudge them in the direction of who to vote for, but does the Clinton camp really think parading her around like a Tiny Tears doll is really going to win votes?  As a person that might drop a few tears during a particularly emotional scene in a Lifetime movie, I know sometimes all you can do is cry.  As career women we know showing too much emotion can be detrimental to climbing the career ladder, but sometimes you can get so frustrated, and so exasperated, you have to take a moment to let it all out.  Were the tears a gimmick?  I don’t know.  Did it win her votes?  I hope not.  Do I care?  Not really.  If she wants to be known as Tiny Tears, wife of Slick Willie then that’s her business.

To be fair, I am going to need Obama to start talking about something more than just “change”.  I need to know how he’s gonna help middle class kids pay for college.  I need to know what he’s going to do about Social Security and public schools.  He has the ear of my demographic, and I PRAY he uses it to sway as many voters as possible.

Hillary makes a comment minimizing the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. with regards to getting the civil rights bill passed.  I don’t care how she meant it, what she said was dumb. How can you say “I would point to the fact that Dr King’s dream began to be realized when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act… That dream became a reality, the power of that dream became real in people’s lives because we had a president who said we were going to do it”, and expect people not to be perturbed?  What she said in essence is Black people got what they got because the white president gave it to them.  You can be a Hillary fan all day and all night, but that remark was dumb.  As someone that is trying to woo as many black votes as possible, she made a huge error in judgment. 

All of that aside, the funniest thing I think I’ve heard thus far (aside from when Michelle implied Hillary couldn’t run her own house so how can she run the country) is Obama playing a Jay-Z song at his victory party in Iowa.  On the one hand I might say it was ill advised (come on… “I got 99 problems but a b!%ch ain’t one”), but on the other hand it’s kind of gangster! Somebody on that campaign decided to take a moment to hit us with some subliminal messaging and I love it!  Barack has said he is a fan of some hip hop (but has admonished the verbiage used by some artists), so I can kind of see him listening to The Black Album when Michelle and the kids aren’t home.


I got the rap patrol on the gat patrol, foes that wanna make sure my caskets closed….you know he has secret service men following him everywhere because there is a segment of the population that would love to assassinate him!


Rap critics say he’s money cash hoes, I’m from the hood stupid what type of facts are those….we have all heard the story of black people only voting for Barack because he’s black.  To that I say “and what”!  I’m sure Barack will take any vote he can get, and to those critics that say he got the black vote because he was black…he’s black stupid what type of facts are those!


If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a b!%ch ain’t one….he has enough to worry about trying to convince Middle America he’s the man for the job.  He does not have time to be worrying about what lies and conjecture Hillary is throwing today!


Obama has also said he is a fan of Eminem, so I expect to hear some Slim Shady at the next victory party:


Look if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted; one moment.  Would you capture it or just let it slip…. You better lose yourself in the moment you own it you better never let it go, you only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime….Come on now!  I am sure Barack gets his head nod on to that one everyday.  This is his chance, how could he not take it!  This is your chance too.  Your vote is your voice, so please make sure you use it.  Now that I’ve run down my problems for the week…..what’s yours?






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Where WE Stand

Many of you have probably heard about the series being done on NBC Nightly News this week.  The title is African American Women: Where They Stand, and it attempts to highlight some of the issues facing African American Women. *sighs*  I guess I applaud NBC for their efforts, as it’s nice to see someone in mainstream media addressing my demographic, but on the other hand I wish those four minutes a night could have talked about something most of us didn’t already know!

The title of Monday’s segment was, More Black Women Taking Care of Business.  A major stat that stuck out was 64% of black college students are women, and black women outnumber black men on some campuses 7 to 1.  As staggering as the stat was, it’s no surprise.  I was in college in the early to mid 90’s and there were definitely more women on the yard than men.  It was nice to know that the number of black businesses owned by women is up 75%, but again I would have preferred that they use those broadcast minutes to let the world know about Dunbar Village.

Tuesday’s segment was about Black women and breast cancer.  While technically black women are less likely to get breast cancer; when we do we are younger, the cancer is more aggressive and we are more likely to die from it.  Again, I appreciate NBC News highlighting such an important issue.  Because black women are so busy taking care of everyone else, we tend to put our own healthcare on the back burner.  Ladies (and men who know and love ladies) monthly self-breast exams and annual clinical breast exams are critical.  Women with no history of breast disease are getting diagnosed in their thirties.  We gotta stay on top of our own health!

Wednesday’s segment was about redefining black relationships.  I don’t know how I feel about NBC putting us on blast with regards to being single in the city, but I digress…..  70% of African American children are born to single women.  We all know this is a touchy subject in the black community, but I am not about to judge single mothers or predispose children born to single mothers to having a bleak future. Ideally a two parent household filled with love and balance is probably best, but we all know it’s not the only way.  I am not sure of the titles for the segments on Thursday and Friday, but I suspect they will include topics that are common knowledge to “us”.  Rather than regurgitate more facts that are no brainers, I’ll dedicate the rest of this blog to two topics that deserve recognition, but probably won’t make the nightly news. 

For those that don’t know, Dunbar Village has to be one of the most deplorable acts of violence I’ve heard of in my lifetime.  Please google it or go to www.whataboutourdaughters.org for specific details but the short story is this:  A black woman in Florida was terrorized by armed burglars when they broke into her apartment.  She was violently raped and sodomized while her son watched.  The assailants forced her to perform oral sex on her son during the ordeal.  The crime took place in a low income housing project and national media attention has been slow coming.  With all the attention our “leaders” gave to the Jena 6, you would think they would be up in arms about something so vile as Dunbar Village!  Why is it that a black woman victimized by the system (at one point there was talk about throwing out this poor woman’s case because of lack of evidence) doesn’t warrant the same attention as young black men unfairly prosecuted?  No offense to the Jena 6, and I fully support all the efforts undertaken on their behalf, but the fact of the matter is they did assault someone.  Granted the prosecution of their case was more about race than justice, but what about justice for a woman who is mentally and physically scarred for life? 

I would have LOVED to see NBC Nightly News cover the disparity in media attention given to black women that are victims of crime.  I would have loved to hear someone ask Reverend Al or Reverend Jesse why they didn’t rush to the aid of this black woman that was blatantly being victimized by the criminal justice system.   Where do you stand when it comes to crimes committed against black women?  Is it going to take another Chester Turner (Southside Murders in Louisiana) or a repeat of The Boston Murders to garner national attention for black women?

Finally, with World AIDS Day only two days away, I wanted to take a moment to discuss where “we” stand with regards to the AIDS epidemic.  If you didn’t already know, heterosexual black women are pretty much the new face of AIDS.  We are the fastest growing group of newly diagnosed cases and unfortunately majority of those women (about 65%) were infected through heterosexual contact.  Black women are being infected at alarming rates because they are not taking proper precautions to protect themselves.  Many of us saw the Oprah episode about men on the “Down Low”, so we know the deal.  I doubt if you’ll hear about it on the NBC News this week, but according to the statistics published last year, black women accounted for 67% of all AIDS cases in the United States.  (It should also be mentioned that we only make up 12-13% of the population!)  Why can’t we make up 67% of all new millionaires in the United States?  Why can’t we make up 67% of Nobel Prize winners or 67% of all CEO’s?  Ladies, and men who know and love ladies, AIDS is real and it can kill you.  Stop faking and be safe! 

We’ve all heard the expression “Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything”. Where do you stand on the issues that effect black women in America, or are you okay to let plight of black women fall by the wayside!


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“Hidden” Message?

I guess I didn’t get the memo, but when did the “noose” become the modern day symbol of racism?  It seems as though every time I turn on the news or pull up my internet browser there is a new noose sighting.  What’s really going on?  Are “they” so threatened by “our” potential and our achieved successes that they have resorted to sending nooses?  Are we getting too big for our britches and thus need to be brought back to reality???            

News flash, we didn’t need a noose to know how they really felt about us!  Anyone that has ever had even the most minor confrontation at work knows when someone is giving you the who does she think she is stare.  Most of us will stare right back and take the I double dog dare you to call me out of my name so that I can kick your behind all up and through this camp, and then drag you to Human Resources to tell them what I did stance.   I guess our refusal to cower and shuck and jive has made some of us targets.              

There are still a few people cooning it up at our jobs (you know the type, always making jokes at the wrong time and doing something to embarrass the rest of “us”).  There are the “Renegades” (the ones that buck the system…come in when they want, leave when they want, and dare someone to say something).  Then there are the “Rabble-rouser”, we ain’t goin for this crap no more types.  I am going to guess that the renegades and the rabble rousers have somebody shaking in their boots.  These crazy fools are really sending nooses in the mail.  *shaking head*            

Historically the noose was a tool used to kill us. We could see our people swinging from trees so that there would be no mistaking the fact that the powers that be meant business. The empty noose hanging from a tree was a reminder of what would be done to us if we “got out of line” or disobeyed.  Now that it is 2007, does the noose hold the same meaning?  If, God forbid, someone sent a noose to your inter-office mailbox, would you be afraid?  Do you think the dude in the cube across from you might try to hang you up from a light fixture?  Chances are he wouldn’t, but the people sending these nooses are trying to send some type of message.            

If we look at the Jena 6, they lived in a racist town, and decided to sit under  a whites only tree.  Subsequently a noose was hung to send them a message.  At first glance you might think, Jena is in the south, and there is still a huge racial divide, but this noose nonsense is much more widespread.  A black professor of a racial justice class in New York had a noose hung on her door.  Someone was trying to send her a message.  A principal in Brooklyn received a noose in her mail, accompanied by a letter full of racial slurs.  New York City is one of the most diverse places in the world, yet people are still hiding behind nooses.  Someone hung a noose at the Nyumburu Cultural Center at the University of Maryland last month.  What is that all about?            

The reality is this: Racism is real.  While we are some of the richest black people on the planet, and most of us will achieve successes our grandparents only dreamed of, we are still thought of by some as second class citizens. We can march all day and all night, they can pass legislation up the yin yang, but you can not take hate out of someone’s heart.  There will always be a segment of the population that will despise us, and while they know they can’t destroy us, they will try to “beat” us into submission with scare tactics like this noose nonsense.                         

As offensive as the noose is, we need to seize the opportunity to turn it right back around on them.  I do not know your personal stance on the “N” word, but many in my generation believe that by changing the spelling and using it as a term of endearment we took the sting out of the word.  They could no longer “own” it as a means to degrade us, because we flipped it into what we wanted it to be.    While I support the notion of legislation against the noose, I’m not holding my breath.  I’d rather look at the noose as a reminder of what all we as a people survived.  They hung us from trees, but at the end of the day, America would not be what it is today if not for the blood, sweat, and tears of those same people that the nooses were used to kill.   

I am not condoning fighting, but the Jena 6 were determined not to go out like Emmett Till.  I think it was a simple case of you wanna hang a noose, we got a trick for you! (Only my opinion, I was not there.)  I am not saying we go beat up everyone that we think is responsible for sending the noose, but the fact of the matter is, only a coward sends a noose in the mail.  Only a coward hangs a noose when no one is looking.  A noose couldn’t break us then, and it won’t break us now.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a noose in the mail makes me LAUGH AT YOU!


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American Gangster?

I am so tired of hearing the rappers a role models argument.  These people are being paid to entertain us.  Do white people hold up their entertainers as role models?  Was little Becky Sue’s parent all up in arms when Paris had to do a bid?  As they watched Brittany Spears fall from grace did the collective white leaders (whoever they might be) stage rally’s and parades in front of her label?  No those people recognize her as a person that made a mistake, and more than likely tell their daughters don’t come in here acting like Brittany.  Why is it we look to everyone outside of our own family to be the example for our youth?


This past weekend we had another rapper catch a gun charge.  I think his actions were pretty much a display of his own stupidity (I mean come on, T.I., you are a convicted felon, you know you’re not supposed to have guns)!  He made a poor choice, got caught and now will have to pay a price for that.  Rather than hear people go on and on about what a poor example he is setting for his fans, lets talk about the real issue…..WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!!!!!


First of all, what is the obsession with “keeping it real” and more importantly how exactly does one “keep it real”?  No poor person wants to be poor.  People living in the projects would give their eye teeth to never have to ride in a pissy elevator again.  The little kid getting chased home by The Gooch everyday would gladly give up his lunch money in exchange for a full time body guard.  Somewhere along the line things got a little mixed up and now it’s more important to have street credibility than common sense.  Do you really think the Evans’ would have stayed in the projects so that J.J. could cultivate his image as a starving artist?  From 1974-1979 we watched episode after episode of them trying to get out of the ghetto.  If someone came knocking with a label deal for Michael I believe they would have gone straight to Michigan Avenue, and never looked back (well maybe Florida would have stopped by to visit Wilona, but not too often).  Why is that being an American Gangster is now more popular than being a neurosurgeon?


These days, children have access to a lot more with regards to technology.  While race is still a major factor (if you don’t believe, Google the Jena 6), opportunity does exists for those that are willing to work towards a better reality.  The problem is too many kids don’t want to WORK!  Do we blame the entertainment industry for that?  Is it Jay-Z’s fault that your son would rather sit on the stoop and freestyle, than be in the free library on their free internet researching how one starts his own record label?  Do we blame Kobe because your child would rather cut class to shoot jump shots so that he can buy his momma a house?  Children get these mixed up priorities from the powers that be….and that be YOU/US, not T.I., not Foxy, not Michael Vick.


Money can’t buy sense. With all T.I.’s money, with all his fame, he still went the dumb route!  His obsession with being an American Gangster got him caught up in a federal indictment.  (It wasn’t enough to have bodyguards; he had to have an arsenal in his bedroom closet???)  I don’t know enough about the case to speculate on what kind of danger his life might have been in, but seeing as I do know you can only shoot one gun at a time, I would say a state of the art security system and a few more legally armed guards would have been a wiser option!  Was T.I.’s raised to think it through to the consequences?  As a grown man he should know better, but if all you know is street foolishness, does common sense ever kick in? 


Entertainers mistakenly try to keep it real by maintaining relationships with their friends from the hood.  I hate to say it, but majority of the time those friends from the hood are plotting to bring you down, and you are just one photo away from being the cover story  on The National Enquirer.  You think you can do dirt with the people that knew you way back when, but rule number 3 in the Slimy Grimy handbook clearly states: Never do dirt with someone that doesn’t have more to lose than you do.   Poor Michael Vick thought his boys would never sell him out.  For a plea bargain and more than likely a new house for somebody’s momma, those clowns dropped a quarter on him quick!  They kept it real….they really wanted to get out of trouble and the fastest way to do that was to sell out Mike. 


What we need to do with our children is redefine what it means to keep it real!  I am going to give the rappers the benefit of the doubt in that no one ever taught them any better.  Their aunties never hit them with the tight teeth if you don’t go somewhere and sit your behind down, and thus they never had the boundaries that probably would have kept them out of trouble.  Fighting and drinking and cussing and carrying on might have been cute in their living room, but Jan didn’t go for that (and I’m sure most of you Epiphany Blog parents don’t either).   Our so called leaders are quick to denounce hip hop for the misogyny, the violence and negativity.  All of that is present, but the fact of the matter is it’s an art form, and pretty much here to stay.  Our children are going to be exposed to it, if not in our homes and cars, then definitely on the computer and on the play ground.  We should utilize the errors made by these artists as a way to direct our kids on what not to do.  Pacman Jones was just kickin it with his boys…you know keeping it real.  Does he have a job now, or are they using his locker for storage?  Prodigy was keeping it real.  He had a burner in the console…just in case!  He’s doing 3-5 now right?  


Like I said earlier, only in the black community do we hold our entertainers up as some type of moral example.  So what if they parlayed their talent into a million dollar deal.  Let’s keep it real, does that really make them a better example for your kids than you are?  Rather than looking to people with obviously convoluted values to impart wisdom on our children, shouldn’t we be tasked with it instead?  If we don’t rein them in, they will think this American Gangster stuff is cute, and we all know most gangsters die at the end of the movie!


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Racial Profiling????

When the DC shooter/Beltway sniper was wreaking havoc on the DC metropolitan area, I was convinced these insane criminals could NOT BE BLACK.  I just knew it!  I was so convinced that we don’t do these types of crimes….Imagine my shock and dismay.  No one wants to see someone that looks like them plastered all over the news for committing some hideous crime.  I think if we are really honest with ourselves (and for those that don’t know, Epiphany Blog is a place where honesty is welcome and encouraged J), most of us will admit that when we hear about any highly publicized crime, we hold our breath until we find out the race of the accused.  If he/she is not black, we do a sigh of relief.  If the criminal is in fact one of us we are usually disappointed.  Question:  Are you more disappointed that the crime was committed by a person of color, or just by the fact that a crime was committed at all…tell the truth!

We tend to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Most of us are the definite minority in our respective workplaces.  Because there are more of them than there are of us we are forced to “represent” for the entire race.  I know if I cut up at work, it will reflect poorly on every black person in the office.   While it might be unfair, most of us are okay to have the weight of the entire race on our shoulders from 9-5!  You can watch your non black co-worker come to work day after day looking like she just climbed off the pole and left her clear heels in the car.  You might shake your head and maybe email your home-girl in accounting about today’s Brittany Spears special.  At the end of the day you could really care less, but God forbid you see one of us in inappropriate work attire.  Your attitude is changed.  You are mad because she should know better than to come to work looking like that.  In your mind her fashion faux pas will have a negative impact on the rest of us.  We live under a magnifying glass, and it bothers us when other people of color don’t recognize this fact.

Last week we had another scandal break in professional sports.  For those that may not have heard a referee in the NBA is under investigation for allegedly betting on games over the past two years (including ones he officiated).  I read about it last week, but at the time, the league had not released a name or a picture of the accused.  The first thing I said when I read the article on ESPN.com was “please don’t let him be black”. Monday morning, I got on line and there was a name: “Tim Donaghy”.  My first thought: “doesn’t sound like a black name, but let me find a picture.”   I Googled him, and sure enough this guy is not black.  I did a sigh of relief.  Then I did a double take.  From day one, when we have a black athlete accused of any crime, we know his name, team, hometown, high school coach, jersey number, and last season stats.  We get inundated with information, and it’s water cooler talk for days (if you don’t believe me, ask your coworkers who is the NFL player recently indicted for dog fighting.  I guarantee 95% will say Michael Vick.  Ask those same people about the NBA referee that is under investigation for fixing games and I bet 95% will have no idea).  I hate the way Michael Vick is being plastered all over the news (guilty or innocent), and I am disgusted by the way the “dirty” NBA Referee is not being equally decimated by the media?  Is it racial profiling because I want the brothers scandal to fade, while putting the other guy on full blast?

The fact is we are all guilty of racial profiling on some level.  We do it in an effort to support one another which ultimately is a good thing, right?  We always want the brother to win the Superbowl (Tony Dungy, Jerome Bettis, Doug Williams).  A lot of us preferred Magic over Bird.  If you’re a woman, you always cheer for the black athlete/performer who has a black wife!  

When I choose to wait for a person of color to assist me when I’m shopping, is it wrong?  If I walk past two smiling sales associates that don’t look like me to find the one lonely black associate in the building, are my actions considered racial profiling?  In reality, anyone can help me ring up a black halter top, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell me which jeans run long.  Race should have nothing to do with it, but I find myself always making friends with the sales associate that looks like me.  I’ll chat her up.  I’ll smile more, and I will search her out to handle my purchase.  Am I the only person that does that, or do we all participate in a little racial profiling in the mall?

Normally when we hear the term “racial profiling”, our minds go to how a particular group is unfairly targeted with relation to crime. If a cop pulls over a black man in a nice car for no other reason than he thinks a black man driving through Vailsburg in a Bentley is obviously up to no good, we agree it’s racial profiling.  Officer Friendly has let race influence his decision to investigate a potential crime.  Is it still racial profiling when I allow race to influence how I react to people inside and outside of my own race?  


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