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The Revolution

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The revolution will not be televised….it will be on FACEBOOK!!!!  If you have not joined the Facebook Matrix, what are you waiting for?  Last night I watched President Obama deliver his State of the Union address.  As I listened to my President intently…I was “Facebooking”.  My Facebook friends and me commented on the speech and how we thought President Obama did.  We talked about how good First Lady Michelle looked, and how we are looking forward to the changes President Obama spoke of.

All totaled my Facebook experience yesterday was great.  It was fun to participate in the commentary with various people around the country about President Obama (cause y’all know I’m a die hard Obama Mama), but even more than that I got my scanner rocking yesterday and I started uploaded pictures from high school. *gasps*

To all the Facebookers out there, you know one of the highlights of Facebook is the pictures.  Even though I cringe every time I get the notification that someone tagged me in a photo, I too did a little uploading and tagging yesterday.  I pulled out the ICHS album, and commenced to strolling down memory lane.  As I looked at the old pics of my classmates and myself I felt like the Virginia Slims ad circa 1980…”you’ve come a long way baby”!  This blog is dedicated to those long ago friends that Facebook has helped me reconnect with.  Below is the list of the top ten ICHS memories that Facebook helped me revisit during my scanning escapade.

10.  The Sucky Faculty. Aside from Mr. Villablanca, most of the teachers sucked.  I remember having Mr. Young for Physical Science freshman year.  He was mean and had dandruff in his eyebrows. YUCK!

9.  We didn’t have a band. We had a boom box for pep rallies—LOL!

8. Hatim Salahuddin. We had a lot of memorable boys in our class.  One created his own dance, and another fell off the roof of a car at the bus stop.  Hatim was memorable for several reasons (pocket protectors and tie renting notwithstanding), but it was his “Ladies Love” song that stands out in my mind even to this day.

7.  The Bench. I didn’t spend “a lot” of time on the bench, but I did a “bid” every now and then.

6.  Sports. Even though we were a small school, we had a few really good athletes.  ICHS didn’t invest a lot of money in the cafeteria, but they believed in cultivating an athlete!

5.  Running for the 34/94. I live in Atlanta now, and all the kids catch a school bus.  The bus picks them up and drops them off pretty much in front of their homes, and it waits for them.  I WISH a bus driver would have waited for me when I was in High School!  I remember standing at the bus stop in that little blue skirt about to FREEZE as I waited for my bus.  Even with sweat pants on under the skirt, I was still cold.

4.  Fi’s Jams. Back when Essex Catholic parties were few and far between, Fiona threw a mean party.

3. Senior Traditions. Wearing any color sweater I wanted was cool, and half day Fridays were even better. Mostly, I remember the infamous egg-throwing debacle of 1991.  Not sure of the statute of limitations on vandalism, so I won’t say any more about that!

2.  PSAT Day Junior Year. Again, I’ll just leave it at that, because I don’t want to drop any dimes!

1.  Segregated Sections. Freshman year we had 5 Sections (A-B-C1-C2-D).  I started in 9C1, so I guess I was of middle ground intelligence.  I got moved to section 9B, So I wasn’t quite smart enough to be in 9A, but I was smarter than the C1 kids?!?!?!  What kind of crap is that?  Our parents should have protested!

Majority of the people reading this blog probably can’t relate to my little top ten, but hopefully it will inspire you to reconnect with your high school friends and maybe create your own top ten.  Gone are the days of reading the obituary pages to keep up with the people you went to school with.  Even if you’ve relocated, Facebook makes you feel like you still live around the way.  I implore you all to join the Facebook nation, because the revolution will not be televised!

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Technology Break Down

Are you superstitious?  Do you avoid splitting the pole? If you found a chain letter in your mailbox while sorting thru your bills, would you take the time to make copies and mail it to ten friends?  Better yet, when you get those emails that say: forward to ten friends in the next seventeen seconds, and your wish will come true, do you do it?  If so, take me off your distro list because I don’t believe in that mess, and I’m tired of y’all cluttering up my inbox with foolishness! *rolling eyes* 

Technology is a wonderful thing.  We can send email, instant messages, and text messages.  We have call tones, answer tones, ring tones and blue tooth.  We have myspace, face book, blogs and God only knows what else that allows us to make “friends” and stay current on social commentary and celebrity gossip.  I find myself in a love hate relationship with technology.  I love it because it makes my life so much simpler, but I hate it because so many people abuse it.  In light of that, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to those technology faux pas that DRIVE ME UP A WALL.  If you are reading this and actively participate in any of these transgressions, please adjust your behavior accordingly, because I know I am not the only one annoyed. 

Clean It Up:  Before you forward an email to everyone on your distro list, clean it up!  We all appreciate being kept in the know of all the celebrity gossip. We all appreciate getting the cute anecdotes about growing old gracefully and those you know you’re a child of the 70’s/80’s if emails BUT…..we can all do without having to scroll through 17 lines of “forwarded message” breaks.  Before you click send, take a moment to delete all those email addresses and commentary of everyone that read the message before you! 

BCC Is Your Friend:  For those that don’t know “Blind Carbon Copy” is a wonderful feature.  It allows you to send out emails to everyone, while protecting the sanctity of their email addresses.  I don’t care to know that I was one of twenty three people that you chose to send that “Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates” email to.  There are times when you won’t use the BCC.  For instance, if you are inviting a group of friends to meet you for drinks, you might want everyone’s email address to be visible (for carpool purposes, or just as an FYI).  If you are sending out that You Tube video of the little girl dancing like Beyonce, by all means BCC! 

Reply All Is The ENEMY:  Oh my God, I don’t understand why people have not grasped the concept of “reply to sender”.  Is it that the “reply all” button is more readily available, or do people just lack common courtesy?  What on earth makes you think all twenty people on the distro list care to read your commentary about the message?  Most of them probably don’t know you, so the fact that you think the baby is “precious and getting so big” is of no consequence to them. *rolling eyes again*  As previously stated, if the email is about meeting for drinks or something that requires group input, then by all means “reply all”, but if you are just giving your two cents about the Will and Jada pictures you just received “reply to sender” only please! (FYI, proper usage of the BCC will prevent this from happening)

 Respect the Work Email:  When sending emails, if you know the content is racy, do not forward it to someone’s work address.  Even if you put a disclaimer at the top of the message, Corporate IT can snag the message before your friend sees it.  He/She will be doing the walk of shame right out the building with that sad cardboard box without even knowing why!  Everyone should use their free yahoo accounts to correspond with the homies!  I am all for the Corporate America Hustle, but do not use the people’s good email program to forward porn, dancing babies, and hip hop gossip too often.  Believe me when I tell you Corporate IT is watching! 

Yes, The Baby Is Cute:  BUT we do not need a new picture everyday! Before email, when pictures were being sent out via snail mail, they were few and far between because there was a cost involved.  Now that you can upload and send the images for free, I think some people have lost their minds! Maybe a new mother can tell the changes in a baby from day to day or week to week, but to the untrained eye little June-June is looking the same in every picture.  So please, to spare yourself from email block, only send out the pictures quarterly, at holidays, and when he/she is wearing an outfit purchased by the recipient (and in all cases refer to the aforementioned rules for BCC)! 

Kill The Chirp:  I have learned to respect the values of the blue tooth.  The ability to be “hands free” while using your cell phone is a definite perk.  But as God as my witness I do not now nor will I ever understand why people think that Chirp-Chirp Nextel walkie talkie mess is acceptable.  What makes you think the rest of us want to hear your conversation?  It has to be one of the most rude and intrusive technological things out there today.  I was on a plane recently and a guy was getting his chirp on while people were boarding.  I was so annoyed!  I have never been so happy for the forward doors to close IN MY LIFE!   

There are several other email/cell phone behaviors out there that you might find annoying, but in the interest of time and space, I had to cut the list short.  As always, please feel free to add your own commentary! If you have a friend that is constantly committing any of these transgressions, forward on this blog link and maybe she’ll get the hint.  In closing I would like to again state for the record technology is a wonderful thing.  J 


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